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DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Scarlet mods?

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23 hours ago, APsychedelic said:

If you dump the game legitimately then you would need to hack the switch. https://guide.sdsetup.com/ shows one way to. Then you'd need to dump the game with something like https://github.com/CaitSith2/SwitchSDTool.
If not legitimately, you don't even need a switch, you just need the game.

After that you use a tool like https://github.com/Thealexbarney/LibHac to extract the game contents.

Eventually you end up with a package_data.bin and a data*.lnk files (depending if base game, update or DLC) and you use quickBMS to extract those.

The problem I face is
1. You need to be able to repack the data*.lnk back and modify the package_data.bin (which contains pointers to the files on data*.lnk), or no way to load it up on the switch via LayeredFS (module that allows to overwrite files in memory). I don't know of any tool so far to repack, maybe with QuickBMS possible, but I only found the unpack script.
2. The tmc and tmcl files you get after unpacking, are similar to files of Vita version (Fortune) but none of the existing tools unpack those (they apparently contain the 3d models and UV textures), or at least not without modifying their plugins and whatnot.

So first step would be to be able to unpack the TMC and TMCL files, and mod them.

After that, second step would be able to repack and modify the package_data.bin file.


So as you can see, not a trivial task. The DOAXGLITCHER3 guy I think already figured this out but he's not interested in the community he just wants Patreon money so we're still far away from figuring it out I guess.

PS: If you want I could give you some TMC and TMCL files for your inspection if you even do those, because I know you all Venus Vacation modders don't work with repacking files just with interception via DirectX APIs or whatever Migoto et. al. is.

I've repacked the data_00.ink.

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Hi, I tried repacking data_00.lnk with little to no sucess, I used both reimport_4gb_files.bat and reimport2_4gb_files.bat sometimes the script seems to works (most of the time doesn´t) but I found out after either booting the  game or re-extracting data_00.lnk that it didn´t modifiy the files whatsoever. Any idea ?





Z:\Modding\Scarlet\quickbms>quickbms_4gb_files.exe -G -w -r

QuickBMS generic files extractor and reimporter 0.10.0 (64bit test)
by Luigi Auriemma
e-mail: me@aluigi.org
web:    aluigi.org
        (Apr 28 2019 - 07:18:51)

                   quickbms.aluigi.org  Homepage
                            zenhax.com  ZenHAX Forum
                     @zenhax @quickbms  Twitter & Scripts

- GUI mode activated, remember that the tool works also from command-line
  where are available various options like folder scanning, filters and so on

- select BMS script. type ? for using the content of clipboard like a script
- select input archives/files, type * for the whole folder and subfolders
- select output folder where extracting files

- REIMPORT mode enabled!
  - remember to select the SAME script, file and folder you selected during
    the previous extraction
  - it's highly suggested to leave only the edited files in the folder, it's
    faster and less prone to errors with compressed files

- open input file Z:\Modding\Scarlet\DOAS\program\romfs\00\data_00.lnk

- error in src\file.c line 533: fdnum_open()
Error: Permission denied

Press ENTER or close the window to quit



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1 hour ago, Inquisidor said:

you have to hack the ps4?

Unfortunately not but CFW is just a matter of time. We'll get it for later versions sooner or later, especially after PS5 launch when PS4 support will be somewhat reduced.

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I've gotten to the point where I can view TMC model files with Noesis, but I don't have anything to replace the models with and don't know which ones to replace/how to add a new item (I have a Switch set up for LayeredFS). Attached below is the Noesis Python plugin I used to view the files (you drag this into noesisv4406/plugins/python). It's pretty much identical to the one posted above, but I didn't have access to Loverslab at the time and had to modify it myself.


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日本語で失礼、yuzu - switch emulator というのを見つけたのですが、どうやらDOAX3Sも配布されているようです。まだ起動するに至っていないのですが、これを使ってmodを作成、またはmodを含むDOAXVVデータを移して使用する事は出来るのでしょうか?


I found ‘’yuzu - switch emulator,, . Apparently DOAX3S is released in there.

 I still don’t start it. But Can’t creat mods with this, or move DOAXVV data and mods?

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Hello @arc037461, any chance you could post or message me how you applied the mods to the ps4 version? Perhaps the same or a similar method can be used to apply the mods to the switch version? I have a modified switch and a copy of the game that i can try to test the method on. Any help is appreciated thanks.

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Unpacking DoAXtreme 3 Scarlet game/ DLC using NCA-NSP-XCI_TO_LayeredFS.v.1.6.4. to Extracted_NSP -> Extracted_NCA -> romfs/ data/ package_data.bin. Then unpacking package_data.bin with quickbms to game/DLC folder with Character *.tmc/ *.tmcl.

I tried unpacking the * .tmc / * .tmcl with a quickbms script into the * .gt1 file format. That's working.
Then I tried to convert the * .gt1 files into textures using rawtex texture cooker. I am currently failing due to the unknown texture format (* .dxt1 / * .dxt3 / * .dxt5 or whatever) or the offset setting.
There is also a switch swizzle function. But I'm also an n00b, maybe someone can look over there.

I have saved sample files of honoka dlc in the Rawtex folder. Good luck!


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Now I have found a Noesis plugin that can display the * .g1t textures. I noticed that the uploaded textures in the Rawtex folder have the wrong file extension, namely * .gt1 instead of * .g1t.
I don't know, the new files from the DLC in this post have the correct extension.



Noesis can also export the textures. For example as * .dds. So should the textures be ready for editing?




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