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Skyrim SE for Beginners - V 3.1.1 (3BBB / HDT-SMP / HPH)

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The next update will be bigger than i expected. I'll also be cleaning the list with an iron broom (in case that doesn't make any sense in english think of it as 'going through the list with a hatchet'). For example Bijin will be almost completely gone as its replacement looks much better and doesn't confuse with two different AIO. Same for some of the optional mods.


Also Bethesda's CC got 'Nordic Jewellery' for free atm. Not an outstanding mod, but for free it is OK.


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So I noticed your section for getting a good bow at the start. I thought I'd share one of the guaranteed hidden MLU spawns I found.


Be warned though, it basically trivializes the game, as I'm not sure you can even find a stronger, non-unique bow.


1. Go straight to Angi's Camp in the mountains south of Falkreath. The "camping in the woods" alt start gets you the closest, I believe.

2. Under/on/next to the bed will be a bow. If it's not there, it fell through the cabin floor. Use free cam and the console commands "GetPos Z" and "SetPos Z" to raise it back above ground.

3. Congrats! You now have a Ebony Bow of Immobilizing. Taking it does not count as stealing.

4. Do Angi's quest/befriend her to be able to take her amulet that gives +15% bow damage. Or steal it.


Now you can fight lv 15-20 enemies at lv 1.


I don't recommend doing it though. Not real fun.


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@Aylis My man , sorry for bothering you once more:

But i really do not like these armors, yet i cant spot from what mod they are, maybe you or someone else can tell me from what mod they are? i dont seem them much but it still bothers me.  Im pretty sure at least one of them are from vanilla game and i have no idea why they are in my game since i have a replacer for clothes and other for armors,

(im using BD + TAWOBA replacers btw, so it stands out whenever i see those vanilla looking armors)  Also some ice spikes are way too shiny, i have only see them in that same street where this 2 pics where taken, not important.

I also saw that the next update is almost ready, would you recomend swapping to that once it comes out? i hace the current one you have right now on the guide, and so far everything is 10/10. So i have no idea if its worth doing the swap.                       
Thanks for the help once more






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Previous update


Updating status to '3.1.1'.

Cleaning the list and updating mods to newer versions.





Premium Pine Upgrades                                                       Doesn't work as i thought it would.



Deathbell by Mari                                                                 Got replaced by the AIO

Dragons tongue by Mari                                                                      ''

Hanging moss by Mari                                                                         '' 

Ivy by Mari                                                                                            ''

Juniper by Mari                                                                                     ''

Lavender by Mari                                                                                  ''

Mountain flower by Mari                                                                      ''

Nightshade by Mari                                                                              ''

Nirnroot by Mari                                                                                   ''

Spiky grass by Mari                                                                               ''

Tundra cotton by Mari                                                                          ''

Thistle by Mari SE                                                                                  ''



CBBE Muscle Solution                                                           Even toned down are some of the results just scary!

CBBE Muscle Solution Patch                                                 Redundant



Guards Armor - Bodyslide Files



Elegant Queen - Elisif Replacer for SSE                                 V2.0 of the NPC Overhaul makes this redundant

High Poly NPC Overhaul - SSE Loose                                    V2.0 of the NPC Overhaul makes this redundant

Bijin NPCs SE

Bijin Warmaidens SE

Bijin Wives SE

Bijin AIO for USSEP 

Bijin - Your Bodyslide Mesh and Texture

Beautiful Lydia Replacer

Beautiful Jordis Replacer

DJQ Zafira - Rayya Replacer


Weather and Lighting:

Interior Floating Fog Remover                                               Conflicts with the fog.

Windows Shadows Patch Hub                                               Got integrated into the main mod.





Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE - Alternative Branches                 For those who want darker branches.



JK's Blue Palace                                                                     Not sure if i should be happy or not. Whenever i look away JK uploads another mod...

Bleak falls barrow - Revisited

Embershard Mine - Revisited

Halted Stream Camp - Revisited

White River Watch - Revisited



Mari's flora 



NordwarUAs Guards Armor Replacers - Bodyslide

NordwarUAs Vanilla Armor Replacer - Bodyslide

NordwarUAs Race Armor Replacers - Bodyslide

NordwarUAs Faction Armor Replacers - Bodyslide



RAB Skill experience from reading books                             This one got a bug which i think is actually an advantage. See comments on Nexus



High Poly NPC Overhaul - Resources

High Poly NPC Overhaul - Skyrim Special Edition 2.0

High Poly NPC Overhaul - HighRes FaceTint 2.04

High Poly NPC Overhaul - Dawn of Skyrim

High Poly NPC Overhaul - MLU Patch

Shield Sisters Re-Imagined SE

Shield Sisters Re-Imagined - Hotfix


Weather and Lighting:

Capital Windhelm Expansion - EMBERS XD Patch

Morning Fogs SSE - Thin Fog                                               Now works as it should and no blocky fog anymore.



Important updates:

Window Shadows

SSEB - Predone bodyslides for 'Greek Goddess




Updated SSEB - Predone bodyslides for 'Greek Goddess' with the previously missing bodyslides.


Faction Armor                     Optional bodyslides for Unplayable Faction Armors SSE

Guards Armor                     Optional bodyslides for 'Guards Armor Replacer'. (Got an update) 

Modified Vanilla Armor       Optional bodyslides for NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacers SSE

Race Armor                         Optional bodyslides for NordWarUA's Race Armor Expansion



Added/Updated entries:

Mari's Flora to post #3



Checking out:


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13 hours ago, wollboi said:

@dezireal I wouldn't skip the ENB at all. So many things in the list depend on it that it's going to be easy to think you don't need something that you really do. ENBs are ridiculously easy to install anyway. Just copy the files to your Skyrim folder and you're done. Did you not install it because of machine performance issues?


To find out which mod is causing the issue, start a new game and only enable one section of the list at a time. Run/fast travel (you can open the console and type "showallmapmarkers" to quickly fast travel there). Leave Live Another Life enabled to bypass the intro. If you're able to enter the store, then you know the fault isn't in that section of mods and you can go on to the next section (Foundation, SKSE Extensions, UI, etc.). Eventually you'll find the section that has the mod that's causing the issue. Then you'll just have to disable/enable mods until you figure out which one is causing the problem.


Ah I dont know why I didn't think of going that route. An excellent Idea that Im gonna go through and do now. Just going to go through the Updated changed and then will go through each section and will narrow it down and will report back with what i found as the problem and see what i did wrong. 


Yeah I know that the mod collection is based off the ENB I guess I'm not that familiar with the ENB because I know it hits performance big time. Like at the moment without the ENB im sitting around 50-60 fps when in outside in the world. With the ENB it hits me down to 30-40 fps. I have a GTX 1060 6gb and 24gigs RAM with an i7 7700k so i dont know if its me or im not setting it up correctly. 


10 hours ago, axz2 said:


I've never used ENBs partially because of concern about doing it right, but mostly because of concern about performance, playing on a laptop, which does have a discrete graphics chip but its only a 960M with 4GB.


Yep pretty much the short story of why I have avoided the ENB as well as described above. 

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The new bodyslides are for the armors you want to check.


If it is worth it for you is something only you can decide. For me it was. There are very few things left i want to improve on (like the waterfalls and other small things).




The thing is you're missing a lot not using an ENB. Views like this (or the screenshot section) wouldn't be possible without it:

















I've only got an old Radeon 570 (i'd need a year to have enough money to get a new one at the current prices). But the game gives me acceptable FPS despite using Rudy's ENB. At least check out the two Reshades i recommended. They arn't so powerhungry and will improve the visuals.


Also use my ini files for Skyrim to compare them with your own (link at the bottom of post #2). You can gain so much by tweaking the settings there.



In the next few days i'll rework the bodyslides for 'Wrong Body'. A few things in there are propably not needed anymore and i have to reorganize them to follow the same structure as the ones for 'Greek Goddess'.

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Re: "I've only got an old Radeon 570 (i'd need a year to have enough money to get a new one at the current prices). But the game gives me acceptable FPS despite using Rudy's ENB."


But it seems like my graphics is about 50 to 80 percent as fast as your Radeon in terms of game performance (less than half in a number of synthetic benchmarks but they are probably less important)



Would your frame rates still be acceptable if they were 20 to 50 percent lower?

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@Aylis Alright yeah i know as far as how things look and the effects are a huge part of ENB, after supper this evening I will sit with the ENB properly and get it installed along with the INI tweaks and see. To be fair the last time I tried to use an ENB was ages ago so definitely wouldnt hurt to try ^.^ thank you for the feedback really do appreciate it 


@wollboi Alright so I did what you suggested with trying it out in section by section. I have narrowed it down to something I honestly didn't even begin to think was a problem. But given to what Aylis mentioned yesterday about it most likely relating to a mesh issue. Turns out SMIM is the problem. It appears that it may have been corrupted or something during download? So im redownloading it now and going to see. 


But again just wanted to say thank you very much for the feedback and advice along with this great collection/installation of mods :) 

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Before that i had a Radeon 280X. Sort of playable with ~25 FPS (but i wouldn't recommend it ;) ). The small VRAM and constant swapping were the biggest problem. Add an FX 8320 to the mix and it becomes... lets say 'interesting'.


With the switch to the 570 and an SSD, but still the old FX, it became playable. Then the upgrade to the Ryzen and some tuning of the Skyrim ini... that did really help. 



Ouch! With the benchmark this looks really bad. But the big issue with mobile GPU is that they never get close to their 'official discrete couterpart'. If you're lucky it gets close to a 'real' 950, worst case it is more a 940. Neither i'd recommend for playing (especially a heavily modded) game(s).



The prices are nuts. Even my old 570 now costs more than what i payed for years ago? *speechless*

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On new game build, so still testing:

1. Had to use the old version of CF. (Creature Framework 1.1.0-pre2A-SE). New version just won't work consistently.

2. SLACS was broken for me. It seems to work if SLACS is installed before the new version of Sexlab Aroused Creatures.

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1. The big problem i had were old animations. Those almost always failed. Sadly it is not so obvious which belong into that category (i'm only sure about the ones included in Sexlab).


2. For that one you have to go through its MCM (and the right configuration in Sexlab). In the beginning i had a few problems, now it works fine.

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1. The new CF simply does not work for everyone. (No one seems to know why, maybe old CPU "I3770k" or "win7" thing).  I felt it was worth mentioning.

And there is an upside for those of us how can't use the newer CF... All animations seem to play well.


2. Yeah, what you said, and also performing at least 2 different sex types (vag, oral, anal) before it kicks in. (Duh).

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