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Sexlab Approach Redux for HIM

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On 7/12/2020 at 10:12 AM, Gildoniel said:

@afshin76: I converted the "revised version" from @stoneangel1337 and added the script fixes from @viterra - females will approach you (as a male) and it works with Skyrim SE. Though I have not yet fully tested everything, events trigger and scenes play like I think they should. I hope it helps!


Kudos to the two senpai! I was really frustrated with the "published" conversion as it does not work with the latest version of SL Approach.

I also hope it is "okay" to simply post it like that here.


SexLab Approach for HIM revised SE.7z 52.18 kB · 68 downloads

is this only for special edition or le as well and what version does this work with

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if it says SE, then it means special edition.

I third the option of having them combined if its not that way already. I hate adding and removing mods from game when switching from a male character ( with female approaching) to playing female characters with male or female approaching.

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