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[mod] Skins Textures v3 Created by HI-METAL

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On 6/17/2020 at 11:25 PM, HI-METAL said:

Basic skin texture V4



You can switch skins by pressing the set key.
See the ini file or "Readme.txt" for the set key.

Press the keys specified in "Readme.txt" at the same time.

You can even set up your own favorite skin file.



This SKIN should be used in conjunction with minazuki mods and other compatible mods.

Square Bikini Nude_newUV #1128 (This image is used for this MOD)

White Lace Nude :Puffy nipples body mesh #3286

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GOM effect

This is an erotic extra skin.






In my game,the ‘’Square Bikini Nude_newUV #1128‘’doesn‘t work.I find that this is a very old mod made in 2018.Do I need to change the ini. file or something to make it work?image.png.07daf236522bca3188d97e33d3138b5b.png

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16 hours ago, lostcolors said:

I have this probem with Monica only since the very beggining, and it still exists on the new skin. Could you please give me any suggeston to correct it?

I think it's a matter of the weight of the mod you're using.
I can't solve it.

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56 minutes ago, lostcolors said:


I am using krunkDunk's Square Bikini Nude mode v.2.0.1. Is there another version I can try?


I don't think there was any other version in the square bikini.
For example.

Costume-customizer mod will look like this.



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34 minutes ago, HattoWW said:

I have a strange color spot at the middle of the all ayane's dark pubic versions (Tried  with both white lace nude and Square bikini mods).

Anyone has same issue?

Such shadows can appear depending on the time, location, and the way the light hits it.

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19 hours ago, HI-METAL said:

Such shadows can appear depending on the time, location, and the way the light hits it.

Thank you for the info, btw great job as always. I have been using your skins since the begining and this is the first time a shodow took my attention so i thougt there can be a problem. But as you said, i checked at another location and there is none. 

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On 7/23/2020 at 4:38 PM, HI-METAL said:

V4 Dark pubic hair variations.DarkPubic.jpg.a6f862884bab82d1e39b8a0896e03369.jpg


You will need to edit the ini file yourself.



Ayane_DarkPubic.7z 3.2 MB · 102 downloads

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tamaki_DarkPubic.7z 3.29 MB · 128 downloads

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Luna_DarkPubic.7z 3.11 MB · 76 downloads

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with ayane dark pubic hair,it looks broken via zoom in.


other girls such as fiona is ok. 

DOAX_VV 2020-07-26 16-37-36.bmp

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On 6/19/2020 at 3:46 AM, HI-METAL said:

V4 skins for Nyotengu and Kokoro have been added.


M-size nipples will be added in the future.

Can we have M nipple for Kokoro (v3 hi res) please? Thanks. All of the V4 version's nipples are too big and looks way too unnatural. Thanks.

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22 hours ago, sakuravs said:

Can we have M nipple for Kokoro (v3 hi res) please? Thanks. All of the V4 version's nipples are too big and looks way too unnatural. Thanks.

I don't think so,
Don't criticize others' tastes.

On 7/6/2020 at 4:47 PM, Bad Menite said:

Fantastic news, thanks for all your hard work my friend.


While we're on the subject, have you ever considered making M sizes for the Honoka body as well? I know you hadn't before, so I can guess your answer, but I thought I'd ask.


On 7/8/2020 at 1:51 PM, ayawrxsti said:

thank you HI-METAL


looking forward for the M nipple V4 :)




How many times do you say until HI-METAL issues M?

On 7/6/2020 at 2:32 PM, HI-METAL said:

After I finish making V4 skins for Sayuri and Patty, I'm going to make M size nipples for the common body girls.

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