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What really makes you happy?

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On 1/24/2020 at 12:02 AM, Alkpaz said:

This video made me laugh:

It was something random I chose to watch on my feed. Not as funny as the dino vid tho. :P That was kinda epic there. 

Let me add something to this pile. This video is simply brilliant.


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On 1/27/2020 at 12:24 AM, Kendo 2 said:




We should all go vegan because we're not savages. Also eating morbidly obese cows is fucking gross. And don't even get me started on poultry XD. Why would Americans eat such a thing?


There are so many diseases associated with (any)meat that I don't give a shit.

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1 hour ago, Alkpaz said:

Buy vegan, get just as fat!

😎and that's why fruitarians shit on vegans. And thus the cycle of abuse continues. This is why I am not a conspiracy theorist but a contradictory theorist. Also health experts shit on fruitarians and I shit on health experts. So who shits on me then? Never mind this is quickly turning into scat.

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I won a low-prize lottery. About 4$ returned.

In my country, I can buy 2 lottery ticket with 4$.


If the 4$ was 10000 times bigger, then I would be happier.

But it's okay. It still makes me happy.


And these new tickets will bring it to me ^ -^..

.. maybe..

.... probably..

...... perhaps?

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On 2/5/2020 at 1:38 PM, Alkpaz said:



Buy vegan, get just as fat!

Actually the best part is the transformed oils of said burger are linked to any numbers of raised cancer risks, particularly pancreatic and colon which are about 4 times higher than the meat burger.

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Art and historical artifacts put a very nice smile on my face and I am very fascinated by it. I visited a museum over the weekend and they had the most beautiful medieval artworks on display, from sculptures to the polyptych! To think that they are nearly 800 years is very mind-boggling and seems almost unreal. A shame I missed the Byzantine exhibit, that would have been very interesting.

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On 2/5/2020 at 3:38 PM, Alkpaz said:


Buy vegan, get just as fat!

I noticed the salt content more than anything.  Seems to me that most of these "diet" forms of just about everything seem to pour on the salt.

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After 40+ years of postmodernist feminist bullshit we're supposed to feel sorry for them.  Two generations of man-hating hostility has boiled down to this point; men no longer care.  Nothing pisses off a woman like indifference.

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