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Skyrim Cow Farms (Request and Search)

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So I am a massive fan of Being a Cow, and Milk Mod Economy (MMD) . I have looked throughout loverslab looking for a way to manage a farm or even join a farm. I found the one from Devious stories out by Riften, but there isn't much there aside from four NPC's. (2 female cows and two owners.) I also have downloaded a player home that sort of works called the Dungeon.  However the Npc's that I put there don't really do anything without severe micromanagement. I don't mind micromanaging as long as I don't have to constantly order Npc's to "Go over there". Every time I want them to use equipment. I would prefer for there to be quests however if you know of some that aren't those are fine to. On a side note does anyone know how to get mass amounts of lactacid? I hate sitting and constantly buying one at a time. 


Thanks in Advance. 

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