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Skyrim Khajiit textures for Roberts Male Bodies?

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Basically, the title says it all.  When I installed my collective of Beautiful People and Races, the Female Skyrim Khajiits work out fine.  They always have with the body styles put into use.  However, the male Skyrim Khajiits use an odd collective of files rather than a singular one which all my other races put to use.  This isn't a new problem, but an old one.  I just had it looking at these four white furballs in the Isles suffering from bad-hair days.

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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty ???


Hey, I don't want to try and bleach out a regular Roberts Khajiit body and try to paste the Skyrim texture parts in place.  I'm not that good.


Anyone good at body textures interested???

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Thanks.  I MOSTLY got what I needed.   As to the customization, there were some tweaks which I did have to perform.  Let me explain.


I am using the LAPF system whereby males use a Roberts mesh and the Females the HGEC mesh.  I do have a package that has textures for a HGEC female and a default-styled male.  There's that and that race head textures are non-gendered.  A head texture for male is also the head texture for females.  And the head texture for what I have includes no darkened stripes down the back of the neck.


The oykawoo mod you suggested has BEAUTIFUL renderings for both male and female, but both bodies are Roberts bodies.  The female khajiit body wouldn't do.  And because the head texture with the oykawoo mod includes a darkened stripe down the back which does not appear with the HGEC female bodies, the head wouldn't do.   Unfortunately, using the one that works with the HGEC female body means it wouldn't mesh with the oykawoo male body as it has a darkened stripe down the back.


For the record, Roberts bodies are like HGEC bodies... uses just one 'footmale.dds' and matching 'footmale_n.dds' bump-map texture file.


Now doing some more research, I found a mod by xzero87 (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5321) which replaced the default meshes with better meshes.... though still default in style..  ARRRGH!  This mod doesn't have a suitable HGEC female texture, and the male texture is default.  However, this mod's 'Upper Male Body' texture for the male held no stripe and I thought.... "Why don't I scale the upper torso and paste it into the oykawoo male body texture!!!"  It took some work to scale the selected portion of the upper body into the texture, and I had to do some spraypaint work near the seam to kinda make it work.  Hehehe... it actually DOES work.



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