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Resident Evil 2 Remake Nude Claire (Request)

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3 hours ago, supercyon12 said:



This file is adds stockings texture for Sky Blacksmith's Ada nude MOD.


Overwrite the file.


IMPORTANTNot compatible with Misterhecks's Ada nude MOD.






(Do not click. Copy and paste.)

Sky Blacksmith's Ada nude mod (Invisible bug fix version)

That was already on page 18. 


These are not related to character model swap.


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For the mods, please use Fluffy's mod manager to be downloaded from here



And 777 released the script and guide on how to do editing for RE2/RE7, so for anyone that want to edit or remove thing, the tool and guide is avaiable now.



Some of the mod are avaiable at nexus mod



All the link are Mediafire, and COPY AND PASTE THE LINK to your BROWSER, don't click it


Claire Redfield

Full nude mod Replace Elza Walker



Claire Topless Replace Military



Zombie replacer(Replace some zombie with female zombie, and female zombie replace with 777 Claire body and Ada hair(Is buggy will cause deformities and stuff)



Ada Wong

Skyblacksmith Ada big breast mod, replace all 3 ada model(Trench coat, Red Dress and Red Dress wound)



Ada Replace Claire Redfiled Elza Sky Blacksmith big breast model



Ada Replace Redfield Elza outfit Mr.Nex smaller breast Ada




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hi all, so is it possible to use the full nude claire elza and the misterhecks's ada nude together? i tried install both with modmanager but only claire's mod worked... thx.


sorry guys my bad...those mods above are working now, i was doing it wrong... thx

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2 hours ago, mai2019 said:

I want how to download from the site  pan.baidu.com

how to download from pan.baidu.com

1. create a free "pan.baidu.com" account. 

help : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqryvEsSS-A

2. Add this Chrome Extension to your Chrome Browser

3. Install this script


tip 1 : for english translation in "pan.baidu.com" site (or any site with foreign language)  just right click in empty space of page and click "translate to english"

tip 2 : also you need a proper "bbs.3dmgame.com" account with enough score to see download link and unlock pass in "bbs.3dmgame.com" site for most files.


Now go to your desired pan.baidu.com link and try download. You might be asked to fill captcha several time so keep trying and it will start downloading.


if you do above steps right you shoud see this download botton I mark it with red color in picture 


sorry for bad english...


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On 2/20/2019 at 12:08 PM, Sizustar said:




Thank you for sharing


Edit: Seems like the links were taken down.


Edit2: False alarm. To anyone wondering why it doesn't work for you, just copy the link and paste it into your address bar. It doesn't work if you click it.

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I don't understand why Ada For Claire 18+ Ver 2.0 replaces Clarie default outfit. This is why we get holster floating. Not only there is a holster floating on her ass but some part is floating at her feet. If we could replace noir that would be gone. Is there any solution?

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1 hour ago, hentai90 said:

Zombie mod not work for me...


-have version 1.792 modmanager

-delete folder nativ and install mod new with modmanager


but in game i see no zombies only sound?

In some parts of the game, the zombies are invisible because of the mod, the mod change enemies like the licker for zombies, thats why some zombies are invisible...Sorry my English

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21 hours ago, shinodem said:



donwerve you can use free software and editor, most of editor may load photoshop filters



Did some texture blending and header hex editing on textures. Found out MisterHeck's Ada mesh is bad. Neck seam is permanent.


Sky Blacksmith's Ada has a skeleton rig problem. In the cutscenes, her head compresses into her body.


I'm guessing DMC5 will be equally hard to mod, since it uses the same game engine.

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3 hours ago, NudeFan00 said:

by what i seen most of these nude mods don't work really fine, i don't want be bad, just my impressions!!!!!!! (°_°)

The tools are new, so only the creator has enough knowledge.


Are you good with Photoshop, 3DS Max, and literate in Chinese? If yes, everybody can use your help. Then we can gain knowledge from 3DM.


Many of us know how to blend textures, rig skeletons, and make 3DS Max models. We just haven't mastered Maliwei777's tools and Capcom's restrictions.

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