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Resident Evil 2 Remake Nude Claire (Request)

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6 hours ago, VenturousGamer said:

They meant that the file download link isn't working anymore. It must be uploaded again.


Download link is still working fine too, don't click, copy and paste and remove the /file, as LL seems to be block on MF.

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Little question for the Pros: is it possible to make the Ada mods work without modmanager, like with Claire ?

(Put mod into RE2/natives folder and for Claire delete the 920564 for example)


Personally I think this is a much better Ada than in RE6. And I don´t mean the nude mod only

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12 hours ago, ludger166 said:

Also, the Ada nude on Nexsus does indeed replace Ada Coat as you can see here, this cutscene takes place before Ada takes her coat off and giving it to Leon.

Desktop 2019.02.20 -

Desktop 2019.02.20 -

Desktop 2019.02.20 -

Desktop 2019.02.20 -

Desktop 2019.02.20 -

I think you are wrong, you are using the classic costume for Leon, so Ada is supposed to be wearing the red dress which is what this mod replaces, i'm not using this mod so can you check that please?

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1 hour ago, clipclop said:

We need an adjusted camera that sits lower. Characters head should be closer to top of screen. Give us a better view. Anyone know how to do this?

There are trainers that can do this. Check out the cheat engine script with the follow cam mod.



I quite like the photo mode that lets you freeze frame and pan round.


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4 hours ago, Mephistus said:

Someone has a link to media fiire?, I would like to use it But not by replacing Claire.



This file is adds stockings texture for Sky Blacksmith's Ada nude MOD.


Overwrite the file.


IMPORTANTNot compatible with Misterhecks's Ada nude MOD.



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47 minutes ago, RomeoZero said:

People already asked for the tools, does somebody has information from Baidu modders where to get export\import tools ? Want to create body presets and outfits in 3dsmax for LeonClairWong.


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8 minutes ago, Lost Resolution said:

Can anyone tell me where I can get Sky Blacksmith's Ada nude MOD or where I can find the download link for it? I google it and I can't find it >.>

Same. Is it even on this forum? All i see is the misterhecks version  on nexus and the 2.0 which was uploaded by slice

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36 minutes ago, RomeoZero said:

Dammit that script tool got removed from mediafire,no one got the backup ?

Still working fine, don't click the link, copy and paste and remove the /file.

900+ downloaded


56 minutes ago, Lost Resolution said:

Can anyone tell me where I can get Sky Blacksmith's Ada nude MOD or where I can find the download link for it? I google it and I can't find it >.>

This is the official sky blacksmith, but require to be a member of 3dm with lv.15 access



Here is a Claire replacer with Blacksmith model (Ver.2.0 require point of 66 or higher) (Use fluffy mod manager)



Claire replacer with the nexus modified Ada body with smaller breast



A tutorial and download that replace outfit with normal Ada model and animation and stuff(4.0)



I can upload them later, but if someone else want to they can still do it.

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