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RSE Vol. 1 CSA Troubleshooting Request

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I recently buckled down and followed the general outline of Kthana's detailed guide to fully integrate RSE into my FO4 gameplay, I've managed to have most of the mods I've installed functional (animations/sounds) with the exception of the CSA/Kidnapping suite from RSE. During my testing, the issue I ran into was that, upon capture/jailing, the jailers will become hostile regardless of whatever options I had set up and will proceed to mow the character down in the jail cell. Having gone through Flashy's RSE Vol. 1 thread and Kythana's Troubleshoot thread, I couldn't find anyone with a solution of this current issue or a confirmation of whether or not this is expected behavior. 


This is my current load order for the mods in question: http://prntscr.com/m5nxk4


P.S. Is it normal for transitions from surrender to animation to take a loading screen & a 20-30 second wait time of awkwardly standing at the surrender location butt-naked with fisticuffs.



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