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VENUS - Animated Body Mod


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Found out the hard way that for some reason this mod comes with some outdated files that seem to have no effect currently except to cause compatibility issues with sexbound, as redd3dred stated in the sexbound topic, this mod replaces more than just the game sprites.

I also noticed that this mod is missing some animations for face sitting and reverse cowgirl, just FYI.  Seems to work when it's in a three person SxB bed but not a two person, but in the three person bed there are animations where the third actor gets left out.

Besides this the mod is essentially a must if you have the nudity enhanced mod installed as well, since the boobs change size too noticeably between running around topless and having sex in the beds.  Plus dat ass animation!

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5 hours ago, Saraniamic said:

Sometimes I feel like someone is assassinating Starbound modders. Every time a good mod appears it quickly becomes discontinued. 


Right? Not even just here, but in the workshop in general, sad really.

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The contributing guidelines have laid out to not modify the core scripts or configuration (just like SexLab for Skyrim). On the main download page, I have message for the incompatible mod authors to PM me and I will help them fix their mods.

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