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The Runaways Chapter 7

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The Runaways






“No baby, no”, said Trish in a hoarse whisper as she rolled over and tried to stand up.  Shaun pushed her back onto the bed and started passionately kissing her.

The last vestiges of resistance left Trisha as Shaun’s hand again found the place between her legs and started again to stroke her pussy lips. 




Trish didn’t try to stop her son removing her underwear; she raised her hips off the bed so Shaun could easily slide her panties down.

Trish was so wet now that Shaun’s finger easily slid into her vagina.

Trish moaned and moved her hips to meet Chris’s finger.




Trisha moaned again and passionately kissed her son back as he massaged her breasts.




Shaun started to kiss her down her body.  Trisha guided Shaun’s mouth to her soaking pussy.  Shaun’s tongue snaked inside her sending shudders through her body.




Trish lifted Shaun’s head up and guided him over to the bed.  “It’s my turn now baby”, said Trish, her voice slurred with passion.  Trish pulled off her sons boxers and climbed on top of him.  She rubbed her wet pussy along the length of her son’s cock.




Trish rhythmically slid her pussy lips along the length of her son’s hard shaft.  Fairly quickly Shaun cried out and came.




Mum and son lay in each other’s arms.

“That was fantastic”, whispered Shaun.

“I’m not finished with you yet”, said Trisha as she moved down to her son’s soft cock.




Trisha’s tongue flicked on the tip of Shaun’s cock, licking the last vestiges of his seed.  Soon he was hard again.




“Now I want to show you how it feels to be inside a woman”, said Trisha, as she climbed on top of her prone son.  Straddling Shaun, she guided his hard cock between the soft lips of her vagina.  Slowly, ever so slowly she impaled herself on her son.  Slowly she started moving her hips.




“Mom”, gasped Shaun, “Can I try putting it in you?”

Trish knew that Shaun would be better able to control himself, so she rolled onto her back and guided Shaun into her body.




“Oh mum, I love you”, whispered Shaun staring into his mum’s eyes.  Trish could feel every inch of her son’s hard cock inside her body.

“Oh baby I can feel you in me”, moaned Trish.




Quickly Shaun came again, and Trish felt the warm flow of her son’s seed flood into her vagina.  




The End

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