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Hide unusable recipes?

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Hey everyone,


i recently started a new FNV playthrough and because i love crafting installed a bunch of mods which expand it quite a bit.  Now as you can imagine my craft menu became quite cluttered, making it diffucult to find a specific recipe, and so i wondered if there is a mod out there that hides every recipe you don't have the skill and/or materials for, or some sort of filter mod. I remember some mods doing it for the recipes they add, but i couldnt find one that does it for every recipe, be it vanilla or modded.

Any pointers in the right direction would be much apprechiated.


tl;dr: lf Mod that hides every recipe you dont have the skills or mats for.



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Recipes can be hidden if conditions are setup that corresponde to having the correct mats:




Cooked Rabbit by default has no conditions:




But if you gave it the following conditions. (Player must have at least 1 of each item in their inventory):




The Recipe would be hidden until the conditions were true.


- This would not be a complex Mod to create, but would take a bit of work as there are a lot of Recipes. This would work for all constructible objects, ranging from cooked food, to armor, to weapons & arrow crafting, etc.


Also, since recipes wouldn't be available in the crafting menu unless mats were on hand, it might be good to provide a different reference guide, such as a recipe book or something.

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oh wow, that was fast :D


yea i guessed its not hard to do, just tedious work and had hoped someone already did it. i might just do it for the weapon mod conversions then, as they bother me the most. Now i just have to figure out which mod adds them :D


anyway thanks for the quick help 👍

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