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Found "A to take ALL" script could be improved:




because in it's original form recent "strafe left" action often counted as "Take All" and so garbaged %my inventory.

For my custom use i combined it with "Custom Race Fix" (both are very little & essential) to shorten my plugin list.

  ;)   i found what "png-rar" works the same way as "jpeg-rar" (or "rarjpeg"). 

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Feel myself as "thread killer" 8-E ..another pearl i found - Aion Armors Compilation (100Mb, not-lore but very-very nice). Wish it has more clever\delicate injector, maybe will make my own.





UPD: suddenly discovered there's already thread here - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/6552-aion-armors/ ,but it seems item number mentioned is lesser. In other hand, some of models in "Aion Compilation" have some weird details (such as remarkable distortion in ankle\foot area). I tried - but have failed - to fix them in nifskope.

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A couple of small but actually really useful mods,

Active Inventory Spell (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/17497/?), which allows you to cast a spell on an npc, and give or take items from them, which I use to give npc's those nice dresses that mods provide, and you can see an npc in town, wearing one. For the 'cheaty' types, it also allows you to steal house keys.

Kuertees' Clean Up (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/24606/?), is another useful little mod, that helps cut down on save game bloating, by removing references to dropped items or dead actors.

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Just found - "All Oblivion creatures Skyrimified" (abt. 1gb in archive). Author remade almost all vanila creatures (and added some variations), using models converted from tES5 (+dlc). All of them seems have new skeletons and animations - so, using them with sex mods looks highly doubtful. I unpacked and viewed some of them: scapmps, goblins, clanfears, ogres and trolls, they're very impressive for me (though one of commentators wrote what some animations look weird).

Screenshot from his original post:




Other screenshots from author: https://yadi.sk/d/vTLkx9HoxvPQq 

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No, most of these do appear to use Oblivion's vanilla animations...he just made copies of the creature directories into a new folder to avoid things getting overwritten. You could easily just copy the new meshes into the vanilla folders, or copy the idleanim folders with the corresponding sex animations into the respective Skyrim folder. I'll double-check a few of the ones that commentator mentioned being weird. Maybe they just got rigged wrong.

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On 6/24/2018 at 1:31 AM, fejeena said:

You can add the tongue to the Werebear nif.

Nah.. i already feel enough shame with Daedroth. It's realy pity we have no "normal" sex for them. And this "tongue" thing.. :-(~  we have no any realistic tentacle models also :(.. But thanks for answers!

I wonder what (easy?) method you use to tell which vanilla skeleton is used for creature model?


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These are the only deviations, the rest all use the same skeleton as their name implies:


Daedroth/Werebear: Daedroth
Goblin: Xivilai (Scaled down)
Werewolf: Scamp (Scaled up)


Ghost & Will o' Wisp seem to be identical to vanilla, no reason to use them.




Also, yeah...the Daedroth sex animations have always weirded me out, too.

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