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The Runaways - Part 4

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The Runaways











The wine was good and mum and son drank a couple of glasses each.





Trish started feeling a little light headed.  She ached from all the walking that they had done that day and thought about the time when her husband used to massage her.

“Shaun, honey, can you do me a big favour”, asked Trisha, “My shoulders are really tense, could you give me a massage?”





Shaun could hardly believe his luck. His mum was actually asking him to touch her!

“Sure”’ he said cooly “Turn around.”

“Let’s go upstairs”, slurred Trish, it’s more comfortable.

  Trish lay on her bed and Shaun started to massage her back.  “Ooo honey that feels good”, purred Trish.





Shaun’s cock was throbbing as he caressed his mum’s back.  “Mum”, rasped Shaun, “It would be better if you took your shirt off”.

“Sure honey”, murmured Trish, as she pulled the shirt off.





Again Shaun had gone to bed early leaving Trish with her novel.  She had had to ask Shaun to stop the massage because she was starting to enjoy the feeling of being touched a little too much.





Shaun had sneaked out almost as soon as he put his light out.  His mum’s skin had felt so soft and smooth, he so wanted to touch her some more!

He prayed that his mum would again touch herself tonight.





It didn’t take long.  Soon his mum put down the book and took something down from the shelf before turning out the light and taking off her pajama bottoms.  Shaun could hear the squelching sounds straight away as his mum started to rub her pussy.





Soon to Shaun’s delight, Trish took off her shirt.  She then started to suck on a large rubber dildo.  Shaun couldn’t believe that his own mum would have something like that!





Before long, Trish stopped sucking the dildo and spreading her lips apart with her fingers, slid it into her soaking vagina.  She then started to rhythmically fuck herself with the huge toy.  Shaun nearly came when he heard the little whimpering noises that his mother made.





As Trish neared her climax, she put the toy down and started to furiously frig herself with her fingers. 





Trish was nearing her orgasm when she happened to look up at the door.  She nearly cried out at what she saw.  There in the shadows was her son with his pants around his ankles masturbating whilst watching her!

The thought of being watched and seeing her son playing with himself pushed Trish over the edge.





Instead of stopping, she pushed her fingers deep inside herself and throwing her head back climaxed so hard. 

This time she heard herself moan and shout out her son’s name….  “Ooooooh Shaun Baby!”





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