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UPDATED 25 April 2020

Full changelog 



V 1.11.09: - 2020/04/25

  • Fixed: blacklisted some mod actions and features when the player is currently in Werewolf beast form or Vampire Lord form;
  • Fixed: added some more checks to prevent a recently submitted npc to approach the player using the npc initiative system;
  • Other minor fixes not worth mentioning;

V 1.11.02: - 2020/03/01

  • Fixed: now the combat submit, silent submit, submitted and slave activation options are available only if the "Submission of NPCs" setting is enabled in MCM. (Default is ON);

V 1.11.01: - 2020/02/06

  • Fixed: extra dialogue check for the NPC Initiative system to abort the scenario with a simple dialogue line if the player or the approacher chosen by the system is currently involved in a sexlab animation. Note that this is a redundant check because the system already check for the "Sexlab active" keyword on both player and npcs before starting a scenario but it has been noted that in some very rare situations a sex scene from a third party mod could start just after the Initiative system did its checks before starting the scenario. With this extra check now on the force greet if the player or the npc has that sexlab keyword instead of saying "maybe you can help me" which is the forcegreet of every initiative scenario it will say "Hey, watch it!" and abort the scenario.

V 1.11.0: - 2020/02/05    LAST FEATURES UPDATE

  • Fixed: saving data of actors currently involved in sex with player now more reliable for some particular infamy and infidelty processes;
  • Fixed: if the defeat sequence of MCG starts while you are involved in a sex scene now the sexlab thread will abort and end to prevent  some unwanted situations;
  • Fixed: now when a guard arrests you while you are involved in a sexual act the sex will stop. Note that this edits some vanilla guards dialogues and may conflicts with mods that edits the same scripts attached to those dialogues.
  • Changed: now when guards try to arrest you while you are having sex, the sexlab thread (the animation) will be aborted.
  • Changed: now version 1.11.00 and onwards will support the Giamel Disciplinary switch 2.0 enterprise edition for Oldrim and will not integrate with the older edition. 
  • Added: Now the infamy system for public sex has been revisited to give more customization options, crimes are now divided into minor and major. Minor crimes consists nnly on a bounty you can customize. Major crimes will also alarm nearby guards if you are reported in addition to the bounty and that means that they will try to arrest you and demand immediate justice.
    •     -You can customize the bounty for being seen doing a couple sex;
    •     -You can customize the bounty for being seen doing a masturbation;
    •     -You can customize the bounty for being seen raping a raised zombie, this is a major crime and substitute the previous assault like crime in other versions for when doing the same        thing;
    •     -You can customize the bounty for being seen doing an orgy;
    •     -You can customize the bounty for being seen fucking a creature, this is a major crime;
    •     -You can customize the bounty for being seen raping a submitted npc, this is a major crime. (Raping slaves don't count for this);
    •     -You can customize the bounty for being seen fucking an npc you drugged sharing a skooma with them.
  • This is not the last update in general, bug fixing support will continue, of course only for Oldrim.

V 1.10.0: - 2019/11/10

  • Fixed: A critical bug in the Sexlab End animation Event Receiver that made possible some calculations on the player when sex not involving the player was ending! Now It is fixed, calculations on player are done only when the sex strictly involves the player!
  • Fixed: made the player rape defeat scene more immersive, with some random comments if defeated by NPCs but not animals;
  • Fixed: a bug that prevented MCG dialogue with NPCs that were previously not talking to you because you submitted or had a negative relation level with them;
  • Added: New rapist distribution toggle for the player defeat feature. Now if that option is enabled the system will try to make all the available rapist in the area rape all the available current following companions. If Rapists or companions are in excess number they will masturbate instead. If the option is disabled, the system will instead focus on the player and one companion only, trying to make 2 threesomes for the player and the other companion if enough hostiles are present.
  • Added: New MCM option in the Wear settings page, if enabled when player Arousal Level (From SexLab Aroused) or Lust level (from MCG) is higher than 50, the wear you take from sexual intercourses are much lower, from 2x lower when arousal is 50 up to 4x lower when arousal is 100. This because hugh arousal generally induces a better lubrification of intimate parts... 
  • Added: a new setting dialogue in the "Tool" Topic branch to let player blacklist individual npcs from partecipating in the MCG Initiative System, i.e. if you don't want to be approached by specific npcs anymore you can use this dialogue;
  • Added: a new cheat MCM option that enable a new Cheat dialogue branch for slaves and normal npcs, cheat dialogues include the option to set a new personality if possible and to maximize relation or submission level of that actor;
  • Added: a new experimental system that you can enable in the debug page of MCM to limit sexual options according to your sexual preferences, i.e. if you set it to etero only, all the scenario where the npcs approach the player or generally when the player has no control of the scene will lead to sex only if they respect the player sexual preference. Note that this doesn't necessarily include the scenario where the player is approaching instead of being approached.

V 1.9.0: - 2019/10/18 - Major

  • Fixed: deleted extra redundant conditions on Crime, Infamy and NPC initiative cloak spells and related, between the magic effect proper and the spell;
  • Fixed: ModLevel and ModLevelSlave functions to modify NPC relationship Level and Submission Level now are more reliable when used with negative values as they converts sexagesimals into decimals before doing calculus and then back into sexagesimal again;
  • Fixed: when in a date, if the relationship goes negative because of too many wrong approaches, the date ends instead of being potentially stuck with that actor until the normal end of the time at disposal;
  • Fixed: made HiLo dice games chances a little easier on player, now the system take into account a minimum of "experience" for the player that is equivalent to at least 30 pickpocket skill;
  • Fixed: now current active followers can report you using the Infidelty system...so if you have your wife as active follower with you and you do sex with another actor this time she will divorce from you, they still don't report you using the infamy system (bounties for public sex);
  • Fixed: submitted npcs are excluded from the initiative system more reliably, before they could start an approach scenario;
  • Fixed: now Sexual Wear added for sexual acts can only decrease to a maximum of 85% of the final value, after all coefficients, even if your sexual experience is very very high. (Before after a sexual experience level of 210 with a race you would not receive any wear at all);
  • Fixed: added extra checks for the Infamy - Infidelty systems and the NPC Initiative System, to pause and not work when the player is currently unable to move or fight, this should add compatibility with many other mods that add player defeat mechanics, though I must say that these new checks are largely untested and Creation Kit says that the function to check if the player has movement available is unreliable, so report your findings;
  • Fixed: no more purple aura effect on NPCs when submitted, this should increase immersion;
  • Fixed: The dialogues in the NPC caps asking, and NPC asking for sex scenarios of the NPC Initiative System had the dialogues of the relative dice games broken, now they are fixed;
  • Fixed: minor other fixes not worth mentioning;
  • Added: New button in the Slave and Submitted NPCs activation submenus to make one of your current followers fuck them, a sort of "Sexual Gift" by you to your companions, doing this will increase relationship level with your companion if unique NPC or will give you a chance of make your companion a lover if non unique npc;
  • Added: more options for the conversations topic branch available for most of unique and non unique npcs, there you can choose to share many things with npcs or propose some quick actions:
    • You can share bread, this increase relationship with unique npcs and give you a chance of make non unique npcs lovers. It also gives you a temporary bonus;
    • You can share Skooma or any Skooma Whore Drug if you have my patch for it, available in the donwload section. This will give you a probabiltiy to have consensual sex with the npc, if the consensual sex chance will not be in your favor you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the drug reduced consciousness of the npc, doing so will decrease relationship level or give you temporary malus. Having consensual sex or refusing to take advantage will increase relationship instead;
    • You can barter with any non unique npcs. This will open a trade menu, generally the npcs have little gold and few stuff to barter, I liked this option to increase a little of immersion, I liked the idea of having the opportunity to trade stuff with random travelers during my trips;
  • Added: Now even during a date you can be approached but only by the dating actor and only for the new relax scenario. (Before when you were in a date the NPC Initiative system was paused).
  • Added: New NPC Initiative scenario, called "Relax Scenario". Now the NPCs can approach you to ask if you want to take a break and relax, you will have these options:
    • Refuse: Doing so can damage relationship and could also lead to harassment depending on your settings and situation/statistics;
    • Turn this into a date: You can instead propose to turn this approach into a date. (Not valid for Lovers and for dating actor)
    • Turn this into sex if the approaching npc is one of your lovers;
    • Make a sexual proposal based on your mood:
      • You can try to flirt using your current speech level to turn this into consensual sex. (not valid for lovers and requires a Normal Mood. If you fail the refuse choice effect apply)
      • You can directly pay for sex and turn this into aggressive sex. (not valid for lovers, requires an Aggressive Mood and can be used also with unique npc, a difference with the pay for sex dialogue in the "Quick Sex" topic branch that you normally can use;
      • You can ask to have submissive sex. (Not valid for lovers, and requires a submissive Mood).
      • You can turn ask your lover to cook something for you in change of sex. (Valid only if the approaching actor is a lover)
    • Accept to relax with the approaching actor, who will randomly choose an activity based on what you have enabled in the "Relax Scenario" settings in MCM, this will increase relation with unique npcs and gives you a temporary bonus with non unique npcs:
      • NPC share bread, you eat some bread together as a snack break;
      • Npc can propose a Strip or Slap HiLo dice game, if you loose you will be forced to stay naked for 30 seconds with some controls disabled!
      • Npc can propose you to barter stuff, this is only valid for non unique npcs;
      • Npc can propose you to share an Ale, this can lead to consensual sex, if this happens you will be forced to have sex on the spot...because of...you know alcohol, but you will be exempt from infidelty and Infamy system for this act, because of gameplay reaasons;
      • NPC can propose you to share a Skooma, this can lead to submissive se,x  if this happens you will be forced to have sex on the spot...because of...you know Drugs, but you will be exempt from infidelty and Infamy system for this act, because of gameplay reaasons;

V 1.8.0: - 2019/10/01

  • Fixed: minor fixes not worth mentioning;
  • Fixed: better recognizing of current player companions for some MCG systems;
  • Added: MCM slider setting in the Player Victim menu to set the number of turns the player is raped by enemies when defeated and raped;
  • Added: a new button in the activation menu of slaves and submitted npcs to "Gift to companion", if you press it, MCG will create a list of your current followers up to 9 and then you can choose to which companion offer the targeted actor, then they will have sex;
  • Added: a new dialogue in the NPC Initiative prostitution scenario, when approached by clients and you have a companion you can offer your companion in your place, earnings are the same as if you would directly prostitute yourself. Be aware that offer your spouse or official lover will deteriorate your relationship;
  • Added: Now you can [Have a generic conversation] with non unique npcs, this topic requires only that the actor is not in cooldown and have a 50% chance to lead to the "new conversation topics";
  • Added: the [have spicy conversation], [have romantic conversation], and [have friendly conversation] now have a 50% chance to lead to the "new conversation topics";
  • Added: new conversation topics, which are:
    • Propose a Strip or slap dice game: if you win your opponent will undress for 30 seconds...if you loose you will receive a slap in the face!
    • Try to kiss: propose a quick kiss;
    • Share Booze: if you have alcohol among ale, nord mead, wine or alto wine you can choose which one you want to share (you need at least 2 items) then you two will consume it and you will receive a 10 minutes +10 speech boost and you have a percent chance based on your speech to get laid! (Chance is your speech / 10)
    • All these proposal have a 50% chance of being accepted by the interlocutor, if they don't accept they enter in cooldown. Each one of these could increase your relation points according to the interlocutor personality, if they are unique npcs. For non unique npcs instead using these options have a chance based on player speech to impress the interlocutor to the point that they fall in love with you.

V 1.7.11: 2019/09/20

  • Fixed: A bug that sometimes was preventing the quest "AnghelosOrgyFinder" to shut down during some particular DAYMOYL defeat outcomes, when that was happening the system that allowed for Orgies or Threesomes in the MCG mod was stuck, now it is fixed and won't happen again but if you find that system is already stuck in your case you can fix it by using once the "Abort Sex" button in the MCG Options Menu (long press MCG HotKey). If you want to check if your orgy finder is stuck you can run the command "sqv AnghelosOrgyFinder", if it returns "Running" while you are not in sex or planning a sex scene then your system is currently stuck.

V 1.7.10:

  • Fixed: Pause the initiative system for 10 seconds when you submit someone. This *should* prevent getting approached by the one you submit but be aware that this new fail safe will not pause an initiative scenario if one is already running;
  • Added: A new button in the MCG Options Menu to let you abort the planned sex, this is meant to be used in those situations where someone is following you for sex but he/she doesn't have the dialogue to start the sex because currently involved in a quest and thus you were previosly stuck with that actor following you for ever:


  • Changed: Greatly reduced (about 80%) the offset for the preferred sexual race requirement. Now at the start of the game the total offset is 26, this means that if you fuck about 27 people of the same race without fucking other races or masturbating that race will become your preferred race, if in the mean time you fuck also other races or masturbate the required fucks will be greater. I remind you the formula to have a preferred race is that the number of sexual intercourses with a race must be higher than half of the sum of sexual intercourses with all races including masturbations;
  • Changed: doubled the radius of AI following Package, this should reduce the "personal space invasion" annoying behaviour of slaves and dating npcs;

V 1.7.9:

  • Fixed: The prostitution Orgies are now correctly handled by the Orgy Finder Quest by storing the original client in an alias before searching for additional clients nearby, before the original client was not stored and the Orgy Finder could have picked the original client as an additional client and thus breaking the system and making the player prostitution ending only in a couple sex instead of a possible orgy

V 1.7.8:

  • Fixed: The NPC Initiative System (Approach) will not do calculations in the following cases:
    • If player is sneaking;
    • If player is bleeding out;
    • If player is unconscious;
    • If player is trespassing;
    • If subject is sleeping;
    • If subject is bleeding out;
    • if subject is unconscious;
    • Note that all the blocks and checks of the NPC Initiative system are taken into account BEFORE the system pick someone, but if the system has already picked someone the system will not stop itself, i.e. if you are not sneaking and an npc starts a scenario at that point doesn't matter if you start sneaking.
  • Fixed: the player cannot kiss the dating actor at the end of the date if the player is trespassing, in that case can only say goodbye, so always check your remaining dating time in the active magic effect to know how much time you have left before the date ends. (You can always end a date when you want using the appropriate dialogue in the "Hey do you have a moment" topic branch;
  • Added: An MCM slider to set the percent of total gold robbed from player at the end of a Harassment drugged rape, now you are robbed of gold always if no scenario happens;
  • Added: In addition to being robbed of gold if no scenario happens as a result of a post harassment drugged rape, the harasser will receive a boost to damage (300%) , resistance (500%) and speed (200%) for 10 minutes or until you leave the cell, to make more difficult take immediate revenge on the harasser after being drugged raped;
  • Added: Now when the player prostitute themself and the client wants an orgy, instead of starting it immediately, the client will ask the permission to the player, who at that point can accept or refuse. If the player refuse, the transaction is aborted and the client will leave...(I imagine pissed off 🤣)

V 1.7.6:

  • Fixed: When using the apothecaries MCG dialogue to cure your mood and Wear conditions now the WEAR widget is updated correctly;
  • Fixed: Adjusted the message menu when selecting the player role on some animation to be more intellegible and true to the intended design;
  • Fixed: During the Refused State you can't be approached by lovers;
  • Fixed: a propriety not filled in the Initiative Main Script (The currentFollowerFaction);
  • Added: New craftable, the Wear Emollient, this new potion is craftable in cooking pots using potions of cure disease and cure poisons, blue mountain flowers and garlic. When used they reduce the CURRENT player wear level by 40% (So they are more effective the higher the wear), you can use only one each 5 real time minutes or you will waste it. It can be useful for the most active among you.

V 1.7.5:

  • Fixed: The refused effect on player now stops only consensual approach scenarios but allow the player to be harassed if conditions are met;
  • Fixed: Married actors can only approach the player starting the Lover scenario now, this to prevent unwanted behaviour;
  • Fixed: the refuse option dialogue in the player prostitution approach scenario has now the mood requirement properly set. (You can't refuse if your mood is submissive)
  • Fixed: The npc initiative system is paused now if the player is riding an horse or flying a dragon;
  • Fixed: Now npcs with the hostility effect (npcs you treated badly using MCG) will not start any approach scenario with the player (for immersion purposes.)
  • Changed: Increased the cooldown to have the ability to block the stalker assault again to 30 seconds (was 20)...it's more difficult to stop stalkers now;
  • Changed: Made stalkers faster, it is more difficult to run from them now;
  • Added: MCM option to allow or not guards to be picked for the approach scenarios;
  • Added: MCM option to choose if you want only unique npcs or only NON unique npcs or both to be picked by the NPC initiative system;

V 1.7.3:

  • Fixed: Made harassment run answer more intellegible;
  • Fixed: Differentiate Lovers and Married npcs from npcs with high relation level, they have two different dialogues;
  • Fixed: Npcs with high relation level ( >= 3,0 ) now have only a 50% chance to start a lover scenario, to reserve this scenario more for actual lovers and married npcs and also to let those other npcs to have the flirting/asking scenarios even after reaching the relation level of 3,0 and higher;
  • Fixed: In the asking scenarios where Npcs ask you for money, when you accept the request you are now properly prompted if you want to accept a kiss as reward from the npc, there are no consequences if you refuse;
  • Other minor things;

V 1.7.2:

  • Fixed: Slaves reequip their bindings after being undressed;
  • Fixed: Enforced a more strict block on children, before it was used only the ischild flag check but now MCG will also check for races to avoid Children being picked in unwanted dialogues, and this should help with compatibility with mods like immersive children. Note: I can guarantee that vanilla children are exempt from any MCG dialogue and mechanic but if you use a mod that change vanilla children, or add custom races for children i cannot guarantee that they will be blocked, besides with Loverslab mods it is not advisable to use mods like immersive children because majority of modders still use only the isChild conditional flag;
  • Added: Now Aroused Redux mod integration is available as a condition for the harassament scenario, i.e in MCM you can set an NPC Arousal Threshold above which they will become valid for starting an harassment scenario;
  • Added: More polite ways to decline in approach scenarios, only for immersion purposes;
  • Added: MCM toggle to let current active followers partecipate into the NPC initiative system, active followers will never start a bad outcome scenario like harassment;
  • Added: Now the lover scenario supports also npcs with a relationship status >= 3,0

V 1.7.0:

  • Fixed: a bug that was interrupting the player prostitution transaction;
  • Fixed: a bug introduced in 1.6.0 that did not let the player end the date with a kiss (bad condition on player controls);
  • Fixed: some minor bugs in MCM;
  • Fixed: some minor bug about the public sex crime system;
  • Fixed: If your married actor reach a negative relationship level he/she may divorce from you now;
  • Fixed: If the player is defeated and you have Simple Slavery Plus installed it won't be send to auction if it is already enslaved;
  • Added: an MCM slider to let the player fine tune the cost to repair the relation with an NPC if it was damaged;
  • Added: an MCM toggle to let the player clean dead bodies from the game, this use the function setcritical stage and it's very safe to use instead of the disable one, to "clean a dead body" you must sneak activate a corpse and the option to clean it will appear;
  • Added: More options to control what happens after the player has been defeated raped;
  • Added: You can now play a sort of HiLO dice game with Npcs, the stake for the game will depend on how much gold the npc has in its inventory, for a minimum of 10 gold. Playing this minigame will increase your pickpocket skill;
  • Added: new root dialogues for commanded actors, dating, slaves and married actors to force them to equip things you give them, including dresses and to generally manage their inventory. About the equipping keep in mind that there is an unresolvable annoying know bug about this: When you force them equip something, the first time you fast travel they reequip back their standard outfit, if you force them equip your things a second time then they will not reequip their standard outfit again...go figure!
  • Added: a dialogue for NPCs slaves to allow them to sandbox around;
  • Added: an NPC on player approach system, that basically let the NPCs do on player the same things that the player can do to the NPcs with this mod, for more informations about this new system read the mod guide;
  • Added more integration with Simple Slavery, especially with the new NPC approach System;
  • Added integration with ZAZ and Devious Devices, they are recognized for NPC approach scenario chances, and Through Simple Slavery they can be added to the player;
  • Many other small things...

V 1.6.0:

  • Fixed: a bug with the Public Sex Crime that made some actors hostile;
  • Fixed: Now when the dating time ends you will not be able to kiss your dating actor if you are in combat, riding a dragon or a horse and generally when you are in a bad situation so calculate your timings well (You can see how much time remains until the end of the date in your activ magic effect menu, also you can always end the date when you want by using the appropriate topic);
  • Fixed: Now if you do sex with an actor when you are currently in a date with another actor, your date will end badly;
  • Fixed: A small bug about the apothecaries mood and wear healing;
  • Fixed: When the player is prostituting himself/herself and the client decide to do an orgy, the player is exempt from the Public Sex Crime System because the sex will happen in situ without the player having the choice to choose a more private place;
  • Fixed: some minor grammar typos;
  • Added: MCM toggle to let player decide to clone Unique actors on enslavement (was previously known as "Giamel Request");
  • Added: MCM Slider to fine tune the cost to hire a non unique npc prostitute;
  • Added: MCM Slider to fine tune the player prostitution earning based on his/her sex experience;
  • Added: [TEXTREPLACEMENT] Now in the relative dialogues the prompt will display the values you set for: (So you'll know those value before selecting the topic)
    • apothecaries costs;
    • prostitute hire cost;
    • Potential player Prostitution earning;
  • Changed: Now the slave submission level has more uses:
    • You can't hire as follower with gold a slave if he/she has less than 1,0 submission level;
    • You can't force a slave to dance for you or sing for you if he/she has less than 1,0 submission level;
    • Now you can have consensual sex with a slave if they have at least a submission level of 3,0 (They also need to not be in cooldown and you not be in refused effect);
  • Added: New Slider for after rape scenario chance, this means that now after being defeat raped there is a chance that a DA blackout scenario will happen;
  • Added: New slider for a chance that, instead of a DA scenario after the player being raped, Simple Slavery will send the player to auction as a slave (THIS REQUIRES SIMPLE SLAVERY AND ALL ITS REQUIREMENTS TO BE INSTALLED OR MCG WILL MAKE A DA SCENARIO HAPPEN INSTEAD);
  • Added: Many MCM cheats toggles (disabled by default) so the users can treat this mod as a CASUAL SEX MOD if they want.

V 1.5.41:

  • Fixed: a bug with setting the respawn point;
  • Added: a notification when moving the respawn point to let the player know;
  • Changed: Reduced the size of the MagnoCumGaudio.bsa archive by eliminating the source code packed inside, source code is available separately in the downloadable file "Source";

V 1.5.40:

  • Fixed: a bug that prevented so give an amulet as a gift to dating actor if you had more than one in your inventory. (Thanks to Zelurker);
  • Fixed: a bug that made possible for the player to gift an amulet and then remove it from the dating actor inventory and then gift it again for endless increase in relationship points. Now the amulet that the dating actor will take will be a non playable version that you can't take away (and you can't even see in their inventory), so you should now be able to gift an amulet only one time per actor; (Thanks Zelurker);
  • Fixed: Just saying goodbye to unique actors at the end of the date was not increasing the relationship to 10 as it did with non unique actors, now this is fixed;
  • Fixed: A minor bug with the ending of the date with non unique actors;
  • Added: a new ingredient called "Nice Flowers" you can craft it in cooking pots using the 3 mountain flowers, a dragon tongue and a nightshade flower. When you have this ingredient in your inventory you can gift it to a dating actor for a small random increase in relationship points. When the dating actor receives this gift he/she also enters cooldown, so calculate your timings;
  • Fixed: a bug in the public sexual crime system that prevented your married actor to divorce from you if he/she see you betraying him/her;
  • Fixed: a bug that made the mod consider solo masturbations of the player valid to be reported as a betrayal to married actor and lovers, now if you masturbate in front of lovers or anywhere else you'll not experience a damage in your relationships but you'll still experience bounties for public sex (if done in public and seen)
  • Fixed: Other minor bugs not worth mentioning;

V 1.5.30:

  • Fixed: a bug with orgies and current vanilla followers;
  • Fixed: a bug that let you make a married npc your official lover. (Sorry you will no more be able to marry a woman or a man already married with another npc);
  • Rebalanced: Now Default value for Lust Rate is 0.075 per 15 in game minutes. (was 0.105, about 33% less);
  • Changed: Now you are not able to buy condoms, slave chains and drugged wraps from general merchants buy/sell menu. [This is only for new games, saves with previous versions of MCG will not be affected];
  • Added: Now condoms are in inventories of common citizens, usually 2 condoms;
  • Added: Now Innkeepers and certain merchants will sell you condoms for 10 gold each. You can buy them using a dialogue in fixed amounts: 1 - 5 - 20 - 200;
  • Added: Now you can buy slave chains and drugged wraps only from Fence Merchants (you know who they are), see some wikia for the list, the same people you can sell slaves to, price is 20 gold for each slave chain and 40 gold for each drugged wrap. You can buy them using a dialogue in fixed amounts: 4-16-40;

V 1.5.21:

  • Fixed: a minor bug with orgies;
  • Fixed: now you should be able to ask for sex to your dating actor, provided you have the right amount of relationship points and the actor is not in cooldown status, (before you could ask for sex in romance topics only when you were not currently in a date with that actor);

V 1.5.20:

  • Fixed: Ghosts cannot be enslaved anymore;
  • Fixed: Silent Submit activation option available only if the player is sneaking;
  • Rebalanced: Right Kissing at the end of dating now gives +0,15 relation points;
  • Rebalanced: Now just saying goodbye at the end of dating gives you + 0,10 relation points;
  • Rebalanced: Now forced equipping of skooma during dancing in your dating is enabled only if you have the SkoomaWhore patch provided as optional download in the download section;
  • Added: Now you can gift an amulet to your dating actor, you must have at least one of the following in your inventory and the person you are dating must be of compatible personality and he/she must not already wear one of the following amulets:
    • Amulet of Dibella: for spicy personality
    • Amulet of Mara: for romantic personality
    • Amulet of Kynareth: for friendly personality
    • Gifting the amulet make the dating actor equip the amulet and he/she will kiss you and your relationship points will raise by a random number between 1,2 and 2,4;

V 1.5.10a:

  • Fixed: Now a fade to black screen should correctly apply for when you enslave non unique npc (for the cloning to take place out of player sight, so for "immersion");
  • Satisfied a little request of a friend :) 

V 1.5.10:

  • Fixed: Dialogue to repay NPC if you submitted it while it was non hostile, now not available for slaves;
  • Fixed: Enslaving system now has a cloning mechanic implemented for non unique NPCs, note that this mechanic is NOT in place for unique NPCs. You will note that enslaving leveled actors or non unique npcs you will have a fade from white screen while the actor is cloned be aware that enslaving a leveled actor will also reset it's current inventory once and only once. This will kill the leveled actor letting you to clear the zone while having a copy of the target as your slave;
  • Fixed: The cloning system for leveled enslaved actors has also fixed the bug of having some non unique actors enslaved reset their appearance or sex, not they should mantain their sex and appearance once enslaved;
  • Fixed: blacklist surrender button to not work with already dead enemies;
  • Added: Activation option to REHIRE dismissed animals/creatures companions that were recruited as follower by MCG; [Only for those who use EFF];
  • Minor Fixes;

V 1.5.8:

  • Fixed: Some behaviours of slaves when waiting;
  • Fixed: Showing Name of public sex whitness, calling actor and aggressor that is going to rape the player. Again...now it should be more precise even with non unique npcs;
  • Fixed: Now you cannot enslave massive units like dragons...trust me it's for your own good! You can still submit and rape them...
  • Fixed: Now when you recruit as follower an enemy after enslavement it should remain non hostile after dismissing and you should be able to recruit him/her/it again using MCG Tool dialogue "Follow me at once";
  • Fixed: Changed "masturbation" tag with "solo" tag to support extra masturbation animations;
  • Fixed: Silent submitting an actor that sleeps or that is sit now should work without animation glitches;

V 1.5.7:

  • Fixed: Some MCM toggles were not updating in MCM, now they do;
  • Fixed: Showing Name of public sex whitness, calling actor and aggressor that is going to rape the player. Now they should show their name or at least the name of the race they belongs to;
  • Added: Now when you COMBAT SUBMIT a non hostile UNIQUE NPC he/she will refuse to have MCG dialogues with you so you will not be able to date him/her. You can remove this "hostility" if you pay them 1000 gold to apologize for your action or, if they are your slaves, by reaching max submission level of 4,61. This system doesn't include hostile actors at the moment of the submitting because they were already hostile against you. Non unique npcs have a different system that only store this information for 24 in game hours or until cell resets.

V 1.5.5a:

  • Fixed: Only zombies raised by the player can be necro sex;
  • Fixed: Now you can manually surrender using the MCG Key even without DAYMOYL and with the Player defeat feature disabled. The Player defeated feature of MCG still requires DAYMOYL if you want to use it;

V 1.5.5:

  • Fixed: Involving of Player Companion during player defeated scenes;
  • Added: Implemented Orgies when you surrender to hostile enemies NPCs;
  • Added: New dialogue during the pacification time after player raped or player surrender in which you can ask a pacified enemy to extend your "grace" period offering your body (surrendering again. After sex your pacification timer will reset and you will have 2x the pacification time;
  • Added patch for the Children and Soulgems 1.5 Plugin for Hentai Pregnancy, for those who use that plugin with Hentai Pregnancy, is entirely optional and make the following change on the original children + soulgem 1.5 PLUGIN:
    • Allows pregnancies to give birth to a children or soulgem ONLY if one of the parents is the player, so only player - Npc children will born, this
          will allow the game to be more stable and you won't have cities cluttered with all those children born from npc-npc sex especially if you use
          a mod like SEXLAB RANDOM SEX, which i love and personally use in my LO.

V 1.5.1a:

  • Added: Possibility to blacklist actors and slaves from lovers request, this because when a slave reached the maximum submission level it would spam you with lover request if you continue to submit it, now you can blacklist individual slaves from requesting it if you plan to mantain that actor your slave and continue to torture it instead of adding it as a lover or as a follower. To remove an actor from Lovers Requests Blacklist you point at it and while your weapons are sheated you press the MCG Key;

V 1.5.1:

  • Fixed: Raping of NPC slaves or submitted  from menu! The function to check if it was a valid sexlab Race did not included NPCs (Doh!);
  • Fixed: Info message shows if you try to surrender to not a valid sexlab race to let you know;

V 1.5.0:

  • Fixed: Releasing of following slaves;
  • Fixed: Disease chance for married or lover actors to not be set to 0%
  • Fixed: Player defeat rape can't start if the player has chosen to surrender;
  • Fixed: Player surrender will not happen if the player is sent to bleedout just before the sex scene, the player defeat scenario will happen instead;
  • Fixed: some non livings creatures like ghost not recognized in that category;
  • Other minor fixes;
  • Rebalanced: non unique npcs dating now starts from 0,0 relationship points (instead of 0,20 of unique npcs)
  • Rebalanced: Lovers aliases are no more protected, but if killed you will receive a message about the killer...so you will know who to blame!
  • Rebalanced: to surrender you need at least 50% health now (was 25%)
  • Added: Info buttons for submitted actors to let you have informations if it's worth to enslave an actor before doing so;
  • Added: Selling slaves to fences merchants will send them in cooldown so you can sell one slave at time now;
  • Added NEW PRISONERS BOUNTY SYSTEM, now you can "sell" or better say "hand over" your "prisoners" (slaves) to some categories of npcs if some conditions are satisfied, reward for doing so in about 1/5 of selling the slave to fence merchants, but it's easier, no cooldowns and good for roleplay:
    • TO GUARDS: you can receive a reward for actors that are hostile to that guard, like bandits etc, in addition Guards within stormcloack territory will also accept thalmor actors. Guards may or may not also accept enemy actors of the civil war quest (i.e. you should be able to hand over rikke to stormcloacks holds guards);
    • TO VIGILANTS and DAWNGUARDS: you can receive a reward for actors in the undead category, like vampires;
    • TO THALMORS: you can receive a reward for actors sided with the stormcloacks;
  • Fixed: Now selling a slave or a prisoner will transfer all the items they are currently transporting to player inventory before being taken into custody so you will not loose anything, especially quest related items;
  • Rebalanced: Info topic in NPCs tools dialogues will now always show even if the actor is in cooldown, but if the actor is in cooldown it will only show partial informations;
  • Added: New dialogues for slaves NPCs to Put/Remove slave rags;
    • Brews are now more powerful;
    • Vanilla H/M/S potions gives their effects in 3 seconds now (was 7) so more useful and lowered price to be more consistent;
    • Generally slight reduction of drugs cost to be more consistent with vanilla;
  • NEW RND2.0 PATCH V1.0:
    • It's very similar to the original mod but changes few things, this patch like the skoomawhore patch is entirely optional and can be installed only if you don't have any other RND2.0 patch;
    • It eliminate any Inebriation Visual Effect;
    • It gives the Inebriation SYstem a purpose for MCG:
      • DiZZY: +20 Speech, very useful for flirting and romancing;
      • DRUNK: +6 unarmed damage, +50 armor rating, the original mod debuffs still applies;
      • WASTED: +18 unarmed damage, +180 armor rating, the original mod strong debuffs still applies;


  • Rebalanced: Relationship increase in now roughly 2x times easier, see the updated guide for changes;
  • Rebalanced: Innkeepers and bards actions during date now cost 100 gold (was 50)
  • Rebalanced: Now dancing during date make you consume 1 skooma (was 1 moon sugar)..."good" if you have skoomawhore ^^
  • Rebalanced: Now the Refused effect malus is -10 speech (was -15)
  • Rebalanced: Now to surrender you don't need to sneak anymore, just use the MCG Key while your weapons are sheathed and your health is at least 25% pointing an enemy to surrender to it.

V 1.4.1:

  • Fixed: minor bug about sexual crime during foreplay animations;
  • Added: Now skoomawhore actors do not report you for sexual crime (If you have the optional skoomawhore patch installed);
  • Added: Now if you are DIRECTLY seen by your official lover (unique) or official lover (non unique) cheating while they are not your followers you broke up with them;
  • Minor fixes.

V 1.4.0a:

  • Fixed: marriage divorce system [Beware if you use mods that modify the vanilla marriage quest this system may not work!];
  • Fixed: Followers dialogue system if you are not using EFF;
  • Fixed: Dialogues are more consistent;
  • Fixed: MCM is more consistent;
  • Fixed some animations;
  • Fixed name of some spells;
  • Fixed a lots of minor things too much to list here!
  • Changed: Installation suggested load order, see the instructions;
  • Added the giamel mod to the suggested;
  • Added: Information if the actor is in cooldown state or in a refused state upon using the "hey!..."dialogue;
  • Rebalanced: Base chance of prostitution success without any speechcraft perks is now at least 15% (was 0%);
  • Rebalanced: On go eating, dancing or drinking with your friend during a date now gives you items to be more realistic, (i.e. if you go drink your player consume an Alto Wine);
  • Rebalanced: Necroing a zombie is now an assault crime (so you want to rape them away from any respectful citizens);
  • Added: You can now add an enslaved animal as your SEX PET is its submission level is high enough. With your sex pet you are able to summon it whenever you want and you are able to select the type of sex, as a result of this with other enslaved animals you are not able to choose the type of sex anymore, as it would always be a "rape" an aggressive type;
  • Expanded: The MCG more options menu now includes an archive of your slaves, and the names of your last lovers etc with the ability to teleport them to you if still in those role (the archive update only when those roles are replaced, they do not update i.e. if the slave is released);
  • Added a submission system for slaves, now upon enslaving someone the slave receive a random personality among 3, if you use the right approach for the right personality you increase their submission level until you reach submission 4,0 in which case you can add that slave as follower for free, or if you reach the maximum 4,61 in which case you can make that slave your lover.
    • Personality A: increase raping the slave; +0,20 submission +cooldown;
    • Personality B: increase giving bread to the slave; +0,20 submission +cooldown;
    • Personality C : increase hitting the slave with your bare hands; +0,20 submission +cooldown;
    • In addition to this if you use giamel mod using the disciplinary switch on a slave increase the submission by 0,01 per hit;
  • Rebalanced: Increased dramatically the number of condoms, drugged wraps and slave chains that general vendors have in stock when they have them;
  • Rebalanced: Lowered the price of condoms, drugged wraps and slave chains and made the recipe easier and with more variants;
  • Probably more things I don't remember...

V 1.2.10:

  • Fixed: recording of killing during dating, now the calculations and impact on relationship points is done at the end of the dating;
  • Fixed: Correct recognize of vampires as "No Soul" category now;
  • Added: New activation Option to rape a zombie you raised with one of the "rise zombie type" of vanilla skyrim spells, that sex counts as aggressive and since according to vanilla skyrim raised zombies (not thralls) are alive for only 60 seconds your sexual animations may end abruptly if the raped zombie turn to ashes due to his/her time in this world finished! Be aware that fucking a zombie gives you an hardcoded 40% chance to take a disease, if you have the diseases from sex system activated in mcm and you are not wearing a condom;
  • Added: Now the tool dialogue to cure wear and mood with apothecaries will also cure diseases now as you would ingest a "cure disease potion";
  • Added a confirmation message before masturbating if you pressed your MCG General Key while having your bare hands drawn;
    • Now during dating there are no malus for wrong killing of animals, creatures or undead if not corresponding personality, i.e. before it was that personality A would only like the killing of undead and if you killed an animal you would loose 1 point of relationship, now this is no more, only bonuses for right killing but no maluses;
    • Creatures killed during dating if personality of your friend is C now is +6 relationship points (was 1);
    • Undeads killed during dating if personality of your friend is A now is +3 relationship points (was 1);
    • Cooldown state of npcs duration lowered to 15 real time minutes (was 24);
    • Refused state of player duration lowered to 6 real time minutes (was 9);

V 1.2.3 small fixes:

  • Fixed non npcs saying post sex comments;
  • Fixed recipe for drugged wrap not including all the two possible alto wine;
  • Using "docombatapplyspell()" instead of "addspell()" now for applying diseases, this should give some races and vampires and werewolves immunity, but need more testing on this;

V 1.2.2:

  • Fixed Mod not properly starting up without DAYMOYL, EFF or Hentai Pregnancy, now it should work perfectly without those mods installed;

V 1.2.1:

  • Fixed Dead actors picked by the actor picker system (AKA "OrgyFinderQuest") of MCG in case of player defeat, thank you Ashra XIII For reporting this;
  • Added extra checks to prevent dead actors and children involvement in the mechanics of this mod;
  • Added a patch for skooma whore (it can be downloaded as a separate file) this patch can be installed only if you don't have other patches or dependent mods from the original Skooma Whore mod (here) All credits for Skooma Whore mod go to @Guffel; With this patch the following happens:
    • Add a keyword to all skoomawhore actors, like prostitutes and addicts, so that if you do sex with them my mod MCG recognize it and gives you a chance of 33% to take a sexual disease (above the maximum 32% you can choose in MCG MCM);
    • Make all vanilla potions that restore Health, Stamina and Magicka potions that do not heal instantly but over time, this gives brews from Skooma Whore more value...and a reason to use them instead of the vanilla ones...of course brews are addictive...

V 1.2.0:

  • Removed dependencies with EFF thanks to a new research I did on potential of Skyrim Papyrus, without EFF however you cannot recruit/hire as followers actors with MCG using a multiple follower framework. So EFF or stick with vanilla follower system;
  • Implemented a maintenance function for future use and for recognizing if eff is installed to unlock full potential;
  • Fixed some people to be recruitable with money

V 1.1.0:

  • Fixed installation problem with scripts, now Data is packed in .bsa files
  • Loose source files, scripts and interface are available to be downloaded as a separate file in case you want to do changes of your own in CK;
  • Now DAYMOYL is no more a dependency, if you don't use it make sure you disable the "Player as Victim" Feature in MCG MCM menu;
  • Now Hentai Pregnancy is no more a dependency, if you have a different pregnancy mod than hentai be aware that MCG condoms don't protect from unwanted pregnancies from mods different from Hentai;

V 1.0.0:

  • Initial release;


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M.C.G. GUIDE 1/3: Here

---->M.C.G. GUIDE 2/3: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 3/3: Here






With this mod the player can be both an aggressor and a victim, depending on the situations and player choices. The player aggressor part is a vast system that embraces submission, people traffic, multiple followers system and sex. The player Victim part instead is a mechanic that let the player surrender to enemies to escape defeat or as a non combat solution to most vanilla Skyrim encounters, or let the player experience some death alternative scenarios like player being enslaved (if you have the simple slavery framework), player being raped and player that instead of die will survive and experience Death Alternative mod scenarios.





The player can force other Npcs to do some things if you are able to SUBMIT your target. Submission is a state in which an actor will cower from combat and will avoid hostile actions against the player, they will be completely harmless and immobile in fear and you can choose their fate. A submitted actor is higlighted by a visual effect similar to the Fear spell. Submitting an actor that is neutral to the player is considered a crime if witnessed (If other actor of the same faction detect the player while he/she is submitting a non hostile actor) and they will respond trying to help the victim by entering combat with the player. You have essentially 2 ways of submitting an actor:



In the MCG MCM you can toggle this feature and you can set an health percent threshold below which you can activate an actor to combat submit it. To activate an actor you just need to use your "activation" key of skyrim (default is E) when the health of your target is before that threshold. When you do that a menu will appear and you will have the opportunity to combat submit the target. Actors already in bleedout or running in fear can also be submitted using this method without the need that their health is below the threeshold:


SiLENT SUBMIT:  silent submission requires that you have in your inventory drugged wraps, that you can craft in the cooking pot using various ingredients and a skooma or buy from FENCE merchants, and that you activate your target while it doesn't detect you, you need to sneak . Be aware that submitting a non hostile target is an "assault crime" and if nearby neutral actors detect you while you submit a non hostile actor ( the window lasts 1.5 seconds) they may turn hostile towards you and put a bounty on you (default skyrim bounty for assault is 40 gold).


For gameplay reasons some actors cannot be submitted, this include:

  • Vanilla companions
  • Children (of course)
  • already enslaved npcs (because they already are submitted)
  • Generally actors that are in a MCG relation status role, like your official lover etc.


ACTOR SUBMITTED OPTIONS: Once you have submitted an actor you will see that it has a glowing red aura like when you use the FEAR effect, if the actor is also compatible with the animation you will see that it enters the bleedout animation, If you do nothing a submitted actor will exit submission after 180 seconds or if you fast travel or go too far from it. If you activate a submitted actor you will see various options to interact with it, the options are

  • Exit: You can just leave the actor in the submitted state, they will recover after 3 minutes or if you leave the area;
  • Inventory: You can take anything from their inventory;
  • Kill: You can kill the submitted actor. You can also do this manually but with this button you can also kill Essential actors;
  • Revive: You can instantly revive them and they will leave the submitted state, they may resume combat against you;
  • Rape: You can Rape them on the spot;
  • Enslave: You can enslave them, provided you have at least one Enslavement chains in your inventory. 
  • Undress: You can force them to be naked;
  • Info: A message with some useful info about the actor you submitted will appear, this could be useful to evaluate if they are worth to be enslaved and other things.

When you submit an actor, that actor will remember this. If they leave the submission state they will not let you have normal MCG Dialogues with them, but you can restore the relation to normal by paying an amount of caps you can set in MCM.




ACTOR ENSLAVING: As you noticed, one of the options for submitted actors is to enslave that actor, that option will be available only if you have at least one Enslave Equipment in your inventory, you can craft these in the forge or buy them from FENCE merchants. The enslavement will cost 1 Enslave chains.

When you enslave an actor there is a process called "Cloning" that take place, essentially the actor you enslave is killed and disintegrated (it will vanish from the game) and a new actor with the same face and same statistics will appear in its place. This system is not enabled for Unique Actors but you may enable it in MCM. The advantage of this system is that you can clear a location or completing a quest that require you to kill an actor while at the same time enslaving it. There is a know bug about cloning that cannot be resolved but it is just aestetic: after cloning the newly cloned actor may not have the same  inventory of the original one;


ACTOR ENSLAVED OPTIONS: Once you have enslaved an actor you can activate them to see the new "Slave options" menu. From there a new submenu will appear letting you doiung any of the following options:

  • Command: You can give commands to your slave like it was a vanilla companion, you can exit this mode as you would in vanilla;
  • Info: A message will appear with useful information about your slave;
  • Inventory: You can manage the inventory of your slave;
  • Release: you can free your slave, doing so could make the actor hostile to you again if you didn't assign it to one of your workshops before;
  • Follow/Wait: You can order up to 4 slave to follow you, only the slaves that are currently following you can be sold to some merchants and some factions guards for a profit;
  • Kill: You can kill even essential actors with this button;
  • Recruit with gold: Every slave has a price in gold depending on its level. If you pay you can make it one of your follower (More about the follower system later in the guide)
  • Give Food: You can give your slave some food to replenish their health and if right personality to improve their submission (More on the submission Level of slaves later in the guide)
  • Undress: You can force the slave to be naked with this button;
  • Rape: You can rape the slave on the spot;
  • Tag For Orgy: You can tag this actor to partecipate in the orgy you are preparing;
  • Recruit by submission: The same as recruit with gold but instead of using gold this require that the slave reached the maximum submission level of 4
  • NPCs (Humanoid playable races) have in addition a dialogue started from the topic "Hey Slave..." with other additional options:
    • Force them to dance for you;
    • Give them food via dialogue;
    • Forcing to rape via dialogue;
    • Gag/Ungag like Ulfric in the prologue:
    • Equip some slave clothes for free:


SLAVE SUBMISSION LEVEL: This is a level stored for each slave that works like the relation points explained in the Chapter 1 of this guide; Each Slave has a personality among three, that we will call A B and C for convenience and that exactly mirror the relationship personalities. You can break their resistance and increase their submission by doing the appropriate action for their personality:

  • Some slaves react positively if you take care of them giving them food;
  • Some slaves are bent if you rape them;
  • Some Slaves are broken if you hit them with your fists;
  • All the slaves react when you hit them with the disciplinary switch (if you have that mod by Giamel)

Note that every action if appropriate increase their submission by 20 points but then they enter cooldown and you can't increase it while they are in that state, unless you are using the disciplinary baton that only increase the submission by 1 point per hit but be careful not ending killing your slave while punishing it.

The submission level has some purposes:

  • When it reaches the level of 4,0 and higher you can recruit that slave as a trusted companion for free;
  • When it reaches the level of 4,61 you can make that actor your official lover (Stockholm syndrome anyone?)
  • When it reaches the level of 4,61 and that actor is an animal or creature you can make it your sex pet.
  • When it reaches the level of 2,0 and that actor is human or ghoul you can make them dance for you using a MCG dialogue
  • When it reaches the level of 3,0 and that actor is human or ghoul you can have consensual sex with that actor (Factors like cooldowns and refused state and infamy apply in this case)
  • When it reaches the level of 1,0 you can recruit that slave as companion paying some gold;





As you know for Skyrim there are many mods that allows you to have all the vanilla companions following you at the same time, generally they're indicated as MULTIPLE FOLLOWERS FRAMEWORKs, when i had to choose among them the one to integrate into my mod I searched hard to find the most powerful and open for modders, so my choice was EFF, in my opinion the best framework for modders even if it has its own flaws that I correct with MCG. So if you're used to that Multiple framework be aware that with MCG some mechanics and especially some plugins like the EFF outfit plugin are disabled with MCG to prevent major bugs. On the contrary if you are not used with that framework and you are using another be aware that the full potential of MCG recruiting system is unlocked only with EFF, any other multiple Follower Framework are not supported because thet are not powerful enough for what I had in mind. About this never ask in support topic or you'll be banned I've warned you 😎. So if you haven't EFF all the following is not possible, or at least is limited to only one actor if you don't have a vanilla companion with you already.


RECRUITING PEOPLE AS FOLLOWERS: Virtually any Npc can be made a player companion with this system, and yes this include animals, creatures, bandits, random people etc...

To recruit an npc as companion you have different options:

  • You can recruit a slave if submission is at least 1,0 and paying a sum of caps necessary for its training;
  • You can recruit a slave directly if submission is at least 4,0;
  • You can recruit any actor belonging to a faction you are the boss (or quite) of, you can do that by using the appropriate MCG Dialogue in the "tool" branch. This means that i.e. when you win the Civil war for the imperials you can order any imperial soldier to become a "companion" and follow your command.
  • You can recruit any non unique actor by "hiring" them as mercenary paying a sum of gold, using the appropriate MCG Dialogue in the "tool" branch.
  • You can recruit as companion any actor that has at least 4,0 relationship points;
  • You can recruit as companion your married actor;


YOUR PERSONAL ARMY: Basically with this mod you can have a sort of personal army at your command, but there are some limitations and some rules on how much of them you can have:

  • When you dismiss an MCG Follower they will abandon their duty to you and you cannot simply recall into service, they must be rehired, this is not a problem for some categories (i.e. if you win the Civil war for the imperials you can always recruit imperial soldiers back, but it can be a problem for actors recruited as mercenary because you need to pay again to recruit them back)
  • To handle them you basically use EFF Systems so you should research more on that mod to properly handle them.


PLAYER VICTIM: This is intended as a light version of Sexlab Defeat and all the options here require you to  have the DEATH ALTERNATIVE Mod to be installed or they won't work even if you have activated the player defeat feature in MCM. The only exception is the player surrender feature that works with native mod systems;

  • You can Surrender to hostile actors, to surrender you must use the MCG MAIN Hotkey on the actor you want to surrender to and you must have at least more than 50% of your total health. When you surrender you will be forced to do sex with the hostile actor but then you will enjoy a period of pacification, any actor in the area will be pacified for the amount of time you set in MCM, this period can be interrupted by using violence against any actor and can be instead extended by using the MCG Option Hotkey again on any pacified actor during this time. Extending the pacification time will grant you 2x the pacification time at the end of the rape;
  • You cannot be killed, instead of being killed you will instead enter a Knocked Out state, and based on the settings you set in your DA mod there are some scenarios that may happen
    • You can be robbed and raped, then allowed to escape in a small time window, you can recover then your stuff from the rapist that robbed you in a second time;
    • You can be raped and then you can be sold as slave (If you have the simple slavery mod):
    • You can be raped or not and then blackout, at this point a scenario from DA mod will happen:
    • You can be left for dead and you will respawn to the spawn point you can set using the MCG Main Hotkey ("Move respawn Point"), in this case you can also be robbed but this time your stuff is gone.

The respawn system is an emulation of the Fallout 76 respawn, if you ever played that game. Note that the respawn is available as a death scenario of DA. Remember again: for all the player defeat features you need the DA mod and you need to activate and assign an higher priority for the MCG scenarios in death and bleedout sections of DA. If  you blackout or respawn and you have problems like a permanent blackscreen or player that doesn't respond to commands then go to the DA mod utility/Debug sections and use the utility buttons there like "Reset Blackscreen" or "Reset player status".


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M.C.G. GUIDE 1/3: Here

M.C.G. GUIDE 2/3: Here

---->M.C.G. GUIDE 3/3: Here



 This mod has many statistics, attributes and mechanics, the biggest two mechanics have been treated in the previous 2 chapter, now let's see the other major system:




[] Lust System

Every 15 in game minutes your inner sexual desire grows. That is your current lust level, which goes from 0 to 100 and is divided in 5 stages, with corresponding buffs or debuffs depending on the Lust Level:

  • 0 - 9.99  Euphoric : +5% Magica Rate and Skill Increase
  • 10- 19.99  Satisfied : Nothing, no bonus nor malus;
  • 20- 39.99 Distracted: -5% Skill increase and -5% armor rating, +5% spell cost and P.A. stamina cost, Speechcraft -10;
  • 40- 59.99 Aroused: -25% Skill increase and -10% armor rating, +10% spell cost and P.A. stamina cost, Speechcraft -20;
  • 60- 79.99 In Need of sex: -50% Skill increase and -20% armor rating, +20% spell cost and P.A. stamina cost, Speechcraft -40;
  • 80- 99 Loosing Control: -75% Skill increase and -40% armor rating, +40% spell cost and P.A. stamina cost, Speechcraft -80;
  • 100 Addicted: -100% Skill increase and -60% armor rating, +60% spell cost and P.A. stamina cost, Speechcraft -160;


[] Mood System

The Mood is the result of your Sexual Type preferences, in fact there are 3 types of sex considered in the mod:


  1. SUBMISSIVE: when the player is the "victim", this happens when the player must satisfy the other actor so you'll have this type of sex when the player prostitute himself, when he/she is raped, defeated or generally using his/her body to obtain something;
  2. NORMAL (Romantic): This is the typical consensual sex;
  3. AGGRESSIVE: This happens when the player have the aggressive role, whenever he/she force to sex the other actor, this happens in certain relationships, when the player wants sex from an enslaved npc, when he/she rape or drug actors and so on...


Every Sexual Act will be added to the corresponding number of Sex Type, so at the end of each sexual act the Player's Mood will be determined by the following formula:


            MOOD: (Aggressive/Normal) - (Submissive/Normal) 

                              By this mathematical formula every normal sex act has the power to maintain the Mood close to 0, while every aggressive or 

                                      Submissive sex act will bring the mood away from 0. An equal number of aggressive and submissive sex will mantain the equilibrium.


AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME THE VALUES ARE: 0 submissives10 normal and 0 aggressive, this to avoid division by 0 and to give the player a buffer before enter in perversion or addiction according to the Mood formula:

  • Mood >= + 1.0:             AGGRESSIVE MOOD
  • - 1.0 < Mood < + 1.0:     NORMAL MOOD
  • Mood <= - 1.0:              SUBMISSIVE MOOD


  The lust grows at the same small rate at first (about 0.075 per 15 in game minutes...so you need about 13 in game days to have your need of sex full normally but this rate is influenced by the Mood System and can dynamically increase (if you enable the option in MCM) the further you are from mood 0 or Normal. So the more deviated you are the faster your need for sex will grow. If the mood is enabled it will influence not only the Lust Growing Rate but also some dialogues will not be available depending on the current player Mood, i.e. if a player is very submissive it cannot pay other npcs to have sex etc. Also If the Orgasms System is enabled the current player mood will influence the effect that the player will receive on orgasm:



After a sexual Act the player is given an Orgasm, there are two types of them:

  • Good Orgasm: they reset the LUST level of the player to 0 (zero) and, depending from the current Player MOOD they give a bonus for 300 seconds:
    • +20% attack damage if MOOD AGGRESSIVE;
    • +20% better selling or buyng prices if MOOD NORMAL;
    • +20% Stealth capabilities if MOOD SUBMISSIVE;
  • Bad Orgasm: They DO NOT RESET the LUST level of the player, which remain the same as before the sexual act and they give malus that lasts for 300 seconds:
    • -20% attack damage if MOOD AGGRESSIVE;
    • -20% better selling or buyng prices if MOOD NORMAL;
    • -20% Stealth capabilities if MOOD SUBMISSIVE;



When the player starts the game, he/she is open minded about sex without bonus or malus, but when you fuck a specific race for more than the half of all the sexual acts combined, including masturbation, the mod starts some calculations, and after each sex it will calculate the preferred sexual race. To PREFER A SEXUAL RACE, the number of people fucked from that race must be bigger than the half of the total number of people fucked in general. If no race satisfy this condition then you'll remain open minded. When a race is preferred only the sexual acts with that race will give GOOD ORGASMS, all the others will give BAD ORGASMS.

The point of having a preferred sexual race is that you will have combat bonus with them, as follow:

  • Playable races: +10% damage against them, i.e. if you fuck most of the time Altmers they will become your preferred sexual race and so you receive a bonus attack against them;
  • NO LIVING: +20% damage against automatons, undead, ghosts etc...
  • ANIMALS: +20% against animals and creatures;
  • MASTURBATIONS: (Incomplete sex) : no bonuses.





[] Wear System


So...you wanna fuck all Whiterun in a day right? Wrong...If Sex acts reset your lust level, they also increase your wear level which is a value that goes from 0 to 100 and is divided in 5 stages:

  • 0 - 24.99 Normal: it's all ok!
  • 25-44.99 Discomfort: you suffer -20 Carry Weight, -5% attack damage, -10% sneak capabilities -10% health regen and speed, Sneak Skill -10
  • 45-64.99 Pain: you suffer -40 Carry Weight, -10% attack damage,  -10% health regen and speed, Sneak Skill -20
  • 65-84.99 Severe Pain: you suffer -80 Carry Weight, -30% attack damage,  -25% health regen and speed, Sneak Skill -40
  • 85-100 Wasted: you suffer -160 Carry Weight, -50% attack damage,  -50% health regen and speed, Sneak Skill -80

In addition to the previous maluses reaching certain wear values will make you suffer the following effect:

  • Wear >= 50, as long you have a wear level over 50 you have a chance of taking a disease from wear level (if diseases from wear level is enabled), the bigger your wear level the higher the chance.


The wear you take after a sex act is influenced by the following:

  • RACE : Having fun with humans is one thing...with Dragons is a different thing...Racial values give the base wear.
    • Regarding playable races like altmers, imperials etc they all share a common base wear value but it is then multiplied by a specific hardcoded coefficient for each particular race, i.e. the base wear is defaulted at 10.0 for every npc race but orsmers have a coefficient of 1.3 and bosmers of 0.8 so the orsimers will give more wear than bosmers:
      •  Argonians: x1.3;
      • Altmers: x1.0;
      • Bretons: x0.9;
      • Bosmers: x0.8;
      • Dunmers: x0.9;
      • Imperials: x1.0;
      • Khajiits: x1.1;
      • Nords: x1.1;
      • Red Guards: x1.2;
      • Orsimers: x1.3;
  • RANDOM COEFFICIENT : A random small coefficient is multiplied to the base wear for a bit of randomness, we are not all the same after all,  :)
  • SEX TYPE: as I have already mentioned submissive sex give x2 the base wear, normal x1, and aggressive x1.5
  • SEX EXPERIENCE: The more sex you have with a race, the more experienced with that race you become, the less wear you receive after sex with that race. (after 200 sex acts with a race you become immune to wear with that race. The same Sex experience is also used for the calculus of prostitution earnings when you sell your body to that specific race!
  • THREESOME: Threesomes give 1.5x the Wear after all the previous calculations


Your Wear Level will heal with time at the following rate or by paying a apothecary 1000 caps( apothecaries also normalise your mood)

  • - 0.27 every in game 15 minutes when you are awake.
  • 3x the previous value every in game quarter hours sleeping.


You can customize everything about Wear and Tear System in the MCM menu, in the "Wear System" page.



This mod let you buy or craft MCG Condoms for protection against diseases as they are equippable by Males and Females alike. After a sex act involving the player there is a check if you wear the condom. If you wear the condom nothing happens more than the normal. If you are not wearing any condoms, there is a chance of getting a disease than you can customize in MCM. 

  • In MCM the max chance of taking a sexual disease is 32%
  • Some situations are hardcoded to give a chance higher than the max, i.e. prostitution and making sex with some creatures and mutants.
  • Some actors don't give any chance of taking sexual diseases if they are in some specific roles, like if they are your official lover.
  • Kissing, Hugging and masturbations if started by this mod are exempted from STDs.
  • The diseases you can take are from the vanilla skyrim;


[] Sex Infidelty and Public Sex Crime System  

For the entire time you are involved in a sexual activity you are vulnerable to prying eyes, if they acquire line of sight upon you, you may suffer some consequences:

  • If you are directly seen by your lover, you loose the married status or the romanced status with that actor;
  • If you are seen doing public sex by actors that have at least a relationship level of 1,0 with you you suffer a damage in relations
  • If you are seen by other actors and you are married there is a chance (that you can set in MCM) that they report your misconduct to your lover;
  • If you are seen by other actors doing public sex there is a chance (that you can set in MCM) that this will irritate them and they will report your misconduit to authorities and you will receive a crime bounty in that Hold, the bounty in gold is costumizable in MCM and it is considered a non violent crime so Guards will not come arrest you immediately;

Of course there are exceptions to the actors that spy on you, i.e. MCG followers, children, enemies, actors you are doing sex with, and some other will not spy on you. The purpose of this system is to encourage the player to have sex in private, while at the same time giving consistence and real consequences if the player choose to be an exhibitionist.



Notes about the infidelty and Public sex Crime system:

  • Publicly masturbating will not be calculated for the infidelty but WILL BE for the Public sex Crime Bounty;
  • Kissing started by MCG will not be calculated for infidelty nor for the Public sex Crime Bounty;
  • Fucking a zombie (Necro Sex, i.e if you fuck a raised or reanimated corpse) is considered a Violent Crime and actors that see you will not put a bounty on you for non violent crime but instead will put a bounty on you as you assaulted them so guards may react immediately and attack you.






Clean Dead Bodies: If you have the relative option enabled in MCM, when you're sneaking you have a new activation option to use on corpse: "Clean Body", using this will remove the corpse from the game, you can roleplay this as a sort of "bury dead" feature, but the main purpose is to let you clean your settlements from corpses if they start stocking up due to attacks. Note: this feature don't use any disable() and mark for delete function, instead it uses the setcriticalstage function so you can be sure it will not break your game and especially it will not remove actors spawn points from the game.


Dice Game: If you start an MCG Dialogue with some people, under the "Hey, do you have a moment?" topic and the "tool" topic you will see the opportunity to start a dice game, if the actor is not in cooldown. The amount of caps required to play depends on the amount of money that the actor you are talking with have, the minimum is 10 caps anyway. If you have the caps and the actor is not in cooldown the game commence: There are 3 turns for you and the opponent. each turn a first value is rolled, being used 2 dices the value can be in the range 2 - 12, you must then say if the next launch of the turn will have a lower or higher value. if it's the same value you loose the turn, if you predict wrongly you loose. After you it's the turn of your opponent and you are notified if it loose or win. This repeat for 3 turns, to win you must win more turns than your opponent. The higher the player luck the higher the chances for the opponent to loose.


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  UPDATED 17 JUNE 2019

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Oh my I don't understand a fuck of this mod???

Read the guide, guide 2, guide 3.  I know it's long and boring but it's worth it to understand the idea behind this mod. 


  • I don't understand anything of this mod, mechanics are too complicated, I don't like it or it's not compatible with my favourite mod:, i don't want to read the guide: Just Unistall MCG and don't use it anymore, there is no need to bitching or insulting me about this in the support topic, wasting my time, thank you.


  • The mod guide is a wall I can't read it, too boring: It's up to you to read or not, but if you ask something about the mod that is already covered in the guide I will just ignore you. My advice: If you can't read the guide I suggest to unistall the mod.


  • Can you change this <insert mod mechanic>? No.


  • Can you change the dependency to Death Alternative mod or EEF? No. Those requirements are optional for additional MCG feaures, you don't want to use them? Then live with limited MCG functionalities or not install the mod at all. COMPLAINING, SUGGESTING, EVEN JUST SPEAKING ABOUT MCG MODS DEPENDENCIES WILL RESULT IN A PERMA BAN FROM THIS  MOD SUPPORT TOPIC! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. THIS MODERATOR POST CONFIRM THIS.


  • Can you add this <insert fantastic idea you had>? No, I don't have time and because I am pissed off with this community I don't provide source code to let you make any modifications anymore.


  • Is MCG compatible with <insert your favorite mod>? Yes as long it's not in the incompatible list at the end of this post. (The list is updated as soon as an incompatibility is reported. If you find any, report in the support topic.), and make sure you read the part about unsupported mods further below in this same post;


  • I don't see the option to enslave people?
    • You must have in your inventory "slave chains" which are craftable in a forge or buyable from Fence merchants via dialogue;
    • You must assign a key in the mcm of this mod, you find it in the "control page" of MCG mcm, the key is not directly related to the enslavement but without assign a key to this mod not all the features are enabled.


  • This mod adds craftables?

Yes it does, it adds 4 craftables. You can also buy the first 3 from innkeepers, and general merchants and these are:

  • Condoms [craft in tanning rack] (equippable by male and females player alike, they deny stds and pregnancies (pregnancies only with Hentai Pregnancy Mod)
  • Slave Chains [craft in forge] (you must have them in your inventory to be able to enslave someone)
  • Drugged Wrap [craft in cooking pot] , if you have them in your inventory you are able to silent knock down actors by activating your victim if they don't detect you. (If you have the master sneak perk, you don't need drugged wraps anymore...because you are a fucking ninja in that case.
  • Nice Flowers [craft in cooking pot] , if you have them in your inventory you can gift them to your currently dating actor. Craft them using the mountain flowers, a dragon tongue and a nightshade.


  • When i enslave an enemy he doesn't submit instantly?

Yes the moment you try to enslave an enemy, it may try for one last hit against you to prevent enslavement, but then after the chains will be placed it will become your slave, a totally meek slave


  • With this mod and EFF installed I can't use the OUTFIT PLUGIN of EFF and outfits are not saved for follwoers!

Yes the change outfit feature of EFF is nice but can lead to game break because it uses a function called SetOutfit() which works on actorbases that are the "templates" of the actors instead of their actual references in game, what this means? It means that the change is permanent and that if you have a non unique npc follower (like a bandit) and you change his outfit all the bandits in game will be naked on spawn! This is a common bug I see in a lot of mods and I cannot let this happen in MCG so i forced a disable for that EFF feature, don't use the Outfit PLUGIN of EFF. If you want to use it uninstall MCG.


  • How to submit and enslave?

-To submit: Reduce the actor you want to submit into bleedout or make sure it has less than the % of health you set in MCM, the activate it (default skyrim button E);

-To silent submit: You must have drugged wraps in inventory and not be detected by your victim, then activate it (default skyrim button E);

-To Enslave: You must have slave chains in your inventory and activate (default skyrim button E) a submitted actor;


  • I have a slave, but some people attack them even if they are peaceful and unharmful?

Some people are very hostile to some faction and this cannot be changed, i.e. in Whiterun there are 4-5 people that are really hostile to bandits, they will attack your enslaved bandits on sight so be careful even if your slaves are currently tied, they will have nothing against you but they may want your slaves dead no matter what.


  • When I use the MCG Dialogue to make an actor equip something the first time I fast travel or change cell that actor reequips the standard outfit?

There is an unresolvable annoying know bug about this: When you force them equip something, the first time you fast travel they reequip back their standard outfit, if you force them equip your things a second time then they will not reequip their standard outfit again...go figure!


  • What's the use of MCG KEY:

Essentially it's used for masturbating, set your respawn point, teleport some actors if you lost them and surrending, we divide into 2 scenario weapons drawn and weapons sheathed:

  • With weapons drawn:
  • If you hold and release the key you will equip your bare hands
  • If you hold and release the key while your bare hands are equipped, you can masturbate;
  • With weapons sheathed:
  • If you hold and release the key you will enter a menu in which you can teleport actors (that have a MCG role) or set your respawn point if you use the Player Defeated features;
  • If you single press the key pointing a neutral actor (you must be near to it) you can make that actor follow you for few seconds, press again to dismiss, it's a sort of "calling to you" people...to lure them somewhere....
  • If you single press the key pointing an hostile actor (you must be near to it) you can surrender to it (You must have at least 25% of your health)
  • If you single press the key pointing an actor blacklisted from lovers requests you remove it from the blacklist;


  • The Player raped feature doesn't work:

First of all make sure you have DAYMOYL installed and working because the player defeated (raped) feature works only with that mod installed, then when you start a new game with MCG and DAYMOYL or you load MCG for the first time in a save where there is already DAYMOYL installed you must enter the DAYMOYL MCM and do "REGISTER QUESTS" to let DAYMOYL pull the MCG event, then you want to go to the "On Bleedout Events" and "On Death Events" and change the priority to your taste, I suggest to uncheck the other Death events and leave only the MCG one;


  • I see in mcm that i can have up to 40 slaves but only up to 4 follow me?

Yes you can have 40 slaves at time but you can bring a max numer of 4 slaves at time with you, and by this i mean that when you activate a slave and use the follow/wait button or dialogue that slave will be added to your current slave following list, you can identify your following slave by the fact that they change their name in "following slave 1" etc... to free a following slave slot just use the follow/wait button on a following slave so you can order to follow to another slave that was waiting. Only currently following slaves are valid to be sold to fences merchant or to guards, vigilants and thalmor if compatible.


  • Is MCG  a script Heavy mod? No. Let me explain: We need to differentiate between big mods with lots of scripts and mods with a lot of active scripts. A mod can have a thousands of scripts and be very lightweight if its scripts are not being executed, while a mod with a single script could cripple your entire game if it has a script that is running constantly on runtime update. MCG has a lot of scripts but for the 90% of time they are not being executed. The MCG scripts are generally being executed at the end of a sexual animation when Sexlab inform the mod of what happened, or during and right at the end of MCG dialogues, the rest of the time they do not use processing power and when they are executed generally they finish the calculations fast (generally they are not long functions). Also MCG heavely relies on Vanilla systems to apply effects, in fact almost none of MCG effects like Lust and Wear are script based but they are Spell based which are much more fast and light on resources than scripts. The only MCG system that use actively Resources is the NPC Initiative System but also in that case you should not have problems, as a rule of Thumb i dare to say: If you are able to run mods like Sexlab Aroused or Enhanced Blood, that both use a cloak to dinamically attach script to npcs like the MCG Initiative System, you could run MCG ten times more (for a question of active range of the cloack script spell in question)! For this same reason you must not worry of disabling MCG features to save you processing power. (Of course you can disable them if you don't like them.)



  • Dialogues not appearing: Sometimes for reasons I don't know the dialogues may not load on a new game, to resolve this you must assign the MCG hotkey in its MCM, then you must save the game and reload that save, from that point the dialogues should appear.
  • Enslaved non unique npcs may change appearence and sex if you are jailed: This is a vanilla mechanic that sometimes resets non unique actors like randoms bandits appearence), so this cannot be solved. [FIXED IN 1.5.10 but during enslavement non unique npc reset their inventory]
  • Changing outfit using MCG dialogues is reverted back: There is an unresolvable annoying know bug about this: When you force them equip something, the first time you fast travel they reequip back their standard outfit, if you force them equip your things a second time then they will not reequip their standard outfit again...go figure!



 If you follow carefully the installation instructions this mod is compatible with almost every other mods, only few "incompatible situations" may be, but even in that case you can use this mod, just the related features are disabled, i am talking about:

  • Mods that modify the vanilla marriage system: If you use this type of mods with MCG be aware that the divorce and infidelty system of MCG will not be functional, but the rest of MCG will function as usual without problem;
  • Multiple followers framework differently than EFF: If you use a different multiple follower framework than EFF the "recruit as companions" dialogues and options of MCG will stick to the vanilla system and will not be integrated with your M.F. Framework and in addition you will not have the dialogues to dismiss and to trade with your MCG followers. If you use the vanilla system without M.F. Frameworks you will have the normal follwers dialogues but you will be limited only to 1 follower at time. So use EFF if you want the full system or I advice to ignore the recruit as follower feature of MCG.
  • Inconsequential NPCs: [I personally use this mod in my LO] This mod adds some recruitable and hireable followers, based on the load order you will give precedence to this or to MCG, if you put MCG lower that I.npcs you may not be able to recruit I.npcs , if you put MCG higher then you will not have followers dialogues with MCG followers. If you use EFF then there is no incompatibilities.

For your reference i am posting MY LOAD ORDER that i personally use to play skyrim 32bit:



Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm=1
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp=1
Skyrim Project Optimization - No Homes - Full Version.esm=1
dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp=1
Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Climates of Tamriel - lvl-4.esp=1
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp=1
Inconsequential NPCs.esp=1
( I put Inconsequential lower than MCG because I use EFF, you may want this higher instead if you want MCG follwers features and don't use EFF).
Immersive Horses.esp=1
Immersive Patrols II.esp=1
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp=1
Perk Points at Skill Levels 50-75-100.esp=1
Thief skills rebalance for Ordinator.esp=1
Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp=1
USLEEP werewolf fix.esp=1
Cloaks - USLEEP Patch.esp=1
Lanterns Of Skyrim - AIO - Dawnguard.esp=1
Tundra Defense.esp=1
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp=1
TravellersOfSkyrim - Vanilla.esp=1
TravellersOfSkyrim - Dragonborn Addon.esp=1
Mighty Beasts - Werewolf.esp=1
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp=1
Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp=1
Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp=1
Schlongs of Skyrim - Light.esp=1
dD - Enhanced Blood Main LITE.esp=1
bigger blood splatters.esp=1
EFFDialogue.esp=1 (If your M.F. Framework has an .esp you must put it lower than MCG)
Immersive Horses - Hearthfire Patch.esp=1
Immersive Horses - Vanilla.esp=1



  • DisplayEnemyLevel: widgets of mcg will not be correctly displayed with this mod;

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Oh my god, this looks good, can't wait to try it out. Must have been a lot of hard work, good job!

But I hope EFF is not a hard requirement, I stopped using it because the followers constantly push you around and I feel I like Immersive AFT more at the moment.



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The only follower framework that works well in my setup is Nether Follower Framework


For pregnancy i like Fertility mode from Narue


And i dont use Death Alternative, i use the mark of arkay


Too bad for me, the mod seemed really fun to use





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43 minutes ago, anghelos92 said:
  • Take sexual wear (with debuffs) from sex. You take less wear based on your sexual experience with the race you fuck with;

Do you group all the humanoids together in that? Seems like it would be immersive to treat Imperial, Nord. Breton, and maybe the mer races as one group for experience for wear.

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5 minutes ago, nanashi50 said:

Do you group all the humanoids together in that? Seems like it would be immersive to treat Imperial, Nord. Breton, and maybe the mer races as one group for experience for wear.

All humanoids (playable races) are treated as one in MCM setting (default is 10 base wear) BUT the value is multiplied by a little hidden coefficient, range is 0.8 -1.3 because let's face it an orsimer will fuck you harder than a bosmer... To this you then must multiply the coefficient for type of sex and the coefficient if it's an orgy and then subtract the sexual experience bonus. Sexual experience is unique for each race so fucking lots of orsimers eill not grant you experiences with bosmer... In the guide i will show all the matematical formulas...trust me they are crazy :) especially for wear diseases!

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Cool looking mod. I don't like mods that have so many hard dependencies though. It probably works awesome for you though. There are many mods out there that have soft requirements and are only necessary if you want a specific feature to work. Some are togglable features in MCM. Maybe in the future this could be something that is incorporated so that many others could use the mod. That would be cool.

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5 minutes ago, OH1972 said:

Support for other pregnancy mods would be nice indeed.

This could be done, if I will receive enough support to justify the time ? however to do so the other pregnancy mods must have already a condom in their mod or the possibility to change the pregnancy chance in mcm

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Just now, thesteve812 said:

Thanks for sharing. I was looking for something new and here you are.

Thank you :) this is the kind of comments that make me want improve more the mod :)

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Wow this came out of nowhere! Maybe because I wasn't paying attention though. ?


I am blown away and definitely will try this mod immediately! Like others, I'm a little leery about all the hard requirements, but I've been through Skyrim enough times that I find occasionally changing things up to be refreshing. I'll try to give it a good run-through and report back.

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GUYS DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT REQUIREMENT ANYMORE or i will report to moderators, my mod is free and open source no one is forcing you to download this and you have not pay anything for this. Learn how to script and make all the changes you want...this support topic is only for real bugs and the mod itself. Don't make me repeat myself ?

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5 hours ago, Ashra XIII said:

Wow this came out of nowhere! Maybe because I wasn't paying attention though. ?


I am blown away and definitely will try this mod immediately! Like others, I'm a little leery about all the hard requirements, but I've been through Skyrim enough times that I find occasionally changing things up to be refreshing. I'll try to give it a good run-through and report back.

Thank you for the kind words :) sometimes changing is good to have a proper perspective of mods, i.e.i used AFT for years to then discover that EFF was a superior framework, I was a user of being female mod but then i discovered that hentai pregnancy (original edition) is more stable, simpler and without crashes. Changing is good to make up your opinion of things :)

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Looks like a massive mod, definately going to try it out, but one question, are there also wear and tear textures or just debuffs?

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10 minutes ago, YFeyn said:

Looks like a massive mod, definately going to try it out, but one question, are there also wear and tear textures or just debuffs?

just debuffs, but in case you find a mod that gives you a better wear and tear system you can just disable MCG wear and tear system in MCM and use the other mod instead. MCG is going for semplicity and gameplay first, then immersion, then realism.

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This mods looks massive and cool! Do you have any plans for SL Aroused integration/compatibility? 

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It's too difficult to raise relationship points, let alone seduce NPCs. 

Apparently one night stands are alright with them, but having civil conversations are a no no.

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Is DAYMOL really a requirement or optional ? Because installing it makes my Skyrim basically crash when it wants to. And thats all of the time.



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