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What character type do you prefer to play in games?

What character type do you prefer to play in adult games, given everything else being equal?  

221 members have voted

  1. 1. Please pick your favorite, there are some answers that are broad so you don't have to click all the boxes.

    • Female, dom
    • Female, sub
    • Female, vanilla
    • Female, switch/any role
    • Male, dom
    • Male, sub
    • Male, vanilla
    • Male, switch/any role
    • Herm/futa, dom
    • Herm/futa, sub
    • Herm/futa, vanilla
    • Herm/futa, switch/any role
    • Any gender, dom
    • Any gender, sub
    • Any gender, vanilla
    • Other (specify)

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Checked it out for a few minutes.... (honestly... about an hour or so not as long as you) and the writing is pretty good. At least at the very beginning. Like how the story just keeps on adding on the the previous ones (scrolling upward) for a point. (Scene)


Since you are the OP... I can discuss this further :P  Didn't see it getting repetitive but, I believe this is a new story and just getting started and hasn't been "fleshed out" (pun intended :P )  So who knows how it will end up.


Obligatory post for this thread :P

Talking about characters and such, it appears that that story has an opportunity to change or alter your character as you play into whatever you might want to become. That is popular with a subset of LL members (looking at SOB where there are mutations ) so that might be something to consider for your project. Of course your story line will likely be just as important and interesting perhaps even better. :D



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Well lets try that again :( WTF (couldn't continue after typing @Zaiketsu


Well don't worry about your post too much (can't speak to the thoughts of the OP) but the post you gave had plenty of info for anyone that might be interested, useful info and I also cannot think of anything to edit to make it smaller. ;) But then again my post tend to ramble on 😊  so I might not be the person to talk here. lol

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On 11/7/2018 at 10:20 AM, Kendo 2 said:

I like to play as a transsexual werewolf that has two dicks and demon bat wings.


Don't forget it has to have a Deathclaw Horse futa.l

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10 hours ago, King_of_Kings said:

I like to play a Man-Herm (Full Hermaphrodite with male looking characteristics and male chest). It's downright impossible to find any game that actually alows for that kind of build without it being a fully costomisable character creation (Like CoC, TiTS, Lilith's Throne and opthers with those mechanics) because everyone expects a herm to be female, when in-fact the basic herm in Rl is actually non-gender (Cells always get it first) and the normal herm creature is the common earthworm.

Male herms are the most common in non-pornographic contexts. Look at most one-gender races in sci-fi and fantasy, be it Enemy Mine or The Omen. It would be novel to find a few herms with at least breasts outside of porn.

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Not just as hairy as I prefer but nice enough "Hairy Beary" (my S4 avatar and architect).







Switching from one sim to another is very funny too - but unfortunately furry costumes are not well done.


Prefered "pet" would be...





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