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Cut Meridia Quest, or mod??

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A while ago I had played a quest in which you return to kilkreath ruins(Meridia's Shrine) to slay a werewolf that was killing the followers, and a dragon priest(can't remember the name) would be there too. I think the quest triggered after you used Dawnbreaker a few times and a courier will give you a letter starting the quest. Now I'm unsure whether it was a specific quest mod or the cutting room floor mod. But I've never seen any information about what I'm talking about not even in the cut content side of things. This has boggled my mind for a couple days now, and was wondering if anyone knows what I am talking about?


Also I do not think it is the "EQUINOX - Temple of Meridia" mod since I download most of my mods from the nexus site, and it is not in my download history.

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