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If a futa schlong is the only available schlong for females, it will be used by default, no matter if set to 0% (that's a weight, not actual percentage). You'll need a female non-schlong and use it by default by giving it a positive weight and leaving this one at 0. That would be basically a 'blank' or invisible schlong. There's a No Schlong mod out there somewhere. I use the NPC Pubic Hair mod so every female has a 'schlong' even if it's just hair.


The pubic hair one leaves a few races with no hair and also uses a 0 weight to do so. You'll need to set those race types up with its included Shaved hair style (high and dark elves along with argonians, etc.) if you want them bald but no futa schlong. By default the futa schlong can win (both having an equal weight of 0 will split it 50-50) and then you'll have the elves et al with junk. Remember, a weight of 0 will be evaluated as positive if no other true positive competitor is available (IIRC).


I do recommend using the female pubic hair mod and a bald body skin texture rather than a simple no schlong mod. Remember once you get whichever route you wish to go set up (pubes or no schlongs) to go into the SOS futa settings and clean (or whatever the option is) to remove it from any existing ladies and force SOS to reassign their 'schlongs.' Don't worry that a no schlong or pubic hair is actually a game 'schlong', Gender Bender (and I think SLEN) knows the difference and won't flag those ladies as SL males.


(Your all-futa-male women didn't get schlongs because Gender Bender flagged them male; Gender Bender flagged them male because they already had futa schlongs from SOS' weight selection.)

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Dude there is a way to appear male/female sexlab animation when I change my female gender to male. When I ask for female oral job or try a solo they only start a FF animation.

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