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'Mature Skin Texture' Help...

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As the title indicates, this is a brief 'help file' for the use of the Mature Skin Texture mod, in conjunction with Dimonized UNP and Mod Organizer.

Interestingly enough, Dimonized UNP is a bit...quirky when dealing with some texture replacers, or rather, the folder structure in which those replacers may be found.

I don't have screenshots, at the moment, but the gist of it is:

Dimonized UNP comes with a set of textures which can be found in \Dimonized UNP\textures\actors\character\female.  Obviously, those files may be replaced with your textures of choice.

However...therein lies the problem.

A 'vanilla' Dimonized UNP install will only recognize texture files that are stored in a \textures\actors\character\female folder.  That is, if you've installed Dimonized, and then installed Mature Skin Textures as an 'independent' mod, Dimonized will not recognize the other playable-race-specific texture folders (\bretonfemale, \femaleorc, and so forth) that are used by Mature Skin Textures.

The result will be an awkward and unattractive texture mismatch on most of the playable races; any race that relies on the textures from Mature Skin's \textures\actors\character\female folder will use Mature Skin Textures as expected, but Dimonized will not 'see' the femalehead_msn file in the other folders and will continue to use the vanilla files for those races.

(Captain Obvious is about to arrive XD)

To fix the error, or avoid it in the first place, it's a simple matter of moving the Mature Skin Textures into Dimonized UNP's folder structure.  You can then deactivate and remove the independent Mature Skin Textures mod.



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