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Question on SendModEvent()


In most cases, I see SendModEvent used in scripts without an evaluation of whether the corresponding Mod is installed. I assume that it just returns null if the Mod is absent. But, is this the best practice, or would it be better to do a bool for whether the Mod is installed and then use the SendModEvent with bool logic?


I.E. instead of simply calling:




Would it be better to do:


bool property installed_DeviouslyHelpless = False Auto

Function CheckInstalled(); gets called on initialization in MCM or some such.
	if Game.GetModByName("DeviouslyHelpless.esp") == 255
		installed_DeviouslyHelpless = false
		installed_DeviouslyHelpless = true

Function SomeFunction()
If installed_DeviouslyHelpless == True


More long winded but presumably would return fewer errors?


Or, does it not matter and short hand SendModEvent with no bool logic is fine?

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