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[REQUEST]NTR(Netorare/Cuckold) Quest Mod Idea

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Hello, Friend.

This is written through a translator.
Please understand that there are some awkward sentences and grammar.


I want to come up with the idea of NTR (netorare) Quest Mod, and I'm surprised that there isn't a similar mod.

I hope this mod will be created by gathering ideas and opinions from others about NTR Quest Mod.

I think there are three kinds of Quest and Event.
This Mod Requires Sexlab Framework, Zaz Animation, Devious Devices, and Paradise Hall mods.

1.Follower's Secret deviation
    A. The following pop-up message occurs depending on the probability of waiting/resting in the village:
    'While taking a break, the Follower is in a strange state. It's a breathless reminder that I've been doing some strenuous exercise. It also smells strange.'


2. Follower Kidnapping (Quest)
    A. If you wait/rest in town, your followers will be kidnapped according to the probability.

    B. After a certain time,
        B.1. Listen to rumors at the pub.
        (eg. Recently, they say the bandits of Random Camp/Cave/Dungeon have been inactive. It's not coming out of their field.)
        B.2. You will receive a letter from the delivery man. in three parts Each of the letter.

    C. Follower to some and the sexual enslavement of the same. This is called slaveProgress.
        C1. Example of the first letter: 'You're Follower kidnapped. It will be a be rough and rude. Sooner or later, Follower will learn to be fit for Slave.'
        C2. Example of the second letter: 'Follower caved in. The Follower is serving us.'
        C3. Example of the third letter: (Write By Follower) 'I'm Sorry, Dovahkiin. I surrender to Masters. I Feel Happy From obey to Master. enjoy the situation more than traveling with you.'
        (Write By Kidnapper) 'Follower is subjugated. I'm going to be bored and sell Follower to (Falmer, Vamps, Giant, Rickling, sexual pervert) .'
 Finally, If you don't find it quickly, the Follower will disappear.

    D. Dovahkiin visits Random Location, the value of slaveProgress changes the dialogue of the actors present in Cell.
        D.1. Upon receipt of the letter: Follower is wear DD's equipment and stand in a humiliating position, and Kidnapper rapes or tortures Follower.
        (sexlab animation tag: violence, rape)
        And Kidnapper has violent and obscene conversations. (caption)
        Follower accuses Kidders and says Dovahkiin will come.
        D.2. When I receive more than two letters: Follower is wearing DD's shoddy outfit. Kidnapper has sex with Follower or suffers.
            D.2.1 When receiving the letter twice, the Kidnapper has an obscene conversation (caption)
            D.2.2. Upon receiving the letter three times, the Kidnapper was fed up with the Follower and asked to make a slave. And they want to kidnap another Follower from Dovahkiin." (caption)

    E. When Kidnapper finds Dovahkiin, a battle takes place.
    After the battle is completed, the result changes according to the slaveProgress.
        E.1. When I receive the letter once: Follower is greatly grateful for the rescue. Follower Rejoin to Dovahkiin.
        E.2. When I received the letter twice: Follower was rescued. Follower accuses of slow escape. The Follower's body has many evidence of abuse.(slavetats, DD's Straitjacket.)

       Follower Rejoin to Dovahkiin.
        E.3. Upon receiving the letter three times: Follower is angry about saving himself. Follower's body is full of evidence of many abuse (slavetats, DD's Piercing, Chain Devious Devices). Dovahkiin is chosen.
            E.3.1. Abandon Follower (Follower disappears, or lives in town as a prostitute).
            E.3.2. Make Follower a Slave of Dovahkiin. (require Paradise Hall Mod)


3. Spouse's Affair (Quest)
    A. The Affair's Actor visits your home. (Affair's Actor : none unique npc)
    B. Dovahkiin is coming home.
    C. Dovahkiin enters the house, things are divided according to whether he is detected or not.
        C.1. When Dovahkiin is not detected: Affair's Act and spouse have sex. They have an obscene conversation laughing at Dovahkiin.(caption)
            C.1.1. If Dovahkiin is detected during sexual activity, a combat to the Affair's Act will take place. After the combat is over, Spouse criticizes Dovahkiin. You have Three choices to Select One.
                C.1.1.1 Divorce and break up with the Spouse.
                C.1.1.2. Make Spouse a Slave of Dovahkiin. (requireParadise Hall)
                C.1.1.3. Forgive the Spouse.
            C.1.2. End of Sexual activity, Affair's Act goes outside. This will proceed to Part D.
        C.2. When Dovahkiin is discovered: Affair's Act says he's here to deliver food and goes outside. This will proceed to Part D.
    D. Dovahkiin ask to spouse has committed an affair. The spouse is angry and criticizes Dovahkiin. (Quest Not End. Repeat to Part A)


End of My Idea, and I feel angry for myself for not being able to create mod.

Is it hard to learn the CK Tool to make this Quest/Event Mod?

It is best to learn by myself, but I write in the hope that I might find someone who can make it.


Thanks for reading the bad sentences.
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