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Several issues.  Violator was dead and stripped of items yet the retrieve mission was still active.  Had to uninstall reinstall to remove the quest.  Now I cannot be violated.  Surrendering is not working.  

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On 10/18/2020 at 4:50 PM, EgoBallistic said:

That message means your settings.ini or aaf_violate.ini has an invalid setting in a section called [Main].  Which is strange because Violate doesn't use such a section.


You should deactivate the mod in NMM, then delete it from NMM, make sure there are no leftover files in Data, then reinstall the mod.

Side note for the future.  My issue could be pregnancy from the violator who was holding my gear and I didn't find out that I was pregnant until I was murdering him!!! .... (edit) related ... 'cough'

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On 2020. 10. 16. at 10:08, effrenatus said:


Because of the refreshingly perfect answer:


OnsceneInit 1 to ....9?


I'm looking for a description of the related topic, but the machine didn't throw anything at me.   rl.gif.4095dc18c2e6f5eed3a8e749c5e2c84b.gif 



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