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Is there a guide to install Sexout if you are using TTW?

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 Install it the same way you would for FNV and can confirm that Sexout and all mods using it work in TTW- some might need a tweak here and there for compatibility or load order adjustment. Like Darkconsole says, anything that works for FNV has a excellent chance of working fine for TTW. There are also guides for converting your favorite mods from FO3 to work in TTW- and they're not that hard to do. Many of the best have already been converted. You can find many here.


Also, I would recommend using FOMM as your mod manager since it is used by the people who made TTW in the first place. Visit here for more info. I cannot say enough good things about what these wonderful modders have done. Also look for the huge dlc sized mod coming in Sept/Oct called New California.

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