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As I made some more stuff recently (and some of my old stuff seams to have disappeared), and didn't want to clutter the forum with tons of threads, I decided to dig up this one and just add to it.


Velerite armor

Found a cute set of armors on some vague site, can't remember where exactly. It needed retexturing in my opinion, so I did just that.








Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?mc7g4d44ojdk4c9



Flying Broom Mod

I posted this one before, but can't seem to find it anymore, so I'll just add the link here.

It's a fun and pretty stable mod that adds an awesome mode of transportation to Oblivion. It's a broom that you can fly as high as you like. It has configurable controls, spellcasting and bombing abilities, multiple broom types and riding idles, and due to my editing, English menus. I never found out who made it originally, but they deserve all the credit for a really fun mod.





Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ti0x96epwj092se



Cassandra BU Retextured

This one had been buried under a ton of posts in the Breakundies thread, so I'll mention it here as well to make it easier to find. It's a retexture of the Cassandra Armor for Break Undies. It includes a textfile with the exact lines needed to add it to the breakundies ini. Credit for the meshes goes to the original authors, textures were Gimped together by me, with a little help of Gizmodian's pattern packs.









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Dragon Song


This is one of GSBModders' outfits, which I fixed for a friend who had trouble with FPS. I couldn't reduce the FPS impact by much as it is just a very detailed mesh, but I did what I could. It also has better fitting hands and feet now, and comes in 5 additional color variations.






Download link:



You can find more of GSBModders' awesome stuff in this thread:




Hepsy Sailor DM


Another one I fixed for a friend. The original package had a RHH requirement, a set of RHH shoes that had been pushed up to ground level, clipping with the legs, and gaps at the wrist. I attached other boots, replaced the upperbody and hands with fitting ones, and applied all the colours I had for the original Sailor outfit. Also made the scarf a separate amulet to allow mix-and-matching without making a ton of meshes. It no longer needs RHH, but does still have BBB so make sure you have the requirements for that. Credits go to the original creators.





Download link:




Beautiful Oblivion Collection


I didn't make any of this, these outfits come from Beautiful Oblivion Blog. Follow the link if you want to see screenies.



I collected most of them, cleaned out the nifs and optimised them, compressed the textures to DXT1 or DXT5 as necessary, with mipmaps, put them all in a single esp and zipped it up. I added a few additional variations for some of the outfits.


Since optimising the meshes and compressing the textures, I have been able to try on the entire collection in a single session without crashes. I couldn't do that before. They load decidedly quicker since the textures use a lot less memory and Oblivion no longer needs to generate mipmaps on first load. Note that some of the outfits still have over 75MB of textures on them as I did not reduce the size of the textures, so those may impact your framerate.


I had to split them up into 2 parts. I've put the parts into another zip, to prevent any site from messing up the names. Unpack both parts to the same location, then unpack the contents (.7z.001 and .7z.002).


Download links:




Dump meshes, textures and esp into your data folder. All meshes and textures (except a few from the retextures) have been moved into their own folder and should not overwrite anything. Find the stuff in the testinghall. All have been entered into the esp as clothing, if you want different stats you can use my Equipment converter to easily turn them into armor.


Or edit/write your own esp.


Credits go to Kirinisdivine for the mashups and to the creators of all the parts used.


Yuravica FLY collection shop


Adds a very unique shop to the road west of Aleswell. It sells all of Yuravica's models released on Nexus (not just the vanilla ones), plus a lot of extra variations. Nothing is replaced, everything is neatly organised into separate folders to prevent overwriting anything. Here is a mirror for those who can't get it off Nexus.


Download link for version 1.0:



Small update to fix a few outfits and add the latest FLY release. File above still required.



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Superb stuff, although the frame rate hit is quite heavy.

Anybody still remembering Desele´s House of Earthly Delights in Morrowind? That Dragon Song outfit would have been perfect in there.

Shame there was no such thing in stock Oblivion.


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The FLY collection is absolutely awesome and amazing, an out-of-this-world overkill of outstanding outfits! Thanks for this totally terrific treat!

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Thanks for your comments.

I just added a small update for the FLY collection. Fixes a few outfits and adds the latest FLY release, Rachel Alucards dress.

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