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Better Off Together Chapter 5

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Better Off Together Chapter 5 – Story By







We had made a habit of snuggling up together on the couch to watch television on the lazier nights. By then the awkwardness had faded and was replaced by the awareness of other things, such as the shape of her body against mine and the sleepy heat that generated between us.






t didn't arouse me, even though I now knew that she would sleep with me if she thought it would make us happier together, but the heat often left me being the one experiencing a little stiffness. Still we would talk, but the closer together we got, it was reduced to small talk. You couldn't talk at the usual rate without blasting  each others' faces with hot air and inappropriate noise.






So we spoke quietly and less often and often found each other just gazing. I enjoyed it a lot and so did Kerry. We were content just moulded together and inhaling each other. The casual terms of endearment happened more often though, and the more they did, the more the fondness in my heart became something more intense.






"I love you, you ridiculous twat!" she would say.


"And I love you, you crazy big titted bitch!" I would reply. You know, the usual...






 Just like with the click of a finger, our cosy little existence was threatened the day when she told me that her ex wanted her to give him another try. I couldn't wrap my head around it. I was furious but I bottled it all up tight because I didn't want to scare Rebecca into his arms. He'd only use her again. No matter what, no dog that ever learned its lesson stopped being a dog anyway.







He just settled for less than his heart's desire, and continued to medicate with sympathy pussy.

'He's just going to use you again,' I told her. 'He couldn't even look after you like I do. Why would you want to go back to him?'







'Because I'm tired of being alone,' she said.

'You're not alone,' I reminded her. 'But I suppose I'm just too safe and boring for your liking.' That last part had her grinning like an idiot and ironically calling me the idiot. 'Well so fucking what?' I asked.

'I'm fucking horny, that's what,' she grumbled.







'Oh yeah, that! Forgive me for somehow recalling what I never cared to remember, but didn't you say he had an average penis and barely the sense to use it?'

'I might have,' she replied uncertainly. 'What of it?'

'No girl I know is desperate enough to repeat these mistakes.'





'And how many girls do you know, exactly?' Kerry stated her defence case.


'One,' I said confidently, to which she tittered childishly. 'And that really narrows down the odds of me being right. Don't prove me fucking wrong!'





'Yeah I'm gonna need the house Saturday afternoon,' she said regardless. So back to step one we went!




End Of Chapter 5




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