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nikoli grimm

NPC's take shelter during radiation storms??? (SOLVED)

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Has anyone come up with a script that would make these brain damaged NPC's seek shelter during a rad storm?


I usually play a hardcore game with Radiation Overhaul, Deadly Radstorms, and True Storms where rad storms are between 10x and 50x more potent depending in their intensity and about a 1 in 4 chance of happening when storm-like weather occurs.


These storms can become deadly very quickly if caught out in them unprepared, My main issue is every NPC in the game will just stand out in a storm wandering around or weeding their garden complete oblivious that they are soaking up enough rads to glow in the dark until they die...


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Never seen one but it would make sense, either that or the settlers spend all their money on rad-x and rad-away, or medical bills for the same.


Even on vanilla it still had me doing a wtf, when going somewhere and seeing everybody just wandering around during rad storms, and I just love true storms myself, although protection from being inside seems a bit hit and miss, especially in areas where it looks like you are under a decent amount of concrete or steel and you are still taking rads, but enter a ramshackle wooden hut and it stops.

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Yeah, that's a good question - and sad that Bethesda has not already implemented it.


As a possible solution the Sandbox Packages of the NPC would be conceivable.
(go for a walk, go to work, go for a walk, use idles marker, search bed)
That's roughly the sandbox of settlers.


But the question is: Are there any buildings that protect against the storm?
Roofs, walls etc. - I have not found anything yet.

A vault maybe (it's interior) - but who wants to build a vault in each settlement?

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I use true storms, and from what I can tell being inside any building will drop the rads being accumulated quite a bit compared to being outside, from what it seems the rads are being carried in the rain drops rather than else where, in which case I would say anything made of steel or concrete should work, even a good solid wood roof would help as it would stop the rain landing on the person standing under it.


Even when wandering around anywhere ducking under a solid roof type cover seems to drop the amount of rads gained from a storm down quite a bit.  Though the area of the cover does seem to count as well if it is too small it seems to have no affect.


It might be possible to re-do settler sandbox scripts to check if there is a rad storm ongoing in which case move them inside, hell to be honest I would not expect anybody, regardless of what they are to be outside in a rad storm unless they really had to be.

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I've wished for a smarter NPC AI for quite a while, apparently that's never going to happen.  Progress is happening in that direction though thanks to an individual named DieFeM, who has come up with a script to have settlers finally get out of the rain/rad storms and find shelter.




It's still a work in progress, but I've been using it for the past couple of months and the settler NPC's no longer stand out in the rain or rad storms pulling weeds and sweeping anymore, and will go to a designated shelter during the storm and return to what they were doing after it passes.


My next big wish is for the NPC's to either cringe away or pull a weapon when I aim a weapon at them. I've come to the point of just shooting any NPC that is hanging out in a doorway that I want to get through...

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