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Help With Persistent Crashing

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I have had issues with Whiterun specifically, like I'll play for hours and now getting a lot of crashes in Whiterun/around Dragonsreach. I have logs but have zero idea what could be causing the crash. I could go through each mod one by one and test, but I assume since I have resources that the logs have at least a little bit to tell, I just have no idea how to understand what they're saying. I have another dump from skse too, and can share it. I don't have Papyrus logging enabled because I've reason to believe it doesn't actually help, as per the Nexus Crash Fixes mod page.


Crash fixes log:


Crash info:
2018_07_07_17-58-06 - 6500E2EC: V(1); EAX(0); EBX(78CF4AC0); ECX(262000); EDX(190); ESI(78634D90); EDI(79603AB0); EBP(2735FD5C); ESP(2735FD2C); STACK(45F619 B03B15 C79255 7033FA 6A2756 693A27 6A08AC AADAE7 AADA3F 6A0BAA 69110B 6F3CC0 6F3A33 A4E31E A4B4A0 A4BB02 A4B4A0 A4B4A0 A4B4A9 A4B4A0);


Not so useful info (don't post unless asked):
STACK_FULL(64EBAE39 78634D60 30 B2C46B78 6587BC80 78CF4AC0 792D82B0 78CF4AC0 78634D90 2735FDC4 65133503 0 2735FD68 64EB1DCB 7817CA10 2735FD90 64EB283D 1 64EBFA61 78F3B1C8 7817CA10 6587BC00 64EBFB88 2735FDB8 B2C46BB4 2735FDD0 64EB512E 2735FDB8 7817B430 7817B430 B2C46BF4 6587BBE0 79AF56F0 7817CA10 7817B430 79AF5100 B2C46BF4 223C8 2735FFCC 65132CBE FFFFFFFF 2735FDDC 64EB68FD 79AF56F0 2735FE04 64EBCCBD 2735FDF8 3F7BE4A0 2 79AF56F0 676C3913 79AF56F0 79AF56F0 B2C46820 77C173C0 45F619 3EC25918 2 3EC258D0 3F7BE4A8 B03B15 0 2 3EC258D0 22FB9094 0 C79255 22FB8F90 3F5A6A80 376EECF0 0 0 2 7033FA 0 77C173A0 3F5A6A80 269D5C01 2735FF94 0 1A2EF048 56 2BC8A868 6A2756 3F5A6A01 77C173A0 188A812C 2735FF94 269D5C01 66B9EF90 66B9EF90 BF2755DC 3F41BD3B 0 2735FF28 77C173A0 269D5C00 693A27 77C173A0 2 1A2EF048 0 1 77C173A0 188A812C 2735FF94 269D5C01 6A08AC 2735FEE8 19A82630 269D5C10 52 3F5A6A80 46D117EC 42A7855E C5045F84 C21A0FD5 C271FD28 C105B4F5 AADAE7 3F701910 6F316200 6722D3D0 1 2721FF10 42373F4B AADA3F 6A0BAA 1 77C6ECB0 77C17420 1A82630 6760DDCB 77C6ECB0 188A8184 77C17420 69110B 6F3CC0 1B39100 6F3A33 269D5C10 A4E31E A4B4A0 269D5C10 A4BB02 A4B4A0 A4B4A0 269D5C10 0 A4B4A9 77C18744 269D5C10 77C18720 2447F404 2735FFDC 77ED58ED 269D5C10 4A868AB0 0 0 269D5C10 C0000005 0 2735F390 75139F40 4A868AB0 2735FFA0 2735F390 2735FFE4 77EEA8D0 1A458FFC 0 2735FFEC 77ED58BD FFFFFFFF 77EF6CD6 0 0 A4B4A0 269D5C10 0 80000038 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 200 120012 41EA0 3F800000 0 12 301EF0 0 104 10001 42270 3F800000 0 C000C 42280 3F800000 0 0 22B0 0 0 0 22B0 0 27360000 0 22B0 0 0 0 22B0 0 0 0 22B0 0);


My modwatch: https://modwat.ch/u/kittierae 

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CTD in exact location, normaly are related to a mod, and the way for locate a problematic mod is remove half of your mod and test with 125 mods. If get CTD remove half again and test with 75.


Others problem can be solved with some tools that add stability to the game, like Crash Fixes 12 with OsaAlocators and ENBoost or normal ENB. Have you them?


Looking your mod list only see XPMSE in high position. XPMSE must overwrite all and none can overwrite XPMSE. Put it lower in your load order, in the last 10 positions.

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