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is Rpg Maker VX the best version for making adult games in RPG Maker?

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so i have a question i wanted to try to make a adult Rpg Maker Game but.... after searching i found out dat most are made in VX but i have not seen any in MV soo...

i wanted to ask if somebody know why if VX is better for some reason or maybe is dat MV is bad ?



by the way what i want to make is something  similar to Latex Dungeon i like how they add animations in the middle of the fight of cource it will have more then dat but i found it interesting  here is the link to latex dungeon if you want to see what i mean



so yeah i wanted to ask because if im going to spend time doing this i don't want to go for the bad option but i already own MV so yeah... is it good, bad, both, why?

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If you're aiming for so low a bar, I wouldn't even start tbh. The reason why MV is a pain in the ass to work with (from my perspective as someone who occasionally translates such things) is that in making things more accessible from a user standpoint it makes it more difficult to actually edit between the producer and the consumer. You might think that's a good thing (it prevents other people from potentially profiting off of your work), but it inevitably results in a smaller audience exposed to your game unless you're affiliated with a major distributor already. I also own a legit copy of VX and haven't really been convinced of anything that MV does better than VX, though I've never bothered doing anything with MV myself.

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the latex dungeon was just an example of people using VX more but i only show it because i like the mid combat animations even if they need work the idea is good for what i am aiming is not a low bar but something in the middle of mid to high i just did't share any details about the game.. because it was not the point of this post :)


ANYWAY so MV makes harder to the customer to edit the game? but aside for dat nothing more? not a big issue for me did't plan for dat neither care about it


welp i still want to ear other opinions of persons who uses MV and VX but for the moment i think dat i will use MV if i don't ear something bad about it

i do thx you for you time but i still need more then 1 opinion about this

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