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If anyone has problems with FNIS for Moder and this mod:


FNIS don't support blanks in filenames anymore.

Rename the File 

FNIS_Let's Dance again_List.txt



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Let's Dance is right now running in my Skyrim SE. I could optimize the .hkx Files and the .esp to SE. I'm ingame and I have the Menu in SkyUI, I can see and hook here "stuff". 😁 Also, I have spells, and I can activate myself as dancer, I can even make a clone of myself and talk to him a bit. But .....


IT WORKS!!!  Thanks a lot to Andy!


Danke @Andy14 Das ist wirklich ein toller Mod, super Ideen und ein richtig netter Support den du hier anbietest! Herzlichen DANK! Aber du solltest diesen tollen Mod wirklich noch auf Nexus veröffentlichen. ;) *fetter Knuddler*



Here a few ideas more for new dances. :) Just an inspiration for the great artist here.


- www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LUm-E4GPU8

- www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FKA-Y_g-2I

- www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE

- www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaI2IlHwmgQ

and my favorite: www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0fYKguHFcQ&list=RDA0fYKguHFcQ&start_radio=1&t=58





I have test now, if: "Play-Random-Idle" Mod conflict with "Let's dance again"?



(with this wonderful idles: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76862?tab=description , I converted them)


Seem not to work ... this two mods together: "Let's dance again" and "Play-Random-Idle" .  :(  Somebody got an idea how I could have both mods, please? 😢


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I have deleted the mod "PlayRandomIdle". I can STILL use one of the Idles from "Realistic Animation Idles". If somebody want to do the same: You just have to create a folder called "female" in Meshes/actor/character/animation . And than rename the idle from the mod to mt_idle  :) Important: Don't forget to run FNIS always after deleting & copy .hkx Files into the game-folder.  (The idles from the Realistic-link are still LE, they have to be changed. ;)  )


Ok, I have only ONE idle, but to be honest ... there are not sooooo incredible differences between the idles. ;) And this Dance-Mod here ROCKS! :)

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I have the SE file of this mod here with most of varfolomey's work. Replacing a lot of songs & dance from the origin "Let's dance again" mod. I don't know if I had to adjust the "playing time" ... however, I haven'd done it. ;)

I have also a little text-file whitch song is now what.


If somebody need this file URGENTLY I could share it, if Andy14 say it is ok. :)

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Here the wonderful "Let's dance again - Mod SE" from Andy14 😘


Attention, download will rest only until 16.10.2019, than the file will be deleted. I made ONLY the compilation to SE. The mod is still from Andy14.


Also I have overwriten a lot of Dance&Songs with the incredible work of @varfolomey  (hope I have his ok). You can see his great artwork here in the thread. I haven't take all of his songs, but most of them. I have overwriten a few original songs and nothing else (no song length change).

This mod transformation was made just for me and my wonderful modding-buddy Ace. So it's made for my/our personal taste.


UPDATE: PAGE 12 of this Thread here!



💃 Have fun! 💃



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5 часов назад Funzel22 сказал:

Вы бы поделились файлы своего великолепного танца? 😍

С удовольствием. Это для версии >> SE  и если вы пользуетесь другим танцевальным модом то время нужно выставить  243 . Приятной игры))

Следуйте за лидером.hkx Следуйте за лидером.xwm Следуйте за лидером.wav

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Если вам приглянулись мои танцы , то вот версия ещё одного :) Файлы будут представлены в двух вариантах . Для версии SE и LE(только анимация, так как музыкальные в конверсии не нуждаются) . Теги будут приписаны на конце названия файла ) Приятной игры и ритмичных танцев😅 



Eastern FalconLE.hkx Eastern FalconSE.hkx Eastern Falcon.xwm Eastern Falcon.wav

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Упс)) забыла сказать , когда будете вставлять анимацию теги LE или SE нужно будет удалить , что бы совпадало название с музыкальным файлом или полностью переименуйти ) Приятной игры и всего самого лучшего:)

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