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SOS Full is updated for VR

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The file here is the same file as the one on the SOS mod's page. 


This one here was uploaded when the VR dll was only provided as a separate download and it wasn't possible to just install it via a mod manager.


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@prinyo i'm trying to figure out why 

 doesn't work in VR. the only pointer i currently have are:

  • "something funky is definitely going down scriptwise with 2.0.4 in VR though since the json and the papy logs are often in disagreement about which # mesh is which"
  • "at heart it's either a SKSE inconsistency or a SkyUI inconsistency where the 2.0.4 has gone ahead of what the VR versions provide"


i will try to get the logs in question. there could be mismatches between the VR and SE SOS version (VR branching off a predecessor to todays SSE one) or maybe differences in SKSE64 vs SKSEVR

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