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Fair Skin Complexion Texture Help

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Kind of hard to pre install a texture onto a texture.


The only version of FSC that's compatible with COS is 7.6.1, current version is about to be 10x.


Otherwise the textures need to be blended.

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1 hour ago, 27X said:

Sure, if you like your skins to be pixellated which defeat the entire point of using FSC in the first place.

you think you know !!

i don't see any pixell skin and fair skin look crap even in sandragon prime in max setting

maybe you need glass or new pc

leyenda for me is best skin i try all hole of skin in LL or nexus or 3dm even with 4k with sandragon prime as enb and max setting


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epic yarn, except I have a 4K 10bit xrite calibrated monitor and compression artifacting is literally pixel square and rather obvious in SCI's work.


Secondly you claiming perfection on someone who hasn't even bothered to hit properly written and save baking basics in xml writing and assigning and still hasn't properly weighed their model and just figured out 4 weights per vert last week is dubious at best, especially when all of that information has been provided by different sources publicly for quite some time.


haley has a very specific workflow to avoid artifacting, and running a stock compressor after pasting doesn't cut it. But by all means when you get elected president of texture quality you give me a ring on procedure and standards.


The skin you're citing is fair skin with a dirt brush and moles thrown in it in a quick pass, which pretty much makes my point for me.

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