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Vault 101 Collar [FO3]

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Vault 101 Collar

- When you leave the Vault 101 usually you will do it now naked and collared.
- If the player opens containers there is a chance that the container is trapped and a collar is equipped onto the player.

  If the player is already wearing a collar, than the state is getting worse.
- Whenever you are defeated by enemies there is a chance that they equip a collar on you. If you are defeated you can say "bye bye" to your equipment :)

- The player can create silly stuff, which can be used to undress some NPC's and get  the armor, helmet or weapon (they will redress lateron).

- Some settings can be changed using the coffee machine in the superduper market


The worst thing that can happen is an explosive rainbow collar or an explosive pink collar.
The pink collar usually is equipped by "Somah the Slaver". (It only makes sense to finish this quest with at least 16 points !)
A pink collar is also equipped from elder Lyons, to ensure the cooperation with the Brotherhood of steel. With the pink collar the player cannot go everywhere !
A rainbow collar sometimes is equipped from Tobar the ferryman.

I do not know how this mod will "feel" with a complete playthrough, since the mod is  only partially tested, but that already takes hours and hours.

A new game is recommended, also you must place the mod last in your load order since lots of system scripts and system dialogues are changed or overwritten.



I guess there are still a lot of bugs and incompatibilites included, while already a lot are removed. Consider the mod as an  playable alpha.

I recommend not to disable the console, one of the quest in the pitt DLC hung and I need the command 'setstage' to continue.

Sometimes mainly in doors, strange effects visual or sound appeared. Than I saved the game and reload the save to continue.
The robot donkey can follow you into point lookout, and into the pitt but not into every place or DLC ! The robot donkey often looses the name after reloading

(problem with the setname function - no solution). In that case command the robot to wait, than command to follow.




Credits goes to
ComputerDeathglare for the collar textures
Jokerine, for some modders resource I've used



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    Fallout 3 GOTY edition


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Best is to try it out. - The mod  is much bigger than I've expected it would be!


The first thing is I want to have something like the cursed wasteland from FO4. So when you're collared you cannot equip armor.

But then I go further (?) If the player can wear clothes and what kind of clothes depends on the collar the player is currently wearing.

The collar also mostly affects the player health usually negativ, but positiv is possible too. Also heavily effected is trading.

After that I thought trapped containers is not enough. And since there is no mod with a defeat option ("down but not out" was not my thing and it does not works with DLC's),

I  implement a defeat quest (optional) - no quest goal, you must find the thief by yourself!  Anyway the defeat option is automatic switched on when playing mothership zeta.

When you're defeated on mothership zeta the player become's a slave of  Somah, where you must deliver a lot of the loot to Somah.

Anyway afterwards there's still enough loot available and only if you become a slave of somah you'll have the chance  to achieve a kind of follower  who can carry your stuff and some secrets how to remove a collar by yourself.

Since the collar also reduce carry weight, the robot donkey has a basic capacity of 200, but the capacity can be increased with equipment  up to 1000 ! (robot supercarrier) You can have more the one robot donkey, but only one will follow you while all others are waiting somewhere.

If your robot has less than full heal, the robot can be repaired.

If the robot is destroyed (DEAD) the robot can be repaired nevertheless with the right knowledgement and equipment.


If youre playing the brotherhood of steel  quests, the player will achieve a pink collar. The pink collar is not removable unless your depth is payed and you can only leave the citadel with star paladin cross. If paladin cross is killed the player will die afterwards very soon. So take good care of the paladin.

There is a new possibility to keep paladin cross alive, this possibility can also make gameplay much easier while you're nude.

If you intend to bomb the citadel, you must pay your depth until you go to the air force base!


Ok, there are still some more smaller changes included.

If anyone can make a good description, I can replace mod description much faster than mod developing (several months !)


What is not available are any sex animations.

If the mod is for interest I can "adopt" it for Fallout NV  and/or the Fallout TTY  than all  sex features are available,

but maybe after a break to play a bit skyrim again.

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TTW verion would be great as it is in my opinion the only way to get fo3 to work smoothly without to much trouble.

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On 6/20/2018 at 11:21 AM, Doombot7 said:

TTW verion would be great as it is in my opinion the only way to get fo3 to work smoothly without to much trouble.

Yes thats true, but until now I do not know an easy and fast way to port the mod 1:1 ro TTW. In TTW all parts and DLC's of FO3 are own mods loaded by the New Vegas engine and none of the Form ID's which i use in my mod seem to match, so have to change every Id with TES5EDIT.

Nevertheless when I am in the mood to play the elder Fallout games again I will first make a TTW version.

After that I plan to modify my mod to get a reasonable integration into the existing NewVegas adult mods.

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At the moment I'm still very busy with my other mod for skyrim.

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On 10/5/2018 at 6:07 AM, AkiKay said:

New Vegas Version ? 

I would love to see a NV version of this mod as well. Special if  a non-removable vaginal plug was added to go with the collar.

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14 hours ago, Soaryne said:

I would love to see a NV version of this mod as well. Special if  a non-removable vaginal plug was added to go with the collar.

Yes, I intend to make a version, since I want to adapt my mod and play it together with 'msex veronica'.

But that will take some time. Maybe next year.

About the vaginal plug, if there is already a model available for FNV it can be used for an effect, but if not ? I do not have any experience in creating new items and or animations.


What was your idea ?

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You go my idea correct. I love for her wake up in a collar with a pair of toy in my character at doc mic house lock on her.

even better if you can add a waist behind back walking animation to GSB's BDSM items. 



As for toy model if you go to Sexout Common Resources, one of there link for the Base Non-SexoutStore/Pregnancy Requirements: have you models for them. SCR Spectrums toy pack has all the anal and dildo toy model in them. GSB's BDSM has the cuffs outfit models if that helps.



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I tested the toy pack so far. Regarding the BDSM files , i do not see an esp file, so cannot test it.

Pony tails were easy to see on the body, vibrators not so. And this should only be an optical enhancement for the V101 collar without an own effect ? If so, i guess it would not be so difficult.

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