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My Animation Pack. Updated 06/10/20

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37 minutes ago, maddadicusrex said:

Technical question since SC has Feral/human sex. Are the animations tied to the vanilla texture of the in game Ferals? Why ,if using a Feral retexture mod, do those changed Ferals show up as headless vanilla bodies during animations? Is there a way to keep the changed Ferals bodies during sex?  Example: FO3 Feral retextures will revert to headless vanilla Feral bodies during sex..

I use Detailed Feral Ghouls (a retexture mod for ferals) and haven't seen any issues with AAF scenes.


Pretty sure the ghoul penis is a separate mesh with its own texture that gets placed onto the vanilla ghoul mesh during scenes.  It shouldn't alter the ghoul body texture at all.

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31 minutes ago, Ulfberto said:

Yeah, that animation naming is def from Savage Cabbage


Thanks, for some reason i cant find that animation in my game but that's okay Still love this mod and your patch Ulfberto

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