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Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

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On 11/19/2018 at 4:32 PM, WeirdnessUltima said:

Hi everyone! My thread on this topic got merged with this thread but I can't find it, so I might try again here -


With the response it's kinda deservedly gotten who knows how far FO76 modding will go, but I was able to get a FO4 Bodyslide body imported into FO76 using the Baka File Tool - mesh and most of the texture maps work, but there's some aspects of it that aren't working right - thought it was the normal map but I'm kind of suspecting there's some new stuff in the FO76 .nifs themselves that's not there in this one, causing the weird, segmented lighting here as well? Anyone got any idea what might be going on here?



The specular map has changed and a new reflection map was added.  Textures will need to be updated to match. I don’t know any more than that since I rarely ever handle texturing. 

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6 hours ago, Ernest Lemmingway said:


I was not laughing at the guy wrecking the store. Rather I was laughing at how it reflected the feelings others who bought the game. It makes them want to wreck the stores that sold them their copies because it's such a disappointment. And I agree with the reviewer about GameStop's antiquated return policy, but the guy who threw a fit crossed a line even in my eyes.


As well, the first video showing the reactions of players to FO76 was more humorous IMO. The sheer disappointment in how various things are handled, the worthless building (what good are gun turrets if they can't stop a mole rat?), the still-highly buggy state of the game. If those people were truly Bugthesda fans, they should have known the game would not be ready at launch. None of their games ever are.


And people say I take things too literally. :classic_wacko:


EDIT: YouTube took down the first video, so of course people are going to misinterpret what I post. :classic_rolleyes:

No, I don't think a grown man who has a temper tantrum like a spoiled brat reflects or represents anything. At least I hope so. 'Crossed a line' yeah that's a nice way to sugar-coat vandalism eh. People will eat up any shit as long as they feel that their opinion is validated. There are people who play and enjoy FO76, but those get screamed down by the hivemind. It's not that people want to know if they would enjoy the game or not, it's simply about 'owning' Bethesda because they dared to make an online survival crafting-shit game. I've seen videos with blatant misinformation about 76 but nobody really cares. Your favorite influencer says it's shit and that's all that matters.

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34 minutes ago, GrimReaper said:


How long are we going to keep beating this dead horse? I obviously made the wrong impression with my words and everything else I say is misinterpreted. So I'm bowing out of this specific discussion since I obviously can't set things straight.

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8 hours ago, GrimReaper said:

So a mentally unstable manchild who throws a tantrum in a store is good? I suppose as long as it affects the right people it's all well and good. That'll show dem ebil Todd Howard! Oh right, it didn't cause trouble for anybody except the people working a shitty retail job in that store. The hivemind mentality is quite disturbing sometimes. People cheer for violent retards and reviewers who try to get a more nuanced review of the game get bombarded with dislikes and insults. Truly a proud moment for all gamers.

I'm marveling at the over-reaction to Fallout 76 displayed in the second video as well as indulging my curiosity as to other people's responses to the first. I've already stated in this thread that I have no problem with the concept of Fallout 76 whatsoever. This isn't even the first time that the Fallout series has had spinoffs outside of the genre of the main series nor was Fallout 76 a huge mystery that no one had any information on. There were plenty of streams on Twitch and Youtube posted during the beta period which could have shown potential buyers exactly what they were getting for their sixty USD. 

These videos weren't posted after release:


The second video on my previous post could have easily been labeled "Buyer Beware Beware of Buyer".

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