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  1. View File Thread: http://www.loverslab...xlab-defeat-32/ 5.3.0+ : /!\ SexLab Framework 1.61b or newer is REQUIRED. /!\ You should disable the option "Disable Starting Teleport" from SexLab, it conflict somehow with Defeat and will slow down and break some feature of Defeat. /!\ Funnybizness Animation Pack Highly recommended to be played with Defeat. You can use SexLab Animation Loader mod to register his animations for easy use. (SLAL version of the animation pack) /!\ If you are stuck in the MCM menu after checking an animation list you'll need to press the modifier key (left shift by default) again. -------------------- What is this mod? Defeat aim to give more combat outcomes and alternatives to death, whether the player is the victim, the aggressor or not even involved. (NPC vs NPC) ----- Player as victim --- Knock down way The player can be knocked down in combat, three ways for this to happen: - Bleedout Will set the player as essential, though the player WILL die if the aggressor is not valid. On bleedout enter when the player's HP reach 0 it will starts a Defeat scene with the last aggressor that hit the player. Highly imcompatible with other mods that deal with the bleedout event such as Death Alternative and can conflict with the normal Defeat knock down ways, you might want to disable at least the health threshold knock down way. - Wound The player can be knocked down on hit using a health threshold. - Exhaustion An aggressor will try to grab and choke the player if his stamina value is low, you can the chance on hit and choose if the aggressors can grab you only from behind. - Stun The player can be knocked down by power attacks hits, you can set the chance on hit and the stagger level at which a weapon can knock down the player. --- Knocked out The player can set a chance for the player to be knocked out instead of knocked down, if knocked out, the player won’t be able to resist the first sexual assault and the follower will automatically be knocked down. Has the priority over knocked down and Auto Resist. --- Auto resist The player can set a chance for the player to automatically resist a sexual aggression attempt. (Only sexually interested aggressors) Has the priority over knocked down. --- Scenario When the player is knocked down in combat, 3 different scenarios can happen (MCM): - All down If followers are present when the player is knocked down, they all need to be knocked down as well before the scene continues. Followers can be knocked down with the NPC vs NPC settings or when entering bleed out. (If NPC vs NPC is disabled for example.) When the remaining followers are still in combat you can try to fill the struggle bar to get up before they are defeated. - Original Your followers will be knocked down at the same time as you, hostiles NPCs will then come at you. - No transition You will get instantly sexually assaulted and the fight will continue. (No threesome or multiple animations if multiple aggressors.) --- Resist The player has the possibility of resisting a sexual assault attempt, to do so you need to press and hold your strafe left or right hotkey until you see the struggle bar appear and then you need to alternatively press strafe left and strafe right hotkeys to fill the bar, if you manage to fulfil the bar before the aggressor get you (5 seconds), you will make a resist move that depend of your first main resist skill chosen in MCM then you’ll get on your feet and the combat will restart. You can choose two skills in MCM that will determine how hard the struggle bar will be to fill, depending on the level, the gender and the two highest skills of the aggressor. You can resist every sexual assault attempt during a scene but there will be an additional penalty if you have been sexually assaulted already. --- Resist mid SexLab scene Press down both resist keys during a SexLab scene then press the keys alternatively to try to push away the aggressor using your remaining stamina, the goal is to not reach 0 stamina or the resist attempt fails so you might want to do it slowly to let your stamina get back up but not too slowly because there is a time limit of 15 seconds. --- Collateral If there is multiple aggressors, followers can be assaulted too (Depending of the NPC vs NPC settings for allowed genders and strip options) If a follower is sexually assaulted during the aggression scene, he will enter in a trauma or an exhausted state, you will then need to get him on his feet by using the Revive option. (Activate Key or Action Key) or wait for them to get up by themselves (MCM settings), when the player changes cell the follower exits his state automatically. --- Surrender (Surrender Key Default: K) 3 features: 1 - Surrender In combat you can use the hotkey to try to surrender to your enemies. Surrender to humans If you surrender to a human, the nearest aggressor will come to you and a dialogue will start. Those may vary corresponding to the aggressor and the settings in MCM (Pages “Player as Victim” and “NPC vs NPC” (for followers)) If the dialogue leads to a sexual assault attempt against the player the same rules as if the player was knock down applies, meaning you can resist. Surrender to humans - Conditions that matter for the dialogue: Has the player been already a victim of this aggressor? Change the dialogue if you surrender to a NPC that sexually assaulted you already. Is the player has a weapon? Check if the player has weapons equipped. The aggressor will make you throw your weapon on the floor. Is the player dressed? Check if a torso piece is equipped. Change some dialogues, increase the chances of sexual assault. Is the aggressor interested by your gender? Depend of the gender settings in MCM (Page “Player as Victim”) The aggressor has a chance to sexually assault the player. Is the aggressor among the evil factions? NPCs that are in evil faction will not let the player run away without giving anything. (Evil factions are listed in MCM, page “Post-Assault”.) Is there a witness? Important condition that you can disable in MCM (page “Player as Victim” option “Witness”.) Normal NPCs will not react the same way if there is a witness around, of course it does not count the NPCs that are in the scene. (The aggressors, the followers and the player.) Evil factions don't care if there is a witness or not. Is the aggressor moral? A NPC is considered moral if they are unaggressive or met the settings in MCM (Page “Player as Victim” options “Morality” Those NPCs will react almost the same as the evil faction except when you succeed a persuasion or a bribe. The Aggressivity, morality (MCM) and relationship the player (MCM) are checked. Is there a potential aggressor? Check if among the aggressors there is someone that might be interested by more than the gold and if the aggressor you are talking to isn’t interested by your gender he might let the interested aggressor do his thing, you can also propose your followers in this case. Is the aggressor interested in one of your followers? One of the aggressors might want one of your followers, in this case you can sacrifice yourself instead of the follower, the aggressor needs to be interested in your gender for this to succeed, and this is a persuasion. You can also sell out your followers if you want to keep your gold or avoid the worst yourself, the outcome is random. (He can choose to accept or choose to punish the player.) Surrender to creatures You can surrender to a creature the normal way but you can also hold the Modifier key to take a submission pose to “invite” the creature, if the creature is sexually interested you won’t be able to resist during the scene. 2 – Player/Follower prostitution & proposal You can propose paid or free sex to any NPC by pressing Surrender Key, it will open a dialogue tree, see Player/Follower as aggressor¨ Handover and prostitution for more details. 3 - Come over here You can ask a NPC to follow you for 20 seconds by targeting him from afar (not at a dialogue distance) and pressing Surrender Key, the player needs to be at least at 1500 units from their target, you can cancel the following by pressing Surrender Key again. ----- Post-Assault After the player has been assaulted, depending of the aggressor and his faction, different events can happen, each event has its set of settings. Events are separated in 3 types: (Base) Base event types are simple event that can happen by default or before another event. This include: - End of the scene This is the default event that will happen if no other events are chosen After the aggression scene you’ll need to fill the struggle bar to get up (or wait a few seconds if resist is disabled) and run away, when you are far enough the aggressors will become hostile again. (If they were hostile before the scene) - Robbed The player is robbed of all his gold and valuables (above a MCM configurable gold value) and a quest to track your robber down starts. This event can happen before another one triggers. This Event can trigger before any other event other events can still be triggered after Robbed. - Jailed If the last aggressor is a guard, the player is sent to jail after the scene. - Death Alternative Triggers Make OnBlackout events from Death Alternative trigger, including Defeat’s ones. (To be set in DA’s MCM menu) (Misc) - Left For Dead The player and his followers will black out and get up somewhere in the wilderness. - Rescued The player and his followers will black out and get rescued by an adventurer and wake up in an inn. - Simple Slavery For the Simple Slavery mod to trigger. ----- Player/Follower as aggressor --- Knock down mechanics & commands Default hotkey for the Modifier key: Shift Default hotkey for the Action Key: G Default hotkey for the Activate key: Your Activate hotkey - Marking Pressing Action key will “Mark” your current target, while Marked a NPC can be knocked down by bash and unarmed attacks every 2 seconds depending of their resistance (MCM configurable), if the target is unaware of your presence any bash/unarmed attack will knock them down. You can also order your follower to act on the Marked target (See Registering follower for orders and follower orders). - Knock down 3 ways to knock down a NPC: 1 - Pressing Action key while undetected and with your weapon sheathed, will choke and knock down the target. If witness intervention is enabled, a witness can stop you from choking your target and send the alarm. This method is silent, you can choke a NPC beside his friend and remains undetected as long as they don’t see you choking their friend. 2 - Bash attack or unarmed attack while undetected and out of combat on a Marked target. 3 - Unarmed hit or bash attack from the player on a Marked target during combat, followers unarmed/bash attacks do count. - Trauma/Exhausted/Flee The victim of a sexual assault will enter in one of those 3 states depending of MCM settings, while in those states the player can interact with them with the Action Key. - Knock out Bash attack or unarmed attack when a NPC is affected by a defeat’s state. - Yield Weapon out, undetected, press Action key on a NPC from behind. The victim can get out of his yield state if the player enters in combat or gets out of the sight of the victim. - Kill Weapon out, press Action key and hold. - Menus options If the target is bleeding out /knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up you can use Action key/Activate key for a menu to appear: /!\ IMPORTANT: Using the Action key/Activate key on a Bleeding out target will stop them from recovery of their bleeding out state and will put them in a knocked down state. Inventory Opens the inventory of your target. Rob Opens a submenu where you can choose what equipped piece of armor you wish to steal on the target. Rape Will make you sexually assault your target. More options will appear for a tied up NPC. Rape with player Available if you use Modifier key and Action key to give an order to your registered follower to take actions on a knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up NPC. Tie up Use to tie up your target during a configurable time in MCM. Tie options Opens a submenu where you can choose to change the pose, Gag/Ungag, change the device used, tighten the links or permanently tie your target. Untie Will free the tied up target. Untie & rape Untie and abuse the tied up target. Put in a sack Put the victim in a burlap sack, press Action key to release the victim wherever you want. The victim keep the state they were in. (e.g A tied up NPC stay tied.) Feed Available for vampires, give you the ability to drink on a knocked down/trauma/exhausted target, the target enters in an exhausted state afterwards. Revive Used to remove any Defeat’s state on an affected NPC or to get a bleeding out NPC on their feet. - Registering follower for command Aim a follower, hold Modifier key then press Action key. The follower remains registered until you register another follower. Also adds a line of dialogue that allows you to prostitute the registered follower if you speak to a NPC with Surrender Key (Default: K) (See Player/Follower prostitution & proposal) - Follower command Every follower commands are done by holding Modifier key when pressing Action key, the target will automatically be marked. - Out of combat the follower will try to sneak up on the target and choke them. - Hold Action key for the follower to sneak up on the target and attempt to kill them. - If the Marked target is bleeding out /knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up a menu similar to the one of the player will open you will be able to give more orders to the follower. (See Menus options) - Taunt You can taunt your target when your weapon is out, aim the NPC you want to taunt then press Action key, you can also make your follower taunt the Marked target by holding Modifier key and pressing Action Key. (Only in combat for followers) - When in combat, the taunted target will target the player or follower the taunt is coming from if they were targeting another NPC/Creature or follower. - (Only for the player) Out of combat taunting someone will reduce your relationship with the target by 1, when the relationship with the target it is at -2, the target will attack you. USE WITH CAUTION: the target will be attacked by guards and such. Note: The target is always marked before you can taunt so you’ll have to press the key twice. - Rescue A NPC that is about to get assaulted can be rescued by the player, two ways to do it: - Weapon out, press Action key on the victim and use the revive option. - Weapon out, press Action key on the aggressor when they are walking toward their victim to push them away. - Other Action key effects Cheer: Close to the target and weapon sheathed, aim a follower involved in a sex scene then press Action key/Activate key, will perform a cheer animation. Masturbate: Weapon sheathed, sneaking, hold Action key during 1 seconds then release. Necrophilia: While sneaking Action key/Activate key on a dead NPC. --- Handover and prostitution When you capture a NPC and get them out of the bag if they are tied up a new dialogue line will appear when you talk to the NPCs around (the player has to be at least at 1500 or less units from the victim) - Market value Each NPC you capture will have a market value determined by bonus/malus multipliers based on the level of the NPC: Level: (Level * Level multiplier, default: 2 * lvl) Gender: If the customer is sexually interested by the prisoner (NPC vs NPC settings) > +/- (Level * Gender multiplier, default: 10 * lvl) Unique: If the prisoner is unique > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 20 * lvl) Faction: If the prisoner among a faction wanted by the customer’s one > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 30 * lvl) Silver Hand <> Companion Vampire <> Vigilant Of Stendar Thalmor <> Imperial Imperial <> Stormcloak (<> Means works both sides) Pure: If the NPC is virgin (SexLab stats are automatically send to the NPC when the value is checked.) > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 25 * lvl) The handover and prostitution values are calculated based on the market value: handover = Market value / 2, prostitution = Market value / 10 You can modify every multiplier to your liking with the option Set multiplier values in MCM, those values are saved into the export/import function of Defeat, you can also simply use the default button of MCM to reset the values. You can check the value of the NPC under your crosshair using the MCM option or the option “Check value” if the tool section of the option menu (0 by default), note that if you haven’t any NPC under your crosshair it will display the value of the player The value may change depending of the customer, when this function is chosen the player is considered the customer.) - Handover You can hand over your prisoner if you talk to a particular NPC: Victim Customer Bandit/Forworn > Guards Silver hand > Companion (circle) Imperial <> Stormcloak Vampire <> Vigilant Of Stendar You can only handover one NPC every 6 hours. (MCM to change it if you want.) The prisoner will disappear and it is not possible to handover unique NPCs for obvious reasons. - Prostitution You can prostitute your prisoner to any NPC for gold, their value are determined by their market value divided by 10, you’ll have to wait until they are done to get paid. Note: If Relation matters and/or Morality matter are enabled, the NPC you are talking to will call for guards or even attack you if they know somehow the prisoner (family etc.) or have a high morality. - Player/Follower prostitution & proposal The player can prostitute themself to any NPC, the same market value is used but the target may react differently depending of the target and the option enabled. (They won’t attack you for example.) To ask a NPC under your crosshair use the Surrender Key (Default: K) of Player as victim feature (as such, the feature needs to be enabled for this to work), it will open a dialogue just for this, you will have options for paid or free sex. To prostitute your follower you need to register them first. (Aim the follower, hold Modifier key then press Action key.) No particular conditions except witness and gender combination. You can also be a part of the sex scene, the prostitute value of the player will then be added to the reward. You can also ask for sex to any NPC, this will have impact on NPC you know such as your wife/husband, housecarl, hired follower etc. ----- NPC vs NPC A NPC can decide to attempt to sexual assault/Rob or kill his defeated foe when his life drops below a health value. You can set the health threshold and the chance on hit as well as some other MCM settings. Creatures can be allowed too. /!\ Creatures must be allowed in the SexLab Framework MCM menu. /!\ ----- SexLab Menu Controller UIExtension is needed for this to work. Default hotkey for the Modifier key: Shift Default hotkey for the Option Key: 0 You can access the SexLab menu controller by pressing Option Key when the player is involved in a SexLab sex scene or by aiming a NPC involved in a SexLab sex scene. Pressing Option Key will open a menu where you can choose from all the animations that are playing in this current scene. Holding Modifier key and pressing Option Key will open the stage selector. For more options use my mod SexLab Tools -------------------- Requirements Last versions of these mods are REQUIRED : SexLab Framework 1.60+ SKYUI SKSE 1.7.3+ FNIS Do no forget to download and install the creature pack under optional files. -------------------- Installation /!\ NEEDED: Run FNIS tool to register the animations. /!\ NEEDED: Make sure to delete any previous version of Defeat (scripts etc…). Use a mod manager to install the installer, Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer will do, Mod Organizer being strongly recommended. If you choose to install it manually, don’t, download and use a manager. -------------------- Uninstallation To do for every save you wish to uninstall the mod from. 1.) Click on mod status in the MCM menu to uninstall the mod. 2.) Close the menu. 3.) Wait until you see the notification. (should be really fast if not instant) 4.) Save. 5.) Quit the game. 6.) You can now delete the mod’s files. 7.) Run FNIS tool. -------------------- FAQ Q. Is it safe to upgrade to a new version without doing anything? A. It is always recommended that before uninstalling a mod and installing its new version you should make a clean save but I try to make my mod so it can be upgraded without uninstalling it, though if I say in the change log that a clean save is required you need to do it. Clean Saving: http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Skyrim/Skyrim-Tips.htm#Clean_Save Follow these steps: 1.) It is generally best to go to an interior cell, and smaller cells are best. An interior cell is apparent because you have a loading screen when you "open" the door from the outside (such as when you enter most buildings). 2.) Save your game to a new save slot (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game. 3.) Uninstall the mod. 4.) Start the game and load your last saved game. 5.) After the game full loads, make a SECOND new save (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game. 6.) If you're upgrading the mod that you uninstalled, you can now install the new version. 7.) Start the game and load your previous saved game. 8.) Just to be safe: make one more new save (do not overwrite an earlier save). 9.) You have a cleaned save? Ok let’s clean it a little more with Save game script cleaner and you will not forget to endorse the mod of course. (See screenshot at the end of the post) Your save is now fully cleaned from Defeat. Q. Why is there some spelling/grammar mistakes? A. English isn’t my first language, if you see some errors or a sentence that could benefit from a better formulation please let me know so I can fix it. -------------------- Incompatibilities Mod that deal with OnHit events can cause problems. As for player as victim, Defeat’s knock down mechanics can enter in conflict with Death Alternative’s ones, but keep in mind that they can be disabled and Defeat can start through Death Alternative, Death Alternative’s knock out scenarios can also start after a Defeat’s scene, it’s just a question of right settings of both mods. -------------------- Recommended Devious Capture By Ms Leeches Zaz Animation Pack By Zaz & Xaz Death Alternative By BralorMarr EFF - Extensible Follower Framework By Expired - Very good mod to handle multiple followers (Defeat handle up to 5 followers.) UIExtension By Expired - Menu framework I use for animation selection & stage selection, this mod is already included in Extensible Follower Framework. Free Death Camera By gp160 - Cool mod to remove the useless camera effect when the player dies, also work on ragdoll, go endorse the mod it did not get enough attention imo, the guy has some good ideas for mods. Funnybizness Animation Pack By FunnyBizness - Highly recommended to be played with Defeat, use SexLab Animation Loader to register his animations for easy use. Break Undies Plus by thegooglyman - Will break the compatible armor progressively during a struggle phase and break the armor upon Defeat’s strip function. -------------------- Credits & thanks Ashal for creating the SexLab Framework and answering my questions about it. Cmod for Sexis Defeated mod which served this mod as a base. Camila and Meowcakes for the logo. Cyndi for the body bag meshe. AwfulArchdemon for the spell check. CGi for his help with translations, the installer and the German translation. Aravis7 for the French translation. Expired for his UIExtension mod. (And all his mods really ^^) Xaz & Zaz for the Zaz Animation Pack, used some of their (nice) resources. Germanicus who helped me as a beta tester and moral support. Cotyounoyume for some of his animations from Estrus. Arrok for his resist animation. FunnyBizness for his animations. -------------------- Change log ​
  2. View File This is an enhancement for Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment. It replace the logic (scripts) applying the sweaty textures and theirs strengths. Requirements PapyrusUtil 3.2 SKSE 1.7.3 SkyUI 5.0+ RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override 3.4.0+ Textures not required, but strongly recommended CBBE: Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment (textures only) UNP: Textures by bola08 Male: Wet function redux - male textures Optional mods (with integration) SexLab SexLab Aroused Devious Devices - Integration ZaZ Animation Pack SexLab Skooma Whore Frostfall 3.0.3+ Quickstart Install everything Make sure Wet Function Redux overwrites Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment Start game and go into MCM menu of Wet Function Redux Open Targets Select Player Click Start effect Go back into the game (close all menus) Experiment a bit by: Go back into the Targets menu Select the player as target (if not already) Screw around with the values Go back into the game and wait for them to update (2 seconds by default) Additional Features Support for texture swapping on male targets:own set of textures - does not interfere with female textures SOS support diffuse texture swapping - for different details while wet (body hair) [*]A lot of sources for wetness, each with its own rate of wetness generation stamina & magica usage (as before but with seperate rates) sprinting running sneaking galloping working (mining, chopping wood, any blacksmith work) weather influencepleasant cloudy rainy snow interiors/other [*]SexLab (if installed) base rate during scenes increasing rate with each stage orgasm modifiers victim modifiers [*]SexLab Aroused (if installed) increasing rate with arousal threshold above which the textures with wet pussy effect may be used [*]Zad/Devious Devices (if installed) rate from vibration, increasing with strength orgasm caused by device edged by device [*]SexLab Skooma Whore (if installed) Physical addiction Mental addiction Magical addiction Overall addiction stage [*]Frostfall (if installed) drying when near fire (scales with fire size) separate weather influence for rainy and snow when in shelter [*]Effect can be applied to any number of NPCs view current values and modify wetness can force a constant wetness and specular-/glossiness-strength [*]Auto-apply the effect: to (options):every NPC followers Participants in a SexLab scene (with option for the player scene only) NPC wearing something that is flagged by:ZaZ: Ankles, Belt, Blindfold, Bra, Collar, Device, Gag, Hood, Wrist, Yoke Devous Devices: Lockable, Armbinder, ArmCuffs, Belt, Blindfold, Boots, Bra, Clamps, Collar, Corset, Gag, Gloves, Harness, Hood, LegCuffs, PiercingsNipple, PiercingsVaginal, Plug, PlugAnal, PlugVaginal, Suit, Yoke [*]naked NPCs [*]auto-removes itself if: not refreshed (no save-game bloat) the player is not nearby the model is/was unloaded [*]can auto-fix broken effects (does not need other features to be enabled) [*]can be controlled as any normal effect [*]uses PapyrusUtil instead of cloak spells/quests: efficient and can't cause the brawl bug [*]Global wetness rate multiplier [*]NPC-only global wetness rate multiplier and bonus (for AI lethargy compensation) [*]Support for head texture swapping (textures are not included in the linked texture sources) [*]Export/Import all settings A video introducing the mod by @shinji72 Changes compared to original Player is not affected by default - must be added as any other NPC The weather sets the drying rate - if any (e.g. rain) The curve which translates wetness to specular/glossiness strength has changed (see plot in screenshots):below the dry point the minimal effect and no textures are applied when coming from a dry state, any visual effect is delayed until the start point is exceeded this will increase faster than normal until the soaked point is reached wetness is capped at cap point, at which the maximum strength of the effect is reached the effect strength will now change linear between max to min when the wetness changes from cap point to dry point it will stay on this straight even when rising again when the wetness falls below the dry point, it can use the delay mechanism again [*]Texture swapping is enabled by default Notes for Updating to version 28: all effects need to be applied again some previously affected actors may show up as outdated (these are the ones were the game just decided to remove the effect partially for absolutely no reason) to version 32: effect on beast races (Khajiit, Argonian) should be reapplied: stop effect, restart game (if head texture swapping was enabled), start effect to version 35: all effects will be automatically stopped during update, setting and forced values remain untouched! (needed to purge the zombie-self-revival, that was used to fix broken effects automatically - which is now superseded by the auto-fix broken function introduced together with the Auto-apply functions) Known Issues If you upgrade a save which used the normal Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment the MCM menu entry will still be named "Sweaty Wet Skin" - this is a problem on SkyUI side and can't be fixed On affected NPCs the game may just remove the effect partially on cell change (this is a known Skyrim bug). I implemented a workaround that fixed this problem in my test cases. The bug can still be provoked. If there is any need, I can implement more severe measure to circumvent this bug. Using head texture swapping will cause brief visual glitches when swapping the texture. In some cases (certain presets/followers) the effect won't show up despite them being correctly applied by the mod. I'm still investigating the cause of this and am suspecting RaceMenu overlays (maybe in combination with a some certain ENB). If your are encountering this issue, feel free to provide me with a debug log so I may get a better handle on this. Changes of a NPCs sex will only be detected after stopping and restarting the effect on the target. Using custom textures CTDs Submitter nop0x90 Submitted 03/06/2016 Category Sex Effects Requires Textures, PapyrusUtil 3.2, SKSE 1.7.3, SkyUI 5.0, RaceMenu/NetImmerse Override 3.4.0 Special Edition Compatible
  3. View File Pregnancy and menstrual cycle mod that will give a complete new and better feeling to Skyrim. Just give it a try Version 2.8 Fix 1 compatible with SSL 1.50+ _________________________________________ Download the BugFix by Bane Master _________________________________________ BeeingFemale is a menstrual cycle simulation mod that allows female character to have a menstrual cycle and even to become pregnant. It's a very complex mod based on reality with a lot of realistic features like simulating the LH and FSH Hormones, sperm life-time, egg and sperm traveling duration, and way more. It's a high advanced mod with many features that won't touch other mods except you want it. It's compatible with most other mods. The born children will have an own leveling system, too as well as there own skill and perk tree. They can follow you, doing some favours and more. If you are a woman in Skyrim, after having sex you can become pregnant - depending on your hormones and your menstrual cycle phase. After some many days you can born a little cute girl or a strong cute boy. For sure NPCs are supported, too! So even when you are a Men in Skyrim, you can have a lot of fun with this mod and you will have your own child that will give support. BeeingFemale is based on reality. It was a lot to read about the menstrual cycle, birth, hormones and stuff. A few things in the .esp / .esm files are not cleared. Uncle uploaded a clean version of the .esp/esm files HERE Installation Guide -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After I had to reinstall Skyrim, I decidet to explain how to install BeeingFemale from a fresh Skyrim installation with the UNP Body: 1. Download the latest SKSE version 2. Download the latest version of SkiUI (+ RaceMenu + HDT if you like) 3. Download XP32 Maximum Skeleton or Extended for HDT Users 4. Download the latest version of FNIS and the creature pack 5. Download the latest version of SexLab + some Sex Mods 6. Now at first we will install this armor pack. 7. Download and install DIMONIZED UNP female body 8. Download and install the Belly Version "UNP TBBP.7z" HERE and overwrite your Dimonized UNP Body again (but you will still have the textures - and now you will have the Belly Node, too) 9. Download and install the latest Version of BeeingFemale in this thread (OR BeeingFemale CANS Version - Only 1 of them is neccessary) 10. Run FNIS (data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users/GenerateFNISforUsers.exe) 11. In Skyrim, open the console and type "bf:test" . This will give all loaded female actors a pregnancy belly. Now you can test, if the "Node Scaling" is working Now you can start playing Skyrim with BeeingFemale How does it Work / FAQ: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I said, BeeingFemale is based on reality. So it works like it does in reality. It's a bit complicated to explain how everything works - only having sex won't impregnate a woman. That's why i wrote 3 Books you can find in your inventory after starting the game. Q: The Menu is black A: scroll a few lines back. below the Installation guide I've wrote an "important" note Q: How does it work? A: There are 3 Books in your inventory. It is way to complex to explain everything in a FAQ. But it works like it does in reality - an egg is traveling thought the female body, a sperm can concive it and the woman will be pregnant. Q: What are those AddOns? A: AddOns are specific mods that include content to BeeingFemale. They can specificate races (changing the duration of a phase, the pain level, the kid of child that will born, and even more, adding more PMS Effects, menstrual effects, ....) Q: Where can I find a pregnancy Body / Skeleton / Clothes - and what should i use? A: On Lovers Lab! Depending on you body you are using, the textures, the skeleton, the physics there are diferent mods you need. But the good answer is, you can find all of them on Lovers Lab, just use the search function. The first set up of those mods can be a bit anoying but when it works it looks great Q: I've got a problem with the Body / Skeleton / Clothes A: I'm sorry to say that, but this is the wrong thread for that. The creater of the body / skeleton / clothes can help you way better with you problem. Q: My character is spinning when she gives birth A: Isn't it funny? I'm sorry i'm not an animator. Those were the best looking animations for birth i could find. If someone could create new realistic bith animations it would be great Q: Is Female / Female suported? A: Yes, if you have SexLab installed. Even when this is not realistic at all, i made it possible. Just enable the Female sperm effect in the SexLab MCM Settings. Q: Are creatures suported? A: Yes, if you have SexLab installed. Just enable it in the Beeing Female MCM Settings. Q: I had sex with a female guard / thief / ... but she won't become pregnant - why? A: Those are non-unique characters. There would be to many problems to make them work correctly. Non-unique characters may change there sex. Sometimes they are female, sometimes male, ... sometimes they are Nord, sometimes argonian.... and when they will respawn after killing them, they may change again. If i would store them it would slow down everything and create massive stored data. Male non-unique can still impregnate female unique. Q: Is the Sourcecode included? A: Yes! Except the widgets everything is included (A typo happend, the Source files are located in a folder that is named "Scource" - Just copy and past all files into your Source folder and you can edit them.) Q: Will the childs grow to an adult? A: No. This got many reasons. The most imporant is that children won't grow to an adult in just 10 days. Another thing is that this would be realy dificult to make, because of the AddOn System, and stuff. Q: I'm suffering on an infection - will my character die now? A: Cure it - just buy a cure potion! otherwise you will die. Q: Why the min duration of a phase is 2 Days? A: This was the easiest way to fix problems with the calculation and the AddOns. Q: Why are children / elder forbidden / blocked? A: Elder won't have a menstrual cycle anymore... same to children. Q: Are there crafts i can create? A: Yes. There are many crafts you can create. Contraception Fluid so you can't become pregnant, Anti Sperm Fluid (aka: Wash out sperm fluid) to wash out the sperm that is already inside you, sanitary napkins to fetch the menstrual blood. Q: The Conecption Widget says i've got 6% chance to conceive and i'm ovulating - what does this actualy meen? A: Such low conception chances are like 0% + tollerance. I don't think your character will become pregnant. Seems the egg won't nist in the utherus or there was no egg when ovulating or something else happend. Wait for the next cycle maybe next time it will work. Q: I've got a negative 'State Time' and it's falling even more - what can i do? A: This is a bug i couldn't figure out right now. It happens when the BeeingFemale Timer is resumend after a pause (disabled via MCM Menu or Estrus Chaurus Pregnancy). The only way to fix it is a reset the Player Stats using the MCM Menu. I'm still working on this bug. Q: Are you a doctor or a midwife or something like that? A: Ähm no, not really, i'm software developer who liked Trixy's "Procreation" and continued his work. I've asked some many female friends, reading forums, reading wikiedia with the result - really really to much informations!!! Now i know a lot about FSH Hormones, LH Hormones, even how often and how much menstruation blood drips out.... uuuuhrs.... But i think it was worth it. Q: Do you spend hours for just feeding your own fetish? A: No. First of all, i spend less time. Sorry for that but i'm busy with my real life as I already said. I love developing and it's better then base jumping when releasing a mod or a bug fix. I don't even play skyrim anymore. Maybe sometimes when I have nothing else to do but most of the playing is just for testing bug fixes in BeeingFemale. Q: Is it possible to keep the widgets visible? A: Yes, keep the hotkey pressed for 1.2 sec or longer. Press the key again to hide them again Q: Are there any console commands? A: Yes, there are a few. The most important is "bf:code" (without the quotes) this will display an error code that I need, for fixing some bugs. But I will ask for them, you don't need to send me the code for each request. There are a few more for healing the baby, adding contraception, give contraception bottles to the selected NPC, impregnation, sperm adding, and so on..... Maybe you will find them out sometimes Items and Crafts: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a few items you can craft. Using the cooker (you can find in a kitchen or a camp fire) you can create the Contraception Fluid and the Wash Out Sperm fluid. The Contraception fluid will raise the chance of contraception depending. But don't use them all at once! You must wait around 3 - 4 days till you can use the next contraception - otherwise it won't have the full effect. There is a How To note in your inventory, please read it first! Using the Wash Out sperm fluid you can wash out the sperm that is already in you so it won't impregnate you anymore. But beware - sperm that is to long (by default 6 game hours - can be changed in the MCM Menu) is in you, already reached the utherus and can't be washed out anymore. Then there are the sanitary napkins. You can craft them in the forge -> Leather. They will fetch the menstrual blood so you won't have any bloody legs anymore. Requirements: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - PapyrusUtil (or SexLab) - SKSE 1.7 - SkyUI 5 Optional: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - FNIS - RaceMenu - A SexLab compatible sex mod so you can have sex - Body with pregnant belly support - Skeleton with pregnant belly support Compatible with: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Estrus Chaurus - Estrus Chaurus+ - SexLab Hormones - Content Consumer's Alternate Start - Slaves of Tamriel Continuation Not compatible with: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Most other pregnancy mods - There is a little bug with Skyrim Romance - will be fixed soon Change Log -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.8 Fix 1 - De-/Buffs will now be dispelled correctly - The Basic AddOn file is now translated correctly - The MCM Menu -> Refresh AddOn List is working again - Extracted the BasicAddOns to the new AddOnManager System - The Emitters for pregnancy water breaking and vaginal blood dropping won't make blue squads anymore - Updated the SSL AddOn ini and the BathingInSkyrim ini so they will work correctly - Updated the Developer Pack (including the BeeingFemale.esp now as well as the latest scripts) 2.8 (including the unofficial path) - Fixed mcm initialisation for new games and clean saves - Fixed sexlab detection - Fixed an number of property errors in BeeingFemaleBasicAddon.esp - Tampons will now only be automatically added to the inventory of NPCs - Fixed virility and sperm survival profile save bug identified - Fix for widgets displaying when pressing the information key whilst the console is open - Fixed a bug in the script FWAbilityBeeingFemale, that was checking breast value while inflating the belly - Updated beeingmale, beeingfemale, beeingbase, PMSSexHurt, PMSHurtingHeadage & BFA_AbilityHungry scripts attached to deleted forms to finish gracefully - Mother's Anger effect will now increase damage by 15-20% rather than 1500-2000% - Added (and updated patch) code to allow beeingmale and beeingfemale, PMSSexHurt & PMSHurtingHeadage scripts attached to deleted forms to finish gracefully - Updated BFA_AbilityHungry code to reduce script load - Go AWAY effect will now increase damage by 10% rather than 110% - A complete new AddOn Manager System - This is way faster then the onld system - The current profile will be displayed in the MCM System Menu if it already exists - A Hud Profile was added, where you can set a HUD Profile (containing position, size, color of each widget) - Added new Misc-AddOn callbacks: OnMagicEffectApply, OnImpregnate - Added new SKSE Events for other Mods: "CanBecomePregnant", "CanBecomePMS" - Baby-Items should now have a name - Added new console commands "bf:unimpregnate", "bf:cme", "bf:race", "bf:addon", "bf:test", "bf:setbabys" - Console Command "bf:impregnate" may have a numeric argument, defining the number of babys the character will be pregnant with - The Developer Files are now in a seperate Archive, and now include almost everything, including the HUD and the C++ Files - Fixed the MCM Menu - It was possible to raise an infinity bug that spams the skyrim log file to 40gb and more - Fixed the "NPCs' moods change" / "NPCs get wayward" Option bug in the MCM Menu - Translated the Children Tab to english, in the english MCM File - When loading a game, the "Default"-Profile shouldn't be loaded anymore - Sanitary Napkins are removed now. There is no need for them anymore. They where not compatible for pregnancy belly, won't work on all bodys (only UNP all i remember) and for some more reasons - Edited the BeeingFemale Widget Elements - Added a few new Child Perks - Menu Title Screen will display the original Image when an adult mod is installed (including Flower Girls and Animated Prostitution) - MCM Menu -> System containing more "Compatibility" Mods. Therefore I made a native code inspecting the Script files. With this function, BeeingFemale will 'decompile' script files and check if they contain a specific script function - Added compatibility to 'Bathing in Skyrim' to wash out sperm when bathing 2.7 Fix1 - Adding String Files for Multilingual support. - Fixed some problems in the AddOn Manager - Adding console commands - Added new FWController Functions: SetBabyHealth and SetContraception - DebugInfos were added to the AddOn Manager for the bf:code console command - Fixed the multilignual Support for the Baby Item Name - Removed the FNIS Animation requirement check - Made even more messages multilingual 2.7 - Many Bugs I can't remember anymore fixed - Added Baby Sounds, the baby-item will cry, talk, ... now when you carry the baby - Added many many new De-Buffs to diferent menstruation cycle phases. I think it was 54 new De-buffs - Added the Hungry-Debugg to PMS and 1. Trimester. Now the woman will eat food she is carrying when delivering under "hungry". If there is no food, the stomach will make noices that nearly enemys may alert. - non-unique female NPCs may drop items now like Tampons or contraception fluid. Same to all female Guards. - Added an alternate Menu Title Image for non SexLab Users - Fixed a bug where De-Buffs won't effect the Player/NPC anymore, when loading a game - Added an option-INI-File for HUD Widgets where you can set the position, enable/disable, or change the alpha of any widget. (Prepared for a HUD Profile) - Fixed a problem, where the default profile was loaded in BF2.6, whenever you load a game so all settings were reset again. - Uploaded the Guids and enabled the Donations on Nexus - Things I've forgot 2.6 - Couple Widget can now be activated in the MCM Menu - Baby Item Inventory-Mesh was replaced (removed) - The Child Perk Menu was remade - The Child Perk System was remade - The Debug View for the Child Skill Window can now be enabled when setting message mode to "All" (Warning, this may lag alot!) - Tampon included in the main file - Estrus Chaurus Fix included in the main file - CANS Support for now disabled - But it will come back somedays - Baby Name Files fixed - Menstruation Blood was remade (all 3 versions) - Menstruation bleeding can now be deactivated in the MCM Menu - The Child Followers (Actor) are now less powerful - The Summon Enchantments the baby items can born with, are removed - MCM Debug Option to test all Child-Perk Files - Save / Load Profile option added (6 Profiles are already included, you can create your own, too) - You get a notification when the child levels up (and the child will glow, too) - Many other bugs were fixed 2.5 - Baby-Item has changed to Baby-Armor! - New Enchantment System for the Baby Item. Baby Item will be enchanted - Couple System. Couples (Husband, Affair and Friends) may have sex. - No SexLab or sex-mods required anymore. (SexLab userers will have some extra Features) - C.A.N.S. Framework Support - When the Player sleeps next to someone there is a Chance that they will have sex during sleeping (no sex-animations, just the normal fade in black) - Enable / Disable Birth animations (Default is Disabled! - You must enable it, to see the Birth Animation again!) - New MCM Menu Tab for impregnation (without sex-mods) - NPCs may have another Child-Type then the Player ( You can set, that the Player will Born a ChildActor, and the NPCs a Child-Item) - many Bugs were fixed 2.4 - NiOverride Scaling added (Required RaceMenu or NiOverride) - The children will fight now - Added new sounds to the Child Skill Menu - Added a new Child Perk - "Reflect Damage" - Fixed the "OnPlayerLoadGame" bug - This should fix the Timer problem where you have to reset the player stats and many many more things - Sanitary Napkin Widget added - NPC Cheats to impregnate and changing phase added to the MCM Menu (nice feature for developers) - OK Button in the new Info Window is fixed - Added a basic Script for Spells and scrols to give Orders to your child - Added 2 new kinds of scrolls to call your children - SendModEvent functions for developer (See "For Developers" for the basic SendModEvent useage) - Child Tab in the MCM was added (here all your childrens are listed, click on a name and the info window will open) - MCM Option: "Reset System" was added. This will restart all components without loosing datas (like the phase the player is in) - Basic AddOn Pack - Depressive PMS Effect was fixed - The amount of each contraception fluid was raised a lot. The small bottle gives 20% instead of 9%, the medium gives 40% instead of 15% and the Highest gives 70% instead of 40% For Developers: Beware, the Script Source files are now in a sub-directory. Remove the old source files in the source directory, starting with "FW.... .psc"! 2.2b - Fixed Child Dialogue - Some Debug Messages were removed - Some Update Functions were added - Basic AddOn Pack is added to the main zip file - "German Language" Bug was fixed 2.1b - Children Overhaul - Child Skill Menu - New Translation System - Using some native functions - Info Menu overhaul + speed up - Widget System redone (hold the Widget Key for 1,2sec or longer to keep them visible, press again to hide) - Adding some Bug Fixes - FWSystem fixed - Precreating some functions for compatibility and more - New birth animation (You have to run FNIS after updating!) - much more I can't remember 1.14 - Widgets are added - A calculation function that calculates the current chance you/a NPC will become pregnant when having sex right now - More then 1 craft result when creating a BeeingFemale item (sanitary napkins, contraception fluid, wash out fluid) - Childs got names 1.0 / Beta4 - many many bugs are fixed - info spell shows now everything correctly - timer has been fixed (now the characters will give birth, changeing the state when they should, and stuff) - added "sanitary napkin" for fetching the menstural blood - new MCM Tab "System" added with a simple uninstall function - recipes included - contraception "Magic effect" support magnitude now, for developers - more "misc addon" functions added - missing translations added - "Cycle magic effects" Addons (CME) are now combined with PMS AddOns - CME AddOns now got "Sometimes" effected and "Always effected" properties, for example, when you've got PMS, you will always have "Sex hurts", and sometimes you will have depresive, sometimes aggressive, ..... and so on - some global ModEvents are added, so other sex-mods like sexis for example could raise the "AddSperm" event - first try to add irregulations - menu added for "kind of visual scaling" added where you can set how the Belly / Breasts should grow... realistic, linear, big booms and stuff - Breast Scaling fixed - Abortus Fever fixed Translations and AddOn Links -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Chinese - Russian - Estrus Chaurus integration path - Beeing Female 1.14 Estrus Chaurus Integration Patch V1.01 (outdated) - Beast Baby AddOn - AddOn Pack 1.3 by Sleepy_Soul - BeeingFemale Shop by Bijapo - ScrollMerchant by Content Comsumer - RS Children AddOn by Treguld - [bFACCA] BeeingFemale Addon - Creature Child Actors - BeeingFemale Tampon - BeeingFemale Tampon Estrus Path - BF_Potions_in_Skyrim by Treguld - BeeingFemale 2.8 Patch V01 by Bane Master - RS Children AddOn by Gullu - Beast Baby Items by Susanoo27 - Cleaned Master File by Uncle64 - Bathing in Skyrim workaround by nanashi - PMS NoSneak (fix or remove) by asertype Guids -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 4 guids planed (2 guides released, 2 guides will follow soon) - BeeingFemale Developer Guide - This guide is about creating AddOns for BeeingFemale. Race AddOn, CME AddOn and Misc AddOn. - BeeingFemale Perk Guide - Create your own perks for your children! - BeeingFemale Make your mod compatible without requirement - All you need is SKSE. There are a bunch of "ModEvents" beeing female supports. - BeeingFemale Translation Guide - (must be redone) This guide explain how to create translations for the MCM Menu and the game content. - BeeingFemale Script Guide - In this Guide i will explain how to create simple and advanced scripts for BeeingFemale... how to impregnate any woman using scripts only and what options there are. - BeeingFemale Modder Guide - This guide descripts how to make mods based on BeeingFemale. For example you talk to an NPC who needs help, rescue her pregnant wife. For Developer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beeing Female is made for player and developer! There are many diferent ways to make developer happy - For example the AddOn Manager. It's easy to create new AddOns like menstrual syndromes, PMS effects, and stuff. It's also possible to create race specific settings or gain access to the BeeingFemale Events. Another way to make developer happy is the FWController Class. You can gain access to all NPCs even when they are not loaded or never were loaded. You can impregnate a NPC with just one command, damage / heal the unborn baby, reading and writing the stats and way more. There are also functions included to gain access to BeeingFemale without including it to your mod, using the SendModEvent Command. Here is a short list for SendModEvent examples: FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "AddContraception", 100) ; This adds contraception to the woman FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "AddSperm", MaleActor.GetFormID()) ; This will add sperm to the woman FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "WashOutSperm", 100) ; This will wash out 100% sperm FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "ChangeState", 3) ; This will change the state to 'Menstruation' FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "InfoBox", 100) ; This will open the info window with all informations FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "DamageBaby", 30) ; This will make 30 damage to the baby FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "HealBaby", 60) ; This will heal the baby with 60 Health points FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "CanBecomePregnant", 1) ; This will make the FemaleActor able to become pregnant in this cycle (0 for disable) FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "CanBecomePMS", 1) ; This will make the FemaleActor able to become pms in this cycle (0 for disable) MaleActor.SendModEvent("AddSperm","", FemaleActor.GetFormID()) ; this is basicly the same as above, except that his is called from the male actor More informations can be found in the Guids i've uploaded More informations and Links -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can find more informations HERE , HERE and HERE A few helpful links: XP32 Maximum Skeleton b3lisario´s UNPB BBP Pregnant Body Bodyslides++ Bodyslide UNP Pregnancy Scaling Body for Bodyslide2 UNPB PSVAC pregnancy scaleable vanilla armor and clothing meshes (+TBBP) unpb armor conversions with pregnancy and physics support (installer) Pregnant-Weighted tbbp armor (Bodyslide2) More details comming soon Console Commands -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most of the console commands may have a selected NPC. If no NPC is selected, it will take effect at the player. after the command itself there may follow arguments, written in angle brackets. Some of them are only numeric Arguments written in square bracket [<...>] are optional and can be set, or not. Some commands may take a few second! This meen, it will display the error message, that the command could not be found, untill the command is was done successfully. Just wait a few seconds Special Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trixy - for Procreation Muon Shan - for your active help Huili - for your rus. translation Aravis7 - for your france translation and your help with the baby mesh xiaomiza - for your chinese translation jbezorg - for help with the baby mesh Slorm - for sharing his bug fixed FWSystem Leito - For the birth animation Corum - For the PMS "Depressive" fix Lactina - For the Baby-Armor-Mesh Vader666 - For converting the Baby-Armor-Mesh Vioxsis - For converting the Baby-Armor-Mesh Bane Master - For his BeeingFemale Patch Chosen Clue - For his BeeingFemale Patch qotsafan - For his BeeingFemale Patch Lovers Lab Community for the realy great support, help, bug fixing, and way way more! Everyone who made a donation! This is realy realy great! Thanks! Visit the BeeingFemale Blog, too! Here some background informations can be found. Submitter milzschnitte Submitted 08/09/2014 Category Sex Effects Requires FNIS (optional), SkiUI, RaceMenu, PapyrusUtil or SexLab Framework Special Edition Compatible
  4. View File Adds a variety of STDs as active effects to Skyrim using SexLab. This is a mod to add an element of danger and realism to your sexual encounters within Skyrim. Having sex now carries the risk of getting an STD that will be applied to your character as an active effect. There are quite a lot of different STDs that you can get, and each race has two STDs that you can only get from sex with members of that race. This mod includes real-life STDs, like Chlamydia, that can be caught from anyone, and also ones that I've made up to try and suit Skyrim's lore, such as 'Cuttirke' - an STD you can catch from Nords. If you'd like to suggest names that could replace the real-life STDs, please do! I'm awful at making up names that sound Skyrim-ish. Ok, what effect do STDs have? STDs lower your stats. You can lose Magicka, Stamina, Health, Strength (melee damage) or any combination of those 4. Additionally, having an STD always gives the following two negative effects: "Embarrassment" -- Lowers your speech stat. As a neat side-effect, this also means that your chances of getting further sex though many different mods is decreased because a lot of mods base your ability to convince NPCs to have sex with you on your speech skill. "Infected" -- Lowers your health and stamina regen. Being infected therefore slows how quickly you can become healthy again after a battle. So what happens if I get an STD? You'll need to cure it! Generic cure disease potions will not cure your STDs, so you're going to need to buy or craft a specific curing potion for the STD that you got. These potions are not always successful in curing your STDs, so you'll need to make sure you can afford to buy or craft enough to actually cure your diseases. All right, how do I protect myself from getting an STD? Condoms, of course! This mod adds 5 condoms to the game that are made of different materials based on what condoms have been made with throughout history. The least effective condom is the Intestine condom, which is of course made from an animals intestine, and the most effective condom is the latex condom. Because Skyrim doesn't contain any latex (not by default, at least...) I've had to improvise on the crafting recipe. If you can improve it, let me know! But where will I find condoms and cures? Cures are created in a cooking pot and require one cure disease potion, plus one other ingredient, which varies on the type of STD you caught. The ingredients required are nearly all common foods, such as bread. But a couple of diseases have slightly more difficult requirements, like bear claws. All cures are created two at a time. Condoms are created at the tanning rack. They require one leather strip, and one other material. You create 3 condoms at a time. The way you set the mod up sucks! I want to change it! You're in luck! My biggest pet-peeve with mods is when I can't make them work how I want them to. Fortunately, that's not a problem with SexLab STDs. Nearly everything in this mod is configurable! Basically the only thing you can't change is how effective each type of condom is. How do I install/update/remove this mod? Install the mod by moving the three files in the *.rar to <SteamApps>Skyrim\Data and then activating the *.esp using the Launcher, or your favourite mod manager. From v1.3 onwards, you should be able to update the mod simply by overwriting the old files with the new ones, and letting the mod update itself. Because I've never coded an auto-updater before, there is a chance this won't work. If that's the case (first, I'm sorry!) then follow the instructions below for performing a clean save. To remove the mod, use the uninstall option in the MCM and follow the instructions. I want to mod this mod! That's awesome. If you want to make any changes to the *.esp, then feel free. All I ask is for credit as the original author, and that you keep using the original logo. If you want access to the source code... you need to wait a little while. I'm fine with sharing it, but I want to clean it up and make it readable before I make it public. Known bugs/issues: The MCM menu doesn't always get added to your game automatically. If it hasn't been installed within a minute or so of you loading your game, open the config menu of some other mod (SexLab, SoS, etc.) and it should force SexLab STDs to install its menu. Rape is stupidly difficult to detect reliably. As such, you might get "raped" when you are having totally consensual sex. All I can advise is to manually remove any STDs you get from this happening. I'm still trying to make rape detection that actually works. Features I still want to add: Actual models for condoms in the menu. (If you are a modeler who wants a simple and probably quite quick project, let me know!) No STD risk for having sex with your spouse or follower. Increased STD risk from sex with beggars, etc. What's new in v1.3a? Updated scripts to work with SexLab v1.39. Added proper detection to creature animations. No longer checks for condom breakage if you aren't using one. No changes to the *.esp; simply install over the top of the old version and it should auto-update the scripts. What's new in v1.3? (This one's big! Heh...) [NOTE: You may need a clean save for this update! If features fail, do a clean save!] Note: The filesize is much smaller for this version. That's normal! I removed the merchant, so there are no custom meshes and textures needed now. Player is now reliably detected every time! NPC/NPC sex will not trigger condom use or STD spread for the player. Merchant removed; players now craft their own Condoms and Cures, or find them on bandits and in general goods stores. Condoms are crafted with leather strips and an item that makes sense at a tanning rack. E.g. 1x Leather Strip and 1x Linen Wrapping for 3 linen condoms. Cures are crafted with a cure disease potion and an ingredient of some sort. You create them at cooking pots. Added a chance for NPCs to have and use their own condoms. The Dragonborn isn't the only one who likes to be safe... Added random comments from NPCs when the player has an STD. Sometimes they'll be concerned, other times... not so much. Improved sex detection. The script reliably picks up on the type of sex now (e.g. anal, vaginal, boobjob...). Added configuration for STD spread. You can now choose which sex acts transfer diseases. By default, handjobs and boobjobs are safe. Additionally, added the ability to override STD risk for lesbian sex. If you want, you can make F/F sex with a strap-on completely safe. Added a very small chance for condoms to break during sex. This feature can be disabled. Improved logging. The mod now logs to the console and can be checked at any time. Added update support for the MCM menu. I'm hoping that future versions of SexLab STDs can be installed over the old ones and auto-updated by the mod itself. SIGNIFICANTLY edited the effects STDs have on the player's character. Getting an STD is no longer a death sentence. SIGNIFICANTLY re-balanced prices of both condoms and cures. You'll probably want to craft most of your stuff - but now purchasing isn't prohibitively expensive. And, of course, plenty of miscellaneous bug fixes and code changes that are too boring to mention here. What's new in v1.2? [PLEASE NOTE: UPDATING v1.11 to v1.2 REQUIRES A CLEAN SAVE. SEE BELOW FOR HELP.] Better PC detection. STILL F*CKING BUGGY >.< NPCs can get ill from having sex with infected players. (Take that, rapists!) Configurable prices for the condoms. SKSE is required for this feature. Better Mod Configuration Menu. Uninstall option implemented. A ton of bugfixes and other improvements. What's new in v1.11? Detects whether the player is involved or not, and disables STD spread and condom use if they're not. BUGGY. Female players are now presented with a choice to back out of sex if the NPC refuses to wear a condom. Male players are now given the choice of using a condom or not (for example, you may choose not to use one for oral sex as it carries a much lower STD risk). Rapists won't use condoms any more. How to perform a clean save: Load your old save normally. Remove any condoms, potions or active STDs (cheat if you need to). Enter this console command: stopquest sexlabstds OR: If you're using v1.2 or later, use the Uninstall option of the MCM, and ignore the previous two steps. Save the game, and then quit. Uninstall the old version of SexLab STDs (remove the *.esp from your load order). Load the save you just made (ignore the missing item message), then immediately save and quit. Install the latest version of SexLab STDs. (I recommend Nexus Mod Manager). Load your save again. You should get a message telling you SexLab STDs is installed. If the Mod Configuration Menu doesn't appear or doesn't update: Open the menu of some other mod (SexLab, for instance). Wait 1 minute and see if the menu installs. OR: Enter this console command: setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1 and wait for your menus to refresh. Thank you for looking at my mod. If you love or hate it, want to suggest features, or have a bug to report, please get in touch! If you do download this mod, please remember that this is my first ever attempt at Skyrim modding, and some unexpected bugs are likely to pop up. The script shouldn't effect your savegame in any way and so uninstalling should be simple if you decide it isn't for you or if it won't work for some reason I can't predict. Submitter a2b Submitted 11/23/2013 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab, SkyUI (MCM), SKSE Special Edition Compatible
  5. na klar Weitere Deutsche Übersetzungen findest du hier: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81507/? oder über mein Loverlab Profil Skyrim SexLab Anleitung / Tutorial 2017 Deutsch / German PART 1: Installation Info: - Die Mods (zip) einfach per Drag&Drop in den Mod Manager einfügen und installieren - Der Reihenfolge nach installieren (Erst die benötigten Mods, dann Körper usw...) - Wenn ein Mod die Dateien eines anderen Mods überschreiben will sag einfach immer "Ja zu Allem" Mod Manager http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/modmanager/? Eine Anleitung dazu gibt es hier: Benötigte Mods (Nexus): http://skse.silverlock.org/ manuell installieren (mit Installer) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71217/? oder einzelne Patches pro DLC http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/? + FNIS Creature Pack 6_1 http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3863/? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14884/? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/601/? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624/? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57046/? Körper: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/498-sos-schlongs-of-skyrim/ http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666/? oder einen anderen (es gibt sehr viele...) SexLab Mods: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v162-updated-jun-3rd-2016/ http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1140-more-nasty-critters/ + meine deutsche übersetzung (über mein sl profil zu finden) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/286-sexlab-defeat/ + meine deutsche übersetzung (über mein sl profil zu finden) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/163-sexlab-matchmaker-updated-10122013/ - damit kannst du die Animationen starten, fügt zwei zauber hinzu http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2968-sexlab-cum-textures-remake-slavetats/ (ohne slavetats) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/425-sexlab-sound-fx-replacer/ (univeral sounds) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2018-sexlab-tools-v30/ (drücke "H" während xxx um Animationen (Positionen ) auszuwählen) Es gibt natürlich noch viel mehr, das sind nur die Basics Mehr Animationen: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ + http://www.loverslab.com/topic/55268-sexlab-animation-loader-guide-and-packs/?p=1389378 (einfach auf den jeweiligen link links klicken) oder nach SLAL SKYRIM LOVERSLAB googeln oder über die LOVERLAB Suche suchen WICHTIG (AM ENDE) 1. Am ende musst du in den skyrim verzeichnis: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users öffne die exe Markiere die ersten beiden punkte in der liste unten dann auf update klicken 2. Lade dir noch Loot runter um die Ladereihenfolge deiner Mods automatisch anpassen zu lassen: https://loot.github.io/ Einfach installieren und nach der Installation aller Mods ausführen Wenn du "schmutzige Dateien" hast, rate ich dir diese zu bereinigen. Eine Anleitung dazu gibt es hier: --------> Soweit mit der Installation PART 2: IM SPIEL Nun musst du das spiel starten (über die skse.exe) - ein neuer Spielstand ist immer besser (und wird manchmal vorrausgesetzt) Wenn alle Mods geladen sind gehst du über "esc" in das Mod Konfiguration Menü (MCM) Dort stellst du alle Mods so ein wie du das gerne möchtest. Wichtig ist erstmal: SexLab installieren, Defeat aktivieren und GANZ WICHTIG unter SL ANIMATION LOADER -> alle aktiveren, registrieren und SL ANIMATIONS zurücksetzten Ich würde, wenn du keine Ahnung von den Auswirkungen der Einstellungen hast, alles so lassen wie es ist. __________________________________ Ich hoffe ich konnte weiterhelfen. Bei Fragen kannst du dich gerne an mich wenden. Auf Rechtschreibfehler habe ich nicht geachtet. Es gibt keine Garantie das das Spiel nicht doch ab und zu mal abstürzt. (Ist aber mit den hier aufgeführten Mods eher unwahrscheinlich) Mit freundlichen Grüßen: T4y
  6. View File This is a vanilla voice replacement for SexLab! These voices are tweaked with an audio editor, considering the vanilla voices are very limited to sexually appealing sounds. SexLab Vanilla Voices This version is the vanilla voices with the least amount of spoken words. It's almost the same as the last version. Use this version if the words are too repetitious, or you want them say words far less. SexLab Vanilla Voices (Euphoric) NPCs or your Dovahkiin sound like they're enjoying having sex. This has spoken words and some sound like aggressive happy sex. Only females talk in this version. SexLab Vanilla Voices (Rape) This version has words you'd usually hear with someone getting raped. They sound good using rape plugins. Males and females talk in this version, with the males being the aggressors. SexLab Default Voices FemaleClassic FemaleBreathy FemaleYoung FemaleStimulated FemaleQuiet FemaleExcitable FemaleAverage FemaleMature MaleNeutral MaleCalm MaleRough MaleAverage Voice Types FemaleArgonian FemaleCommander FemaleCommoner FemaleCondescending FemaleDarkElf FemaleEvenToned FemaleElfHaughty FemaleKhajiit FemaleNord FemaleOrc FemaleShrill FemaleSultry FemaleYoungEager MaleArgonian MaleBrute MaleCommoner MaleCommonerAccented MaleCoward MaleDarkElf MaleDrunk MaleEvenToned MaleEvenTonedAccented MaleElfHaughty MaleGuard MaleKhajiit MaleNord MaleNordCommander MaleOrc MaleSlyCynical MaleSoldier MaleYoungEager Special Skyrim Characters! Serana from the Dawnguard DLC! Frea from the Skaal Village in the Dragonborn DLC! Mirabelle Ervine from the College of Winterhold! Lovable Vex from the Thieves Guild! Karliah the Nightingale! Installation ***Remember to backup your files if you do it manually!**** 1. Remove the previous SexLab Vanilla Voices version from your game! 2. Use NMM,MO,Wyre Bash. 3. Select which version of SexLab Vanilla Voices you wish to use. 4. Go into the mod configuration menu click "SexLab", go down to "Rebuild & Clean" and select "Reset Voice Registry". How to Use this Mod! 1. Target an NPC with the letter "N" on your keyboard if you have the framework default keyboard settings. 2. Go into the voice and SFX settings of the framework MCM menu you'll see the targeted voice, click on voice type of your desired choice, make sure to have "NPCs Reuse Voice" checked to have it remembered for that NPC. Sounds to Repetitious? Increase the male or female voice delay to 12-15 seconds, it helps immensely. Troubleshooting If you notice some of the voices aren't showing do this to fix the problem. 1. Download the file Save Game Script Cleaner by Hadoram on Skyrim Nexus 2. Open the application and click the button on the top right corner "Open" 3. Navigate to the Skyrim save game directory e.g. Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves/ click on the name of your Skyrim player character folder, select which save game file you wish to edit for the fix. 4.On the left hand bottom corner of the column scroll down you'll find the script sslVanillaVoicesAlias and sslVanillaVoicesFactory, use the top left hand button named "Delete Script" to remove those scripts in the save file. 5. Click the "Save" button on the top right corner and reset the voices in the framework settings, or if that don't work try cleaning the framework. Credits Thank you Ashal for all the help in getting this mod working! Sorry I'm such an ignoramus! Now the mod shouldn't have any issues and it should work well for us from now on! Props out to CGi for this single installer he made for our various versions of this mod! He's been very helpful to us, very much appreciated! THANK YOU CGi! To enchiwhatever thanks for uploading the form ID information and trying to help out! Thanks to Volfin on trying to help with getting this BAIN compatible, I appreciate it! Changelog Fixed Papyrus log errors Added four new special voiced characters Submitter sunspotz Submitted 08/21/2013 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework v1.57+ Special Edition Compatible
  7. View File ZaZ Animation Pack ZaZ And XaZ Foreword by (ZaZ) We have come a long way. The ZaZ Animation Pack is a Master Mod to so many Independent Mods here on LoversLab , I honestly never realized it would get to such a level. This all thanks to my Partner in Crime XaZ, without his effort and his scripts this mod would be just a Master Mod where other Mods draw Animations from. "Why we do what we do ?" Short and Simple Answer is because we enjoy doing it. We are not Professional 3d Graphics Designers, Animators or Coders this is more of a Hobby for us. Description THE ZAZ-ANIMATION-PACK IS A FULLY ADULT ORIENTED MOD !!!!!! THIS IS A RESOURCE FOR MODDERS AND CREATION KIT ENTHUSIASTS TO USE !!!!!! THIS MOD IS A FRAMEWORK AND ANIMATION PACKAGE IT DOES NOT DO ANYTHING ON ITS OWN !!!!!! DO NOT BASH US FOR THE CONTENT OF THIS MOD . WE PERSONALLY BELIEVE IN CONSENSUAL PLAY !!!!!! WARNING ! This mod may contain Full Nudity, BDSM, Fetish, Sexual Stuff and therefore Adult Content! Don't download and use this mod if you don't like this sort of theme and/or not allowed to......IF THAT'S NOT YOUR TASTE, SKIP IT!!! Requirements Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS by Fore ( Always the Latest Version ) http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11811 Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework by Ashal http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159-updated-0811/ Highly Recommended - One of these XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 2.06+ by Groovtama (Use this if you are using HDT and NOT using the Milk Machine) OR XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 1.93 Legacy Edition by Groovtama (Use this if you are NOT using HDT and ARE using the Milk Machine) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/ OR XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS by xp32 http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26800/? Installation 1. Drop the data pack into your steam Skyrim folder. You can use Any Mod Manager of your Choice 2. Activate the ESM file in NMM or similar. 3. Run the FNIS GENERATION TOOL "GenerateFNISforUsers.exe". For more info, look here http://skyrim.nexusm...com/mods/11811. (There isn't a version without FNIS. If you're going to Mod your Game you need to be a little proactive and poke around for Answers) 4. Enable the ZazAnimationPack.esm file. 5. You Can use SkyUI(optional) to tweak/Change the settings to you're liking of the ZaZ Animation Pack 6. Enjoy the mod (optional) Note for Mod Makers Please, Don't Pack ZaZ Texture Folders into Your Mods Unless your Using a BSA .This Is Because I'm Constantly Updating the Textures to Better Ones. Giving Credit Honestly, We don't expect much from anyone who wants to use these Assets in his/her Mods. All We want is to know where they are being used and mostly likely a link. So We can take a look too. So Please let Us know if you're using stuff from here. Thank you Credits XaZ - Scripting and Animations . Bulk Creation Kit Work Over All In-charge of the ZaZ Animation Pack ZaZ - Animations and 3d Meshes. Fore - For Creating A Way Get Custom Animations into Skyrim, without his Excellent Mod FNIS This Wouldn't Be possible at all. Figment - hklxcmd ( Havok Commandline Tools ) Skyfox - NifTools Utilities (Nif Convert /Chunk Merge) Zadil - Devious Asset Gag Zt11rauss - German translation (nexus link: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/4616070/?) LeitoAnimation base for modified SexLab animations ZynAnimation base for modified SexLab animations ArrokAnimation base for modified SexLab animations Texture Resources: Mr.Dave Texture Resources - SkyrimNexus Scabeater's Free Textures - Deviant Art Mateusnroll Rope Pattern - Deviant Art LordZulten Wood Texture - LoversLab TSS5062's Fluid Textures - LoversLab (He has Created a lot of new Droplets Textures and Animated Puddles) CG Textures Some Textures - http://www.cgtextures.com/ Notable Mentions: GSBModders - As Always, His Meshes/Textures give the Start of My Mods. Jbezorg - Made Spells , Just For Me On Request to Test 2 Person Animations - Cheers And Kudos Labrat - Translated the Blender Animation Text For Skyrim (I never Mentioned His Name Before , But its because of that text I Started with Skyrim) Kalarr - For Helping Me Find Out the animation Numbering and Creating an Animation Pictorial Set , I will Add More and Update his Set. ( Older Credit ) Bethesda - Yea Thank you For Such Awesome Games and Giving us a Creation Kit. The Usual Suspects Mayatola, Equidical and Many More The 4 People who Contributed to help me build a Decent Desktop since my Laptop gave up on me and died and was able to complete V6.00(I have something special planned ) Donations I have a paypal account , Donations are welcome but not mandatory. I could use it to upgrade some PC parts here and there from time to time Quick preview Full Change logs Submitter ZaZ Submitted 05/09/2013 Category Animation Requires FNIS 6.3+, SexLab 1.50+ Special Edition Compatible
  8. View File Long story short, I found these animations during my Nexus browsing. I decided to add them to my Skyrim via SexLab Animation Loader. Therefore, what I posted here is not a complete SLAL package, but the necessary files required for HAnimations and TropicalIsland to work along with SexLab. I don't want to publish nazonootoko's assets without his permission, so you'll have to download his mods from the Nexus by yourself. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. So what do we have here? 8 animations total from HAnimations mod: - 4 dildo animations, six stages each - 2 soulgem dildo animations, three stages each - 2 tentacle animations, one with eight and one with five stages And yes, all of them are solo masturbation animations for females. 21 animations total from TropicalIsland mod: - 3 missionary animations, six stages each - 4 standing animations, three with six and one with seven stages - 2 kneeling animations and 1 laying, six stages each - 2 doggystyle animations, one with six and one with seven stages - 3 cowgirl animations, six stages each - 1 masturbation animation for female, four stages - 5 furniture animations, six stages each It seems like pretty much all of them were designed for straight M+F vaginal intercourse. Requirements: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v162-updated-jun-3rd-2016/ - SexLab Framework and all it's requirements http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2488-sexlab-animation-loader/ - Sexlab Animation Loader and all it's requirements http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80201/? - meshes and textures folders from HAnimations mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81267/? - meshes and textures folders from TropicalIsland mod Recommended: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? - HDT Physics Extensions (if you want collisions support) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended-xpmse/ - XPMSE http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2476-all-in-one-hdt-animated-pussy/ - AIO HDT Animated Pussy http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? - Bodyslide http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/163-sexlab-matchmaker-updated-09172014/ - SexLab Match Maker Installation: I highly recommend you to use manual installation. You'll need to download and unpack "meshes" and "textures" folders from HAnimations and TropicalIsland mods into your Skyrim Data folder. You don't have to install the whole archives, only "meshes" and "textures" required, anything else (.esp files, scripts, SKSE plugins, FNIS .txt files and behaviors) aren't needed. After you done with the necessary assets, install this SLAL patch, run your FNIS, and activate nazonootokoAnimSLAL.esp with your launcher. IMPORTANT! Install only 1.4.0beta version of HAnimations from Miscellaneous section, since 1.3.4 version from Main Files section is obsolete. For more info take a look at pic below: If you want the HDT collisions during dildo/soulgem animations, there is a special "HDT Collision Coin" you can create at any smith forge. Just equip it and all will be set. In fact, it works the same as HDT Havok Object, though it has custom .xml file. You can also try HDT SexToys by Bazinga. Get it here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4007-hdt-sextoys/ Credits: nazonootoko for his awesome animations shadow866 for .json fixing anubis for creating AnimObjects Bazinga for HDT SexToys mod Submitter Aequus Submitted 02/17/2017 Category Animation Requires Sexlab Animation Loader Special Edition Compatible
  9. View File A simple sound FX replacement for the oral and sex sounds for SexLab. Universal Sex SFX The universal sex SFX, sounds good with almost everything. Universal Sex SFX (Louder) Louder variant of the universal sex SFX, sounds good with almost everything. Thrusting Sex SFX Thrusting sex SFX, sounds good with thrusting animations only. Try adjusting the SFX delay to match the animations. Thrusting Sex SFX (Louder) Louder variant of the thrusting sex SFX, sounds good with thrusting animations only. Try adjusting the SFX delay to match the animations. Universal Oral SFX The universal oral SFX, sounds good with almost everything. Mature Oral SFX Sounds are based on a more mature character. Works with semi-aggressive or aggressive oral animations. Younger Oral SFX Oral sounds of a younger female performing fellatio. It's for aggressive oral animations. Installation Preferably install with a mod manager or remember to backup if you do it manually! Credits Thank you very much to eric23123 for uploading some very sexy wet sfx, really helps with the sex sounds! Most definitely props to CGi for making this awesome installer for us! We really appreciate what you've done for us, thank you! How to Use Select preferred delay in SexLab framework voice and SFX menu. Choose your desired delay, it can be adjusted during intercourse, the adjustments set in after the next or previous stage animations. See if you can match the animation movements to the sex sfx. Changelog: Fixed Thrusting SFX Submitter sunspotz Submitted 10/28/2013 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework 1.57 Special Edition Compatible  
  10. View File SexLab Animation Tag Editor (SLATE) What is it? SLATE is a tool for SexLab power users and tag fanatics. Originally it was part of my mod SLEN, but I got some requests to release it as a stand-alone tool for those who don't use SLA and therefor cannot install SLEN. SLATE allows you to load a set of SexLab animations in the MCM menu, select a number or all of them, and then add or remove tags to those animations. This can be used for various things like opening up animations for different gender groups, adding missing Oral/Vaginal/Anal tags to animations, making Doggy/Doggie/DoggyStyle tags uniform, etc. The possibilities are endless. For a practical usage example, check this post, but please don't post any replies regarding SLATE there, use the SLATE support thread instead. Recording functionality When turned on, all actions performed on animations (adding tags, removing tags, disabling) will be recorded in an action log. Note that recording will automatically turn off when you exit the MCM menu. You can re-apply all these actions manually from the Settings tab of the MCM menu. You can also choose to have them re-applied automatically after a SexLab Animation Registry reset. The action log file is stored here: Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\SLATE\SLATE_ActionLog.json. The format is very simple and the file can be edited manually if you so desire. Example actions are included in the "SLATE_ActionLog - Example.json" file that comes with the installation. If an action is found in your action log that involves an animation that cannot be found on your system (because it is uninstalled for example) it will be skipped, so this is not a problem. If an unknown action is found in your action log it will be skipped and you will receive a message about it after manually applying your action log. This should only be possible if you edited the file manually and made a typo. The action log can be applied repeatedly without problems. If an animation already has a tag that is being added, it will be skipped, and if you try to remove a tag from an animation which doesn't have that tag, it will be skipped. So if you're in doubt whether the action log was already re-applied, just apply it again, it only takes a second or two. Sharing action logs Action logs can be shared with others! If you have recorded a number of actions and want to share them with someone, simply send them a copy of your action log file. You can remove any actions that you do not want to share from the file with a regular text editor. It's best if you rename the file before you share it so others don't overwrite their own action log by accident. Give your file any descriptive name you want, but make sure the extension is always ".json". The receiver can put the received file into their Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\SLATE\ folder, after which they can import the actions stored in that file into their own action log from the SLATE MCM menu. Translators welcome, contact me by PM if interested. Custom Animation Sets and other files A number of standard Animation Sets are defined, but if that is not enough you can switch to a custom animation set file, a simple json file in which you can define your own animation sets. The file and explaining text file can be found in the Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/SLATE/ folder. Read the "SLATE Custom Animation Sets.txt" file in that folder before you start editing anything. You can define your own animation sets in the "SLATE_Custom_AnimSets.json" file. This file contains additional helpful comments. If you really know what you're doing, you can also edit the other 2 files in that folder, but this will void all warranty so don't come complaining here if you destroy things In case of emergency just re-install the json files from the download. "SLATE_Standard_Tags.json" contains the standard tags that can be added/removed, and "SLATE_Standard_AnimSets.json" contains all the standard animation sets. Requirements Up to date Skyrim. SexLab 1.62 and its requirements (might work with older, but untested and unsupported). SkyUI 5.1 and its requirements (might work with older, but untested and unsupported). Installation Use a mod manager, or just unpack the archive to your Skyrim folder. Slate only contains an MCM menu. As such it is entirely unimportant where you put it in your load order and has no effect on the performance of your gameplay. Upgrading If you have edited your custom animation set file, make a copy of it first! Overwrite the older version. You can choose not to overwrite the custom animation set file if you have edited it. If you chose to overwrite everything, you can recover your custom animation set file from the copy you made. Uninstalling If you used a mod manager, just uninstall as usual. If you did a manual installation, delete the SLATE.esp and SLATE.bsa files from the Data folder, and delete the SLATE folder from Data/SKSE/Plugins/. Translations Many thanks to CGi for the German translation. Many thanks to parruyo for the Spanish translation. Credits SexLab PapyrusUtil JsonUtil SkyUI SKSE Submitter BeamerMiasma Submitted 07/25/2016 Category Other Requires SexLab, SkyUI Special Edition Compatible
  11. Got an idea for a new sexlab mod you'd like to pitch or are starting? Discuss it here and I'll keep this post updated with known mods in development and ideas people have. ---- Current known mods in development ------------------------------ SexLab Succubus by ashal A player addition mod that gives the player the ability to be turned into a succubus/seducer. Functions much like a vampire, only instead of needing blood you need to have sex. As you progress as a succubus you gain sexual related abilities and buffs and the further you get from your last "feeding" the weaker you get with those abilities and start to suffer penalties. ---- Current unused mod ideas -------------------------------------------- Pay for inns and bounties with sex Integrate sexual options for progressing various vanilla quests Sex related perk tree STD risk Pregnancy risk
  12. View File This mod allows you to find where sex is started by other mods. You will get a notification and a quest marker pointing you there. Example: Random Sex Mod starts sex between Saffir and a guard behind Belethor's General Gooods. As soon as that happens this mod will show a notification about that and create a quest marker there so you can easily find it. The quest marker will be removed when the sex ends. All credit for the idea goes to Bad Dog's Sex Finder mod. This is just a different take on the same concept, written from scratch. Features: Works indoors and outdoors. Tracks up to 15 scenes in parallel (SexLab maximum). Quest markers are placed above the scene so they don't obstruct the view. MCM menu with basic profile support using PapyrusUtil. Optional notifications with participant names. Basic scene filtering. Works fine in heavily scripted load orders. Reacts to SexLab events. No polling or background scripts. Menu has overview over all currently playing scenes. Teleport to scene option in menu. Sex that involves the player is ignored (you shouldn't need to find that ). This mod will track any animation started by SexLab unless it involves the player or is filtered out in the menu. Status: stable For now I consider the mod feature complete, but if you would like to see anything added just let me know (no promises)! Submitter user_no_3453 Submitted 03/31/2017 Category Other Requires SexLab Framework Special Edition Compatible
  13. View File SexLab MatchMaker Revision 7 - September 17th, 2014 ----- Description & Usage -------------------------------------------- MatchMaker is intended as a simple proof of concept mod for the SexLab Framework. It will give the player two spells, a target and a self version called "Irresistibly Attractive". When used it will apply a magic effect for up to 3 characters, including the player. Once the magic effect expires on an NPC or player, if any characters share the Irresistibly Attractive buff, they will begin having sex, if the actor is alone in having the buff, they will being to masturbate. As this is a proof of concept mod, if you are a modder looking to use SexLab for your own mods, the provided source script files are heavily commented in attempt to make the steps to start the sex animations clear while showing a working example. ----- Requirements ---------------------------------------------------- SexLab Framework - v1.59b or newer ----- Permissions ------------------------------------------------------ You must ask my permission before distributing this on any site other than LoversLab.com If you wish to translate the framework into another language, seek permission before doing so. If you need it, I will provide you with as much support as I can to assist you with the translation process ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submitter Ashal Submitted 05/18/2013 Category Misc Sex Requires SexLab Framework Special Edition Compatible  
  14. View File This is a complete SexLab port of Nusbie's amazing voicepack for Oblivion. Contains 6 English Female voices, 7 Elf Chick, 3 Orc, 2 Demon, 2 Human Female, 1 Sexbot... and one creature? Voices are English (or at least western) and have both moans and words. ~~~Downloading and Installation~~~ When downloading, Main Files 1 and 2 are both REQUIRED. Install both Main Files with your favorite mod manager. Load game and open Mod Configuration > SexLab > Rebuild and Clean > Reset Voice Registry. Wait for the message that voices have reset, then you can open Mod Configuration > Sexlab > Voices and SFX and deselect checkboxes for voices you don't want to hear. You will at least want to disable Pigmy, the joke voice, but the rest depend on your taste. ~~~Other things worth knowing~~~ It doesn't work? Try starting a new game, wait until SexLab is installed, and check to see if the voices are in the Voices & SFX menu. If that works, it's likely either this mod or SexLab itself wasn't upgraded correctly. Try clean saving Nusbie's Voices as explained below first, then SexLab if nothing else works. Removing Words You can remove words you don't like. Open the installed mod files (Data/Sounds/fx/Nusbie), play the audio files until you find the one you want to remove, and either copy a voice you do like over it or just delete it. The first is safer, but users have reported that deleting works without problems. Manually Setting Voices You can now set a voice for a specific NPC, or return it to random. Just put your crosshairs over an NPC, press the SexLab selection key (default N), and the option will appear under Mod Configuration > Sexlab > Voices and SFX. Clean Saving Nusbie's Voices Use if upgrading Nusbie's Voices makes your Nusbie voices disappear. *thanks Sigure!* 1. Disable NusbieVoices.esp on your favourite mod manager. 2. Load the savegame, and reset the voice registry in the SexLab MCM. 3. Save the game again to a new save file and close the game. 4. Activate NusbieVoices.esp again and load the game. 5. Reset the voice registry in the SexLab MCM. Clean Saving SexLab This can fix a lot of problems, but you will lose all your SexLab data. Only use if everything else fails. 1. Use SexLab Clean System first wait for it to finish save & close the game. 2. Go into your mod manager and disable SexLab.esm and all mod dependencies. 3. Load up your save game without SexLab & dependent mods and make a new save file. 4. Go into your mod manager and enable SexLab.esm and all mod dependencies. 5. Load that recent save file you just made and they should work. ~~~Credits~~~ All credit to Nusbie! Your voices brought so much life to Oblivion! Sunspotz for SexLab Vanilla Voices... since voicepacks are undocumented in the SL API (well it is... but it doesn't work anymore... I found this out the hard way), I had to use your code as guideline. Thanks! MeMe, that's me! Submitter MeMe Submitted 04/01/2014 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework v1.5+ Special Edition Compatible  
  15. View File What Does This Mod Do? This is a SexLab Framework voice slot mod that is pre-made solely for adding your own custom voice sets to the SexLab Framework. You won't hear anything but beeping sounds from this mod alone, you need to fill in the voice slots appropriately! After adding your custom .WAV files you’ll be able to hear your custom set without having to edit the default voice sets or through using other voice set mods. Compatibility This mod was made utilizing Framework 1.59 How Do I Add Custom Voice Set? Very simple really, hopefully you already have nice batch of sounds to work with or spoken words! First things first, download Audacity or any audio editing program that is quite decent, I use Adobe Audition myself. Tweak the sounds to your liking. You should also be concerned with how loud your sounds are, try editing the volume in your audio editor to your desired levels. Absolute must, save your .WAV files at 44100Hz Mono 16-Bit Uncompressed! You will need to categorize and place the sounds in order to how they sound. Go back to your batch of sounds you’ve made and create yourself a new folders on the desktop Labeled “Hot” “Medium” “Mild” you’re doing this to sort through which sounds will go into their respected folders. The folders are based on the intensity of the voice-sounds you have in your batch. Once you’ve sorted out which sounds go in which appropriate folder it’s time to open the mod up. Extract the mods “Data” folder to your desktop, navigate to /Data/Sound/fx/SexLab you’ll see the available voice slots e.g. “VoiceSlot 01 (Female)” open that folder and you’ll see three folders “Hot Sounds” “Medium Sounds” “Mild Sounds”. It’s the same structure as the “Hot” “Medium” “Mild” folders we made on the desktop, you guessed it, the sounds go into those folders! Go back to your “Hot” “Medium” “Mild” folders on your desktop with your batch of sounds. Begin renaming .each .WAV file to match the numbers for each voice slot beeping .WAV file. Maximum sounds allowed for each “Hot Sounds” “Medium Sounds” “Mild Sounds” folders is 15 sounds only If you don’t have enough sounds to fill up the 15 beeping sounds delete them! You don’t want to end up hearing beeping .WAV files in-game! Once you’re ready to have them implemented in-game you can compress the Data folder giving it a name and install it via mod manager for convenience. Or if you want do it manually it’s solely up to your discretion. Changing Voice Slot Names Make sure you have the latest SKSE version download here. Make sure you have the latest Sky UI SDK download here just place those scripts in your Skyrim script folder. Install the Creation Kit if you don’t already have it, tutorial here. The rest of the guide will be a picture tutorial yaaaaaaay! Sorry about the pixelated images, bad compression... I'll reupload them soon, they will be a bigger file size though. Don't forget to enable SexLab Extra Voices.esp Remember to also reset the voices for the SexLab Framework! Changelog Hopefully fixed female sounds not playing. Added a total of 20 voice slots. Submitter sunspotz Submitted 05/27/2014 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework v1.59 Special Edition Compatible
  16. View File __Description__ I always found it hard to align some animations with two female actors, as Calyps strapon, that comes with SexLab, has no SOS functionality. There are mods availible that add schlongs to females, those were not realy to my taste, so i decided to edit Calyps strapon to be affected by SOS. It replaces the strapon that SexLab provides, so that it bends up or down according to your settings in the SexLab Animation Editor. While i was at it, i also made a double dildo version (i wanted something like that for a while already). I made this mod for my personal use. That is why i will only consider requests, that interest me (or that are easily done ) __Requirements__ - SexLab Framework - Schlongs of Skyrim - full or light version (i tested it with the full version, but it should also work with the light one. If not, tell me.) - XPMSE 2.33+ (or another skeleton that supports belly, butt and SOS nodes) (- Bodyslide 2 for the Bodyslide version of the strapon by Saeros) (- HDT-PE 14.28 if you want to use the colision files) __Compatibility__ This mod should be compatible with everything, that does not alter the the strapon data in the sexlab.esm. Other then that is should always work as intended. That beeing said, i fitted the Strapon to the slightly modified SevenBase body i am using, so there could be clipping issues when you use other body mods (especially with huge butts ). Standard UNP or CBBE bodies should have only minor to no issues. If you use Bodyslide 2, you can download the Bodyslide version of the strapon, made by Saeros. With it you can eliminate clipping problems. The double dildo version should cause no problems in that regard. __Installation__ Download one of the two provided mod files (SexLab_SOS-Strapon_1-1.zip or SexLab_SOS_DoubleDildo_1-1.zip) Install the file with a mod manager - or drop the contents of the archive in your skyrim folder and overwrite when asked (not recomended - seriously... get a mod manager! it makes things so much safer and easier) Activate the .esp in your load order and be sure to load it after SexLab.esm Don't use both files at the same time, they are exclusive! For the strapon version: If you use a bodymesh created in Bodyslide, download and install the (SexLab)_SOS_Strapon_(bodyslide)_1-1.zip file (by Saeros). Then customize the strapon with with Bodyslide to fit your bodymesh. If you want belly colision: Download and install SexLab_SOS-Strapon-DoubleDildo_1-1_colision-data.zip. It contains the colision data for both the strapon and the double dildo version. The meshes, that come with version 1.1 already have the links to the xml included, so you don't need to set them up. Just install and off you go. I took the colision data from Daiemonics work. He did a great job with setting up a lot of different colision data files. You should check it out. ---- If you want belly colision you also need a body and a xml file that support it. You can find that in Daiemonics threat too (above link).---- __Uninstallation__ Remove the Mod with the mod manager you installed it with - or delete all files, that come with the archive, then search for your SexLab framework archive (download it, if necessary), navigate to the folder the strapon meshes are in, and put them back into their place in your game folder.... no realy... get a mod manager!!!! uninstalling should be safe, as the mod does not alter any quests or scripts. __Known Issues__ I had to make some adjustments to the weights of the double dildo version, so its deformations look ok. Unfortunately i am not realy good at that, so they look somewhat strange at extreme values. Most of the weird stuff happens inside of the wearer's body however, so it is not visible under normal circumstances. I am using the double dildo version myself and it looks ok. You have to know where to look, to see that something is wrong. If someone more skilled then me is willing to help me out with this, i would be greatful. __Permissions__ As 90% of this little mod is not my work, you can basicly do what you wish with it, as long as you keep it inside of LoversLab. credits would be nice. The only thing i do NOT permit is using this in any way to gain monetary profit. __Credits__ Ashal for the SexLab framework Smurf, Vector and b3lisario for SOS Calyp for the strapon mesh provided with SexLab Saeros for making the strapon compatible with bodyslide Daiemonic for the genital colision data all those modders out there that make skyrim so much more enjoyable for all of us Submitter Changer Submitted 02/05/2015 Category Other Requires SexLab Framework, Schlongs of Skyrim, XPMSE Special Edition Compatible
  17. View File SexLab Enchantress What does this mod do? SexLab Enchantress modifies the Vanilla Skyrim spells from the Illusion magic school so they would trigger sex scenes. This mod's aim is to do this without breaking Role Playing Immersion and maintaining Vanilla's Game Balance. The spells will still only affect creatures of limited levels (Calm affects up to level 9 for example), and with the illusion tree perks you can increase the levels your spells will affect (Dual-cast Calm with all Illusion perks taken will affect creatures up to level 59, just like in normal Skyrim). The spells will affect all beasts and creatures supported by SexLab, though you need to take the Master of the Mind perk to affect Draugr. What are the new spell effects? Calm - Your calmed target will have sex with you if no other targets are attacking you. Other calmed targets will patiently wait for the sex to end, with the durations of their calm effects refreshed on climax. If the sex lasted at least 30 seconds the Calm's effect duration will double. If it lasted for 60 or more seconds the duration will double again, to 120 seconds. Sex will only start with beasts and low intelligence creatures by default (can be toggled in the MCM. It's creatures only by default because there's enough good mods out there to provide sex with playable races like SexLab Romance and Radiant prostitution. Also the spells affecting playable races being AoE only gives the mod a more "chaotic magic" feel). Pacify - Same as Calm, except it affects playable races as well, and might get your character into a threesome or gangbang scene with the targets caught in it's area of effect. Harmony - Same as Pacify, except it could trigger a full orgy with up to nine characters involved. Call to Arms - If used on a target you've had enchanted sex with, that target will become your temporary enchanted follower for 10 minutes. Only happens if you don't have a follower with you already. Frenzy - If you travel with a follower, the targets of this spell will attempt to ravage them, perhaps dragging them into a gangbang. Fear - Dismisses enchanted followers. They will make their way back home, unhostile for 30~60 seconds. Animal Allegiance Shout - If you shout all three words of Animal Allegiance, one of the animals hit by the shout will have sex with you, and become your temporary animal follower afterwords. Duration depends on how long the sex lasted, with a maximum of 4 minutes for 60 seconds of sex. Only grants you the animal as a temporary follower if no other animals follow you at the time. Command Animal Racial Ability - Wood Elves using their Command Animal racial ability could enchant an animal follower in the same way Animal Allegiance works. Only available once per day just like in Vanilla Skyrim, of course. Also only grants you the animal as a temporary follower if no other animals follow you at the time. Did I just get a rested buff after sex? Having enchanted sex with certain creatures for more than 30 seconds will give you a special rested buff. None of the +% Skill experience parts of the buffs stack with one another, or with the normal Rested buff from vanilla. The possible rested buffs are: Beast Lover's Comfort - Your skills advance +5% more quickly and you receive +10% disease resistance for 8 hours. Insect Lover's Comfort - Your skills advance +5% more quickly and you receive +10% poison resistance for 8 hours. Monster Lover's Comfort - Your skills advance +5% more quickly and you receive +10 Stamina for 8 hours. Necrophile's Comfort - Your skills advance +5% more quickly and you receive +5% frost resistance. Sanguine's Favor - Your skills advance +15% more quickly. Triggered by taking part in a 9 people orgy with the Harmony spell. Why do the spells have target level limits? My aim with the mod is to spice up the vanilla Illusion tree, but keeping Skyrim still playable as a game. This means more challenge in lower levels, more powerful abilities later on. I've been very careful to avoid giving spells more power than they have in Vanilla Skyrim. Call to Arms and Harmony are very costly mana sinks which require unlocking illusion tree perks so their effects are much stronger. By the time a player can use Call to Arms or gets the third word of the Animal Allegiance shout, getting the target as a follower will not be any more powerful than travelling with a follower of your choosing. The one ability that gets much more powerful is Wood Elf's Command Animal racial ability, but it's only useable once per day and isn't as powerful as Orc's and Argonian's racial abilities anyway. How do I install this Mod? You can use a mod organizer or alternatively unpack the 7z file and drag the contents of either the '01 English' or the '01 German' folder into your ...\Skyrim\Data\ folder. How do I uninstall this Mod or upgrade from an older version? Make sure you don't have any of the mod's rested buffs active in magic effects (Beast Lover's Comfort, etc) and that there aren't any NPCs under your Enchantress spell effects. If in doubt wait 8 in-game hours. Save your game. If you wish to uninstall the mod open the MCM afterwords, check Uninstall SexLab Enchantress, close the MCM, save, quit the game, and delete SexLab Enchantress.esp from your data folder. Known Issues: The threesome animation 'Arrok Devil's Threeway' is bugged in SexLab Framework - it will act oddly but only for the first time it plays. For some mods this means on the first time this animation is played your character will be thrown to the sky, then teleported back to the sex scene. For Enchantress it means the NPCs will be thrown to the sky. There's two ways to deal with this: The first is to disable Arrok Devil's Threeway animation. The second is to activate Arrok Devil's Threeway with a different SexLab mod like Matchmaker... After the first time the animation plays, it will work fine with Enchantress as well. The issue seems to be caused by this specific animation's first time positions setup being screwed up. Possible Conflicting Mods: The 'SexLab Stop Combat' mod seems to break most of Enchantress' spells. The 'Automatic Variants' line of mods might cause Enchantress' spells not to work on some of the creatures it replaces. Version 2.4 is compatible with most other spell mods. It might or might not be compatible with SkyRe (Skyrim Redone), I'm getting conflicting reports about this, use Enchantress with SkyRe at your own risk. It also might conflict with Dragon Shout mods that modify the Animal Allegiance shout. If you are using one and know the third word of Animal Allegiance, open the MCM and choose the Disable Animal Allegiance Shout option to avoid any issues. Change Log: Big thanks to: CGi for creating an NMM/MO installer and for the german translation. Ashal for creating the SexLab Framework and SexLab MatchMaker. Someone92 for creating SexLab Zzz, a great tool for learning how to create SexLab mods. jbezorg and h38fh2mf for script advice. Submitter Liuli Submitted 10/29/2013 Category Misc Sex Requires Skyrim SexLab 1.59c - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16623-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159c-updated-oct-3rd/ Special Edition Compatible
  18. View File SexLabUtil1 (v0.17) What does it do: Activate various effects when SexLab animation starts or stops. Calm, go crazy, buff, debuff, light, etc ... Minor, utility, side effects. Things that other mods usually skip. You can also create custom macros to activate commands. Cast spells from other mods, add items, do someting with perks, change actor values, plays sound, send mod events, etc .. Requirements: whatever is required for SexLab framework 1.57 or higher to function. Instalation: - unpack attached zip (SexLabUtil1_XX.zip) - copy whats in Data directory into Skyrim\Data directory - its a simple mod, unpack and copy - activate desired effect (open ingame menu, Mod Configuration/SexLab Util One). Everything is off by default. - upgrading: make a clean save. New version is not compatible with older version. Description: for a little bit better description, read SexlabUtil1_readme.rtf. With this mod you can start(trigger) many effects when sex scenn starts, ends, sex sceen part (stage) is flagged as orgasm. You can also specify additional conditions like if its rape, day time, location, do you want effect to run only on males or only on Player or on any given NPC. Current possible conditions: At start of sex : when SL sends start event On orgasm : when SL sends orgasm event At end of sex : when SL sends end event After sex : like At end of sex, but has a special set of effects designed to run only after sex Chance : 0 -100% Actor : aggressor, viction. not part of rape Actor race : humanoid, creature, Player, Not Player Gender : male, female (support of Treat as Male/Female) Sex type : Vaginal, Oral, Anal Morality : low, high Day time : night, day Location : inside, outside Current possible effects: Off : nothing Calm : lowers aggresion. Will stop combat. Calm (whoever hits me) : each time actor gets hit, attacker gets a jolt of Calm Heroism : increase confidance. Actor is less likey to run away Frenzy : actor becomes aggresive. It may attack anyone for no reason Fear : lower confidance. Actor is more likey to run away Regeneration Stamina +20% : increased Stamina regeneration Regeneration Stamina -20% : decreased Stamina regeneration Regeneration Health +20% : increased Health regeneration Regeneration Health -20% : decreased Health regeneration Regeneration Magicka +20% : increased Magicka regeneration Regeneration Magicka -20% : decreased Magicka regeneration Heal (+1) : restore ST/HP/MG by 1 point every 3 seconds Heal (+10) : restore ST/HP/MG by 10 point every 3 seconds Heal (+100) : restore ST/HP/MG by 100 point every 3 seconds Heal (+1000) : restore ST/HP/MG by 1000 point every 3 seconds Harm (-1) : damage ST/HP/MG by 1 point every 3 seconds Harm (-10) : damage ST/HP/MG by 10 point every 3 seconds Harm (-100) : damage ST/HP/MG by 100 point every 3 seconds Harm (to near death) : drop ST/HP/MG to only 1 point every 3 seconds Alcohol : get an use something to drink every 3 seconds Poison : get and use something thats not good to drink every 3 seconds (currently not working. need to find a solution) Food : get and use something to eat every 3 seconds Disease : actor my catch a standard disease or vampirism if partner is vampire every 3 seconds Pickpocket : steal something if Pickpocket skill is high enough every 3 seconds Absorb Life : absorb vital stats (ST/HP/MG). Increase yours, lower partners every 3 seconds Learn Skill : learn a random skill from your partner if your skill is lower then partners every 3 seconds Learn Spell : learn a random spell if you dont have it yet every 3 seconds Light (campfire) : adds some light Skills improve slower (-30%): All your skills improve slower (not usefull for NPC) Skills improve faster (+30%): All your skills improve faster (not usefull for NPC) Current possible effects for "After sex": Stagger : actor will stagger, drop down Custom effects: as of v.12 you can activate spells, add items (and many other things) from any other mod. Read SexLabUtil1_readme.rtf for a description or (if you hate reading manuals) look in data\INI\SexlabUtil1.esp\ folder. Files with extension .samp should give you a good idea for how to do it. Submitter Fotogen Submitted 07/25/2013 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab framework, SKSE 1.7+ Special Edition Compatible  
  19. View File File Name: SexLab Squirt Reborn File Submitter: popcorn71 File Submitted: 29 Apr 2015 File Category: Sex Effects Requires: SKSE, SkyUi, Sexlab Framework, PapyrusUtil This Mod is abandoned! You are free to do what ever you want with any included scripts. For information concerning meshes and textures, including permission and usage instructions click here. For those of you haven't been able to guess what this mod does by it's name, it allow females to squirt during a Sexlab Orgasm. Simple enough, right? This is a reboot of SexLab Squirt by Slayster, completely rewritten from the ground up. The reason I'm releasing this as a separate mod instead of contributing my changes to Slayster for him to add to his mod is that many of the changes I have made simply would not have fit into the existing script frame work and trying to add them in anyway would have created more problems then it salved. All of the changes are technical in nature, so for the time being if you want a general idea of how the mod work or screen shots, you can check out Slayster mod. Here's a list of some of the changes/improvements over the original SexLab Squirt mod: No longer uses the OrgasmEnd Event. Effect removal timing is calculated internally based on the length of the final (orgasm) animation stage defined in Sexlabs config menu. This is a much more flexible approach. Added in some settings to control how long squirt effects last and when they should stop in relation to when orgasm starts as well as add some randomness to how long the squirt effects last. Changed the 'Endless Squirt' Bug to a feature and added an option to the MCM Menu the toggle it on and off at will. Has separate configurable hotkeys to make players and NPCs squirt at will. There are now separate sliders in the MCM Menu for Gush and Stream chances. There is now a separate Page in the MCM Menu for System Settings. Remove the 'Random' check box in the MCM Menu for both Gush and Stream effects. Just check the effects you want to use. Remove the 'None' check box in the MCM Menu for both Gush and Stream effects. If you don't want to use any effects just set the slider to 0 or uncheck all the options. Added separate pages in the MCM Menu for players and NPCs. Squirt effect are stored in FormLists. This means that adding new squirt effect to the system is as simple as inserting the new effects into the given form list with out the need to change any scripts. That's right, its a SCALABLE femcum mod. A whole bunch of tiny threading related bug fixes. Basic support for SexLab Aroused. Sexlab Aroused Redux will probably work too. Requirements SKSE or newer. Sexlab Framework. SkyUi v4.1 or newer. PapyrusUtil (already included in SexLab). Install Download either the normal (BSA version) or the loose file version. Extract the content of this archive into your data folder. Overwrite files if prompted. Have fun playing the game. (Optional) If you use any SkyProc Patchers, its recommend to add SexLabSquirtR.esp to any patchers respective BlockList.txt files. Uninstall BSA Version Delete these files:Data\SexLabSquirtR.esp Data\SexLabSquirtR.bsa Data\SexLabSquirtR.ini [*](optional) Run a save game script cleaner loose file version: Delete these files:Data\SexLabSquirtR.esp Data\SexLabSquirtR.bsa Data\SexLabSquirtR.ini Data\Seq\SexlabSquirtR.seq Data\Scripts\p71_slsqr_main.pex Data\Scripts\p71_slsqr_menu.pex Data\Scripts\p71_slsqr_orgasmmagic.pex Data\Scripts\p71_slsqr_orgasmmagic_keyed.pex Data\Scripts\p71_slsqr_playeralias.pex Data\Scripts\p71_slsqr_sys.pex Data\Scripts\p71_slsqr_utility.pex Data\Scripts\Source\p71_slsqr_main.pex Data\Scripts\Source\p71_slsqr_menu.pex Data\Scripts\Source\p71_slsqr_orgasmmagic.pex Data\Scripts\Source\p71_slsqr_orgasmmagic_keyed.pex Data\Scripts\Source\p71_slsqr_playeralias.pex Data\Scripts\Source\p71_slsqr_sys.pex Data\Scripts\Source\p71_slsqr_utility.pex Everything in Data\Meshes\Slsqr\ [*](optional) Run a save game script cleaner How to preform a 'Clean Install' Fallow the uninstall instructions. Load the save you want to clean. You may need to tell SkyUI to refresh the MCM menu if the SLSQr config menu is still showing up in MCM. Save the game and quit. Use a save script cleaner on the save you just made. I use Save game script cleaner Fallow the install instructions. Load the cleaned save. You may need to tell SkyUI to refresh the MCM menu if the SLSQr config menu isn't showing in MCM. Save the game Compatibility Incompatible with the original Sexlab Squirt. Looking at the code for Devious Devices - Integration it appears that Harnesses/Corsets and Cuffs/Armbinder use the same equipment slots as the squirt effect. Having these items equipped while squirting will cause weirdness. Squirt effects are invisible on custom races. Known Issues and Bugs Under very rare circumstances it is possible for actors to turn invisible when they squirt. Should only happen when squirt effects are played in very tight spaces. FAQ Q: I found a bug! A: Good for you! Explain it to me IN DETAIL and I will try to fix it. Q: Is this compatible with -> INSERT MOD HERE <-? A: I don't know. You could test it and find out. Q: I have this awesome idea for a feature! Could you add it for me? A: As long as its script related, then yes, so long as it fits with the mod I will consider it. If it's additional effects that you want, that the answer is probably no. I simply don't have the tools to create custom meshes and particle effects. Q: SkiUI isn't registering the MCM Menu! Help me! A: This is an issue with SkiUI NOT SexLab Squirt Reborn. In fact, if you type "mcm menu" into google it will automatically suggest things like "mcm menu not working", "mcm menu not showing", "mcm menu not appearing", etc. If you actually search any of these you will get THOUSANDS of results. I repeat: this is a problem with SkiUI, so please stop reporting it here. If I continue to get bug report about this I will simply ignore you. It is not my responsibility to support other peoples mods. Here are some things you can do if your too lazy to research and fix the problem your self: If you are using the BSA version then try using the loose file version. Uninstall some script heavy mods. The most common/likely cause of this is script lag. Basically when ever Skyrims script system is overloaded it will process script on a first come first serve basis and scripts that take too long will not be processed at all until the game gets the script load under control. Go some place far away from areas with lots of NPCs like a small cleared out dungeon before installing. Hit the wait key and wait for an hour then give the game a few second to see if it registers the menu. Repeat until the menu registers. Saving to a new save slot and loading that save will sometimes kick start the process of registering menus. Open the console (default is the ~ key) and type SetStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1 then hit enter. Wait patently for SkiUI to re-register all mods that have MCM Menus. This can take up to several minutes depending on script load. Generally this is something you only want to do several minutes after loading a save as it increases script load. Run your save through Save game script cleaner. Rouge scripts tend to accumulate in heavily modded games. This is especially true if its an old save that has had many script heavy mods installed and uninstalled. Try starting a new game. It the menu registers in a new game then your problem is not being caused by an error in my mod. Follow the Clean Install instruction. Sometimes mods just decide to break for no apparent reason. If all else fails, try starting a new game with only this mod and its requirement installed. At the very least this will tell you if its a problem with this mod or not. Credits and Recognition and Legal - Slayster for the original idea. - The authors of Zaz animation pack for the meshes and textures. - Ashal for the SexLab framework. I don't care what you do with this mod so long as you give credit where credit is due and you do not sell ANY part of it. This mod and its components are to remain FREE. Full Change Log Submitter popcorn71 Submitted 04/29/2015 Category Sex Effects Requires SKSE, SkyUi, Sexlab Framework, PapyrusUtil Special Edition Compatible
  20. View File Description: This mod should make all compatible SkyMoMod V12 creatures work with SexLab, basically all I did was add penises to most of the creatures and add them to there appropriate vanilla creature race. Note: This does not work well with SexLab Nude Creatures since it replaces the creature mesh during sex hopefully a patch is created in the future. Note: Only works with full version I haven't tested it out with anything else. :Note: Monsters pics not listed appreciated. Requirements: SexLab Animation Framework Bestiality Extras from Gone Dawnguard DLC (there is also a non-dawnguard version, but you will miss the dawnguard creatures) Skymomod Defeat 4.2.1 Pics ??? (Penis not included) Arch Demon (Penis included) Daedric Prince (Penis not included) ??? (???) Issues All SkyMoMod creatures will have erections. Questions and Answers Will you make any another creature mod or different version? No I will only work on the full version Submitter Guest Submitted 01/22/2014 Category WIP / Beta Requires Skymomod, Sexlab, Beastiality Extras, Dawnguard Special Edition Compatible
  21. View File A remake of the textures currently included in SexLab, They are made from real photos so if you are a stickler for authenticity you can take "cumfort" in knowing that cum has at least at some point or another behaved in this way, well, pattern wise at least. Att. If you are having issues with the face textures not working in SlaveTats check out this post by Schemendrick Comes in two versions: v1.0 - Icecream Edition. As coined by Dagren v1.2+ - Real Edition. Things to keep in mind: MUST READ! (Apply mostly to v1.0) Since they were made on a formula for personal use results may vary depending your setup, some minor tweaks have been made to make them a bit more universal but these are minor, as a result they may be hard to see or look dark/grey under certain light conditions particular on very pale-skinned characters, this is not a glitch, I tried to strike a balance between real and cartoon so that they would not look out of place in the world of Skyrim, the benefit of this is that they won't stand out/glow in the dark as much. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Requirements: SexLab Framework v1.61 or newer. SlaveTats (Optional) Installation: Mod-managers: Install like you would any other mod. Mod-organizer is of cause recommended. Manual: Dibella save you. Backup your current SexLab textures found in :data\textures\sexlab Drop the folder into your data folder and click "YES" to overwrite. Info to modders and tweakers: If you decide that they are too subtle for your taste/setup, they are easy to adjust, simply brighten them up a bit, I would not recommend touching the alpha channel unless you know what you're doing. And remember to keep back-ups. Version 1.2 is not tweaking friendly. Optional Facials: See Screenshots Found in the optional folder. Remember these are designed for the face only and as a result will look extreme/bad on the body. You will have to manually rename and replace with the main textures; Example: rename Facial1 > Oral1 and move it into the main folder, remember to keep backups. SlaveTats version: Works like any other pack for SlaveTats, I recommend only picking one layer as one style contains all of the patterns found in the one before it, Again depending on your setup they may look dark or grey, so I highly suggest tweaking the colour in Racemenu to best suit your game. Problems & Support: The textures were made using a CBBE UV-map as a guide and I honestly have no idea how they look on UNP-based bodies. I doubt it will be a problem but if things go completely bananas I could be encouraged to make a UNP version. Full disclaimer I know only basics about 3D modelling/painting and next to nothing about the fine details of it, I rely mostly on 2D experience and trial and error to get things working so the support I can offer outside of that is somewhat limited. Future plans: A "real" version more in line with the facials. - Done 100% Dedicated face textures (not currently supported by SexLab) for screen archery. - Done 100% Possible full on dipped like a candle bukkake texture as an optional replacer for the full 2nd layer. In Progress 20% Possible port to Slave Tats. - Done 100% More extreme bukkake full 2nd layer. - On Hold 50% Q&A: Q: Why is there not more/bigger patches on the face? A: Because Sexlab uses the same textures for both the body and the face, so making one texture that looks optimal size-wise for both is next to impossible. Q: Will you release the assets used to make these? A: Unlikely, copyright and in some cases privacy issues would come into play, two headaches I don't want, I have enough of those already. Q: Are any of those assets your own "contributions"? A: Let's leave that one a mystery, more fun to keep your guessing, well for me at least. Q: Why such a long description of a simple texture replacer? A: I don't know, maybe I'm just completely mad. Permissions: You are free to use and or include the textures anywhere you like, no need to ask, but link and credit are of course appreciated. Same with any tweaks you make. Credits: Ashal - Sexlab and LoversLab which btw you can support via patreon - hint hint wink wink. murfk - SlaveTats Jessica(my GF) - For taking it in good spirit when told that all of those cumshot pictures were indeed for research. Submitter Vacaliga Submitted 06/13/2016 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework 1.61+. Slavetats (optional) Special Edition Compatible  
  22. View File Children + Soul Gems is an add-on for SexLab Hentai Pregnancy that allows players and NPCs to have children and/or produce soul gems at the end of the pregnancy period. This is essentially an expanded version of Hentai Pregnancy Childbirth Plugin so much of the credit should go to Kitsune32 as I would not have even started this project if not for that mod. Do not use this mod together with Hentai Pregnancy Childbirth Plugin unless you want twins with every birth. Version 1.5 First 1.5 Note: Upgrading to 1.5 will work best if you go to an area without any children and save before installing the update. When you load, wait for the load message (may take half a minute or so) before doing much. The reason for this is that I have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work fixing little things, reorganizing parts of the mod to make it easier for me to work with, and reducing potential compatibility issues. Because of these changes, children's hair, eyes, and clothes are getting sort-of "reset." They should retain their hair style but they will get new clothes (random so they might end up the same) and I have changed a few eye colors to be more consistent across the various compatibility mods. If you spot any problems with hair, eyes, or clothes after upgrading please let me know which race and gender and which, if any, of the compatibility modules you are using. I am leaving the 1.4 files available in case I broke something and didn't find it in my testing. Second 1.5 Note: There is a new "Race Settings" menu that controls racial inheritance. Each known parent race is listed with two drop-down menus allowing you to select what races these spawn. If you have it set to use one of the parent's races (or the random [iNHERITED]) the mod will use these settings to determine the child's race. Right now the system just chooses randomly between the two races, so "Alternate" does not mean less of a chance to be chosen or anything like that. Other 1.5 Features: Added support for Skykids. Added support for Monli and Drow races for Skykids. Read the section about the Skykids module for more information. The system now correctly identifies the races for Vampire, Afflicted (Breton), and older (Nord) NPCs. Fixed a problem with certain random clothing combinations having partially invisible legs. Added a few hair styles that I had missed. This includes a "bald" hairstyle for female elves so make sure to check the "Child Details" page if newly born children look like they have no hair. Added a few male hairstyles that look okay with female heads to RS Children. Uploaded modifications for HentaiPregnancy (called "SexLabHentaiPregnancy changes plus.rar") that fixes a few minor scripting bugs and allows greater control of pregnancy duration and effects and allows canceling of individual pregnancies (this should also completely reset the body in case it has gotten stuck in a pregnant morph). Please don't ask me to do much with this mod. Adding options to the menu is fine but adding to the functionality is too much work for me at the moment. Next on To-Do List: Adoption. Features Full SkyUI/MCM menu control of all features. At the end of the pregnancy a child will be "born" and/or a Soul Gem will be created. The child is based off the basic children of Skyrim but is only Protected, not Invulnerable. Menus control whether children, Soul Gems, or both are created at birth. The parent where the child spawns can be set to the Mother (default), the Father, or whichever parent is not the player (will choose mother if both are NPCs). Menu options are available for disabling notification messages on addon load, child birth, etc. Note that menus may not function correctly until the addon is fully loaded which is the purpose of the load message. [*]Made some minor changes to the base model for human children. Fixed tint on children's shoes. Made tint on children's hands closer to rest of body. [*]Children will randomly "inherit" a race from one of their parents. This can be changed from the menus to always be the Mother's race, the Father's race, or a specific race. The inheritance rules can be further refined on the "Race Settings" menu, allowing the player to select two child races for each parent race. Non-human children have been given very smooth face textures. [*]Children are born with a random set of clothes. [*]Children born in towns are more active. The mod attempts to determine what town a child is in and set its AI appropriately. This should work for the town itself and any areas directly within it such as most houses, inns, etc. Areas that are not directly within the town (such as the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters or the Riften docks) may not work. Children tend to run or walk around town during the day, eat at the local inn at night, and then attempt to find somewhere to sleep. I added several spots in each inn where children can lay down and sleep. Supported towns: Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge, Falkreath, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Kynesgrove, Markarth, Morthal, Riften, Riverwod, Rorikstead, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold, Winterhold College. [*]Children can be removed through the MCM menus. Done from the Child List, "Remove and Keep" will remove selected child(ren) from menus (and lose appearance/name management) but will leave child in the game world. "Remove and Delete" will completely remove child from the game. I recommend saving your game before deleting any children. [*]A number of customization options for children have been added that are tied to the child's specific race and gender. I have implemented a method that partially avoids this problem but if more than one child born from this mod and of the same race/gender is on screen at the same time then they will have the same appearance. Effectively, children of the same race/gender but in different towns will not interfere with each other. This applies to names, hair styles and color, and eye style. The child to be customized can be selected from a list of all children born from this mod. Options are also available for choosing the child most recently born and choosing the child associated with a birth certificate by first reading the certificate and then selecting [FROM CERTIFICATE] in the menu. The default names of the children are Nord Son, Khajiit Daughter, and so on. Children can be renamed through the menus via two methods.First method allows selecting a prefix and suffix from lists to generate a name. This method emulates the NPC naming systems used in Arena and Daggerfall as discussed at http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Names. Imperial and Orc names are similar methods created by me based on names from Morrowind. Female Nord names were expanded a bit (also based on names from Morrowind). Different lists are available for generating race and gender appropriate names but they are not enforced, e.g. you can give a male Nord child a female Khajiit name if you so desire. There is limited support for "last" names as well. Father's or mother's last name (if they have them and if the mod can figure them out) can be chosen as well as a few others. [*]Second method allows selecting a letter at a time to build a name. It should be pretty obvious but the name is built until it reaches an [END] selection. [*]Any oddities in capitalization are not my doing but Skyrim's due to the way strings are handled. I have reduced the possibility of this as much as possible. Names will have an extra space at the beginning for this reason. [*]Children that are on screen when you load a saved game may temporarily revert back to default names (such as Nord Daughter, etc). [*]Children that are on screen when you rename a different child of the same race/gender will be temporarily renamed as well. [*]Children receive a random hair style when they are born. The style and color can be changed from the menus on the Child Details page. Note that the actual child (human) models have very limited options. The actual change may be delayed until you go to another area and return. Changing hair color via the color swatch dialogue does not yet work. Use the text menu instead. [*]Minor "vampire" support. If either parent is a vampire then the child will be given vampire eyes. Note that this looks for vampirism at the time of conception. [*]Birth certificates are generated when a child is born. When a child is born you should get a quest completed message that says "A New Birth Certificate!" A note will be added to the player's inventory that gives the mother's and father's names, date of birth, and the child's race and gender. If two births occur very close to each other (like within the same game minute) you may not receive a certificate for one of them. The creation of birth certificates can be disabled in the SkyUI/MCM interface but note that the certificates can be used in conjuction with the menus for renaming, etc. The weekday on the birth certificate is off compared to what the in-game interface displays. I added an adjustment but I don't know if it was something wrong with my installation or other mods or if it's a bug in the base game. The adjustment can be changed from the menus if it is wrong for your game. [*]An "apprentice" system has been added for the children created by this mod. Children in towns will start learning a trade from a local. Talking to the child occasionally is an important step in starting and advancing the apprenticeship. These conversations can occur early in the morning and late in the day. Animations don't quite fit when a child is using certain tools (such as forges, grindstones, etc). Also, since this mod alters the tools, some NPCs may have slightly off animation. This only applies to tools at specific locations, however, not all tools in the world. List of apprentice jobs: Alchemist in Falkreath and Windhelm, Bard in Solitude, Blacksmith in Whiterun, Enchanter in Morthal, Farmer in Ivarstead and Rorikstead, Lumberjack in Dragon Bridge, Mage in Winterhold College, Merchant in Dawnstar and Markarth, Miner in Karthwasten and Kynesgrove, Priest in Riften, Soldier in Winterhold, "Tanner" (Blacksmith) in Riverwood. Apprentices that reach the highest level give certain benefits. Many of these are simply giving the player job-related items (such as potions from the Alchemist). The Pwill give a unique blessing. Bards provide "song" scrolls that give AOE buffs (similar to the Call of Arms scroll, and yes I ripped my ideas from Everquest). Blacksmiths can temper any weapon up to "Legendary". The merchant apprentices become actual vendors and have somewhat unique merchandise. Soldier and Mage apprentices can be recruited as followers. Notes on Blacksmith apprentice: The item tempered should be the one in your right hand. If you have an identical item in your inventory, store it first or it may be selected instead. The tempering will increase the quality of the weapon by one rank and can be done once a day. There are many levels of "Legendary" and the apprentice can temper some of them, so it will take multiple days of "Legendary" tempering to max out the weapon. The weapon will be on the ground after it is tempered (this is mentioned in the dialogue as well). [*]Notes on apprentice followers: Only a single soldier or mage apprentice can be recruited at a time. The apprentice follower should not interfere with any other followers. Followers are given various equipment or spells depending on level of the player. In the current version it is not possible to change the apprentice's equipment like a housecarl's. Follower name and appearance will override any other children of the same race and gender. Follower head and/or body may disappear briefly when loading a saved game. [*]An experimental "child growth" system is available. If this is enabled the child will start smaller than normal and follow whichever parent the child was spawned at until it grows to "full size". Only one parent per town can be followed (and one in the world "at large" outside the towns) but the vagarities of the AI system mean that previous children still in "toddler" stage may not immediately (or ever) start following the new parent. If the child does start following a different NPC, they may not be able to follow them into locked houses. This is disabled by default due to how bad the models look when shrunk down ever further. [*]Fully-grown children can be moved from their current locations to any of the supported towns. This is done through dialogue with the child you want to move. This can be used on any child born from this mod so it can be used if a child wanders away from town for some reason or is born in an unusual location. Requirements SKSE 1.7.0 SkyUI SexLab SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Limitations The mod supports up to 125 children. There is no limit to how many can actually be born but the mod will not provide support for managing names, appearances, or other details for any children over the 125 limit. The 125 limit can be turned into a hard limit where no children are born after reaching 125 children by turning OFF the option in General Settings. Known Issues Not exactly a bug but due to the way the AI works if you wait/sleep through a key time period the AI may get confused and the children will not be where they should be and occasionally disappear entirely. This is not permanent though, they will return to their proper place as the AI packages continue to work. Kids won't eat. Is this my bug or Bethesda's? They have standing eating animation but always try to sit down to eat even when the AI package says not to sit. To Do List (things I actually plan to do) Adoption, including support for Hearthfire houses. Inheriting eye colors. (For child models that allow it.) Add an orc encampment to list of known towns with appropriate AI. Improve randomness of children born close together in time. Outfit management/availability of armor for follower children. Requested Items (if I can figure out how) Add voices to dialogue. Add children calling player Mom/Dad/etc when appropriate. Compatibility with Beeing Female. Compatibility with creatures... not too sure about this one. Compatibility with Alternate Actors and Enhanced Character Edit. Make Khajiit boys use female head. (RSChildren module does this, not sure I'll make something separate.) Add option for Player- or NPC-only births. Making children non-essential. Due to the way children, adults, furniture, and my apprentice system interact this is not an easy task. I have an idea on how to do this but I'm not close to being ready to test it much less implement it. When this will be addressed and whether I can even fix it is currently unknown. Children growing into adults. If anyone wants to work on this, I will provide a basic framework and tell you the parts that need to be filled in. After discussing this, I started getting a bunch of ideas (I told you not to get me distracted, dang it.) but if you leave it to me to do then this is 2-3 months away from completion. Maybe List (might happen but much lower priority) Have children visit player's house in city if purchased. Add a fetch quest for child to reach final level of apprenticeship? More jobs. Maybe thief or assassin? Better emotions and animations during apprentice-related dialogues. Add AI pathing to Winterhold and other towns where it is lacking. Add AI support for returning to house where child was born? Wish List (not likely to happen but might if I get assistance ) A "baby" that the mother carries/wears for a while before it changes to a separate NPC. Better models for toddler-sized children and "full size" non-human children. Any help on this would be appreciated as I am terrible with 3D modeling. Especially useful would be a child model with adjustable weight which could be used to do a chubbier "toddler" stage. More job-related equipment for apprentices - armor for soldier, blacksmith apron, etc. Most of the built-in models do not work with human children. Custom animations for children using tools such as forge, alchemy table, etc. Potential Conflicts Mods that drastically alter the inns could cause the children to not find places to sleep. Mods that alter/enable the civil war scripts in towns such as Ivarstead and Karthwasten where grain mills and smelters can be destroyed could conflict. Most likely, the scene would play out but the tools would still be there for use. Mods that alter children textures/models could be a problem. "Kids of Skyrim" gave me children with invisible faces and translucent hair. (The Xvision compatibilty mod should fix this particular example.) Optional Files I have made avaiable a version of HPSoulGemBirth that does nothing except keep children birthed by that mod around. Note that none of the AI enhancements that I have made will apply to them. Since SexLabHentaiPregnancy has not been updated in some time I have uploaded a file that provides recompiled scripts compatible with SexLab 1.5. I do not think it is actually necessary but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Additional Modules for Children + Soul Gems ==================================== Please note that the modules listed below require the base Children + Soul Gems addon file. Children + Soul Gems Xvision ------------------------------------ DO NOT USE THIS WITH THE REMODEL, RSCHILDREN, OR TKCHILDREN MODULES. I had to go with one or the other, so this is based on the Xvision Children - Redone version of the mod, since the other is no longer being maintained. Children born from this addon will now use the Xvision models. Many more options are available for human hair. Non-human children now use the Xvision children clothing and will be given a random set. UNINSTALLING: find an area with no children present, go the the Children + Soul Gems MCM menu, choose the "Module Information" screen, and click the "Uninstall" text next to "Xvision Children compatibility". Wait for dialogue prompt indicating uninstallation finished then save your game. Exit Skyrim and disable the Children+SoulGemsXvision.esp addon. Children + Soul Gems RSChildren ----------------------------------------- DO NOT USE THIS WITH THE REMODEL, XVISION, OR TKCHILDREN MODULES. This module requires RS Children Overhaul 1.1.0. Children born from this addon will now use the RS Children models. Many more options are available for human hair. Non-human children will also use the RS Children clothing and will be given a random set. Most clothing in RS Children is of the shirt & pants variety, even for females. Due to the way that RS Children works, all children (including "male" children) are limited to using female hair styles. If a male child is born with a style that looks too feminine you will need to change it manually (under "Child Details" in the MCM menus). Due to the way that RS Children works, Argonian and Khajiit heads and hands do not quite fit the body model. I have minimized it as much as possible but it is still visible if you are looking for it. UNINSTALLING: find an area with no children present, go the the Children + Soul Gems MCM menu, choose the "Module Information" screen, and click the "Uninstall" text next to "RS Children compatibility". Wait for dialogue prompt indicating uninstallation finished then save your game. Exit Skyrim and disable the Children+SoulGemsRSChildren.esp addon. Children + Soul Gems Skykids ------------------------------------ DO NOT USE THIS WITH THE REMODEL, XVISION, RSCHILDREN, OR TKCHILDREN MODULES. This module requires Skykids dated 2-17-2014. You must have the base module and the armorpack. Children born from this addon will now use the Skykids models. Many more options are available for human hair. Children born will receive a random set of farm clothing. The Skykids female meshes for farm clothing did not have any legs for some reason. I have fixed this but it is a hacked-together sort of fix. Let me know if you spot any odd geometry. Due to the way that Skykids works, children (including "male" children) are mostly limited to using female hair styles. If a male child is born with a style that looks too feminine you will need to change it manually (under "Child Details" in the MCM menus). Monli and Drow child races are supported by installing the "Children+SoulGemsSkykidsRaces" module. These are female-only races (for the time being) and will only spawn female children (even if the settings say to produce a male child). After installing the race module you will need to go to the "Race Settings" screen and choose which parent races will produce Monli and/or Drow children. For example, if you wanted Dark Elves to randomly produce either Dark Elves or Drow then change one of the two race Dark Elf options to Drow. If you want to completely replace Dark Elves then change both options to Drow. There is currently not an option to uninstall an added child race. Please keep this in mind when using the Monli and Drow addition. [*]UNINSTALLING: find an area with no children present, go the the Children + Soul Gems MCM menu, choose the "Module Information" screen, and click the "Uninstall" text next to "Skykids compatibility". Wait for dialogue prompt indicating uninstallation finished then save your game. Exit Skyrim and disable the Children+SoulGemsSkykids.esp addon. Children + Soul Gems TKChildren ----------------------------------------- DO NOT USE THIS WITH THE XVISION OR RSCHILDREN MODULE. This module requires TK Children 1.0. Adds a few more options for human children hair. This module only affects human children. For that reason it can be used together with Children + Soul Gems Remodel. UNINSTALLING: find an area with no children present, go the the Children + Soul Gems MCM menu, choose the "Module Information" screen, and click the "Uninstall" text next to "TK Children compatibility". Wait for dialogue prompt indicating uninstallation finished then save your game. Exit Skyrim and disable the Children+SoulGemsTKChildren.esp addon. Children + Soul Gems Remodel -------------------------------------- DO NOT USE THIS WITH THE XVISION OR RSCHILDREN MODULE. This is a very small step toward making the non-human children look more like children. The main thing that this addon does is divorce the child models (meshes and textures) from the adult models. I have used smooth textures and made less curvy female meshes. Depending on what mods you already use the impact of these changes will vary. Children are now born with a random set of clothes. Resource have been borrowed from the following mods: Better Males Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents Better Females by Bella Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition UNP Blessed Body Forgotten Argonian Roots Cover Khajiit [*]UNINSTALLING version 1.2 or higher: find an area with no children present, go the the Children + Soul Gems MCM menu, choose the "Module Information" screen, and click the "Uninstall" text next to "Children + Soul Gems Remodel". Wait for dialogue prompt indicating uninstallation finished then save your game. Exit Skyrim and disable the Children+SoulGemsRemodel.esp addon. Children + Soul Gems Dragonborn ------------------------------------------ Requires Dragonborn expansion. Adds support for two towns on Solstheim. Raven Rock - priest apprentice with different blessing than the one in Riften. Skaal Village - lumberjack apprentice. Submitter dtim Submitted 06/30/2014 Category Sex Effects Requires Special Edition Compatible
  23. View File SexLab Romance is a new mod for use with the SexLab framework that allows the player to initiate sex via dialogue rather than spells. Romance is not just another "want sex, get sex" type mod, instead the mod works with a huge range of factors to determine your likelihood of success for a given NPC. Not all NPC's are the same, indeed if you are starting a new game you may well find that more often than not your attempts at romance are doomed to fail, win over an NPC enough times and they may even be willing to follow you though (Obviously if you romance an important NPC enough and recruit them as a follower then you run the risk of breaking quests, use at your own risk!). Because you are romancing NPC's rather than just demanding sex, romance attempts can help increase your speechcraft skill. NPC's within the game are not robots though, you can't just proposition them for sex constantly, after you do proposition an NPC that NPC will be 'off limits' for a short while. If you are shy then you can lead your romantic target to somewhere a little quieter, you can even pick up another friend on the way for some threesome action if you want. If you do find it too hard to romance anyone (or too easy for that matter) then there is an MCM menu for the mod where you can adjust the difficulty, turn off sexual preferences and any racial adjustments to help boost your sex life in Skyrim. Change Log 18/08/2014: Changed tags for Lesbian and Threeway sex to ensure more scenes are used 11/05/2014: Added a toggle into MCM so that Romance uses SexLab's Sexuality for NPC's rather than it's own. This should help keep integrity with other sex mods. By default this is set to True. Removed Romance Fix. 10/05/2014: Added Romance Fix download. DO NOT USE UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO 27/04/2014: Added functions to initiate boobjobs, handjobs, footjobs and also FF specific sex Added toggles into MCM to control what NPC sex the dialogue displays for. 14/04/2014: Made slight change to hopefully make the mod useful with more characters. Basically changed the IsPlayerRace check to haskeyword=actortypenpc Also merged source code for scripts into the one download. 26/12/2013: Source Code made available for anyone to use/modify 12/05/2013: Fixed potential bug that could affect spouses Fixed that ability to talk to none playable races Added checkbox in menu to turn off cooldown if romance attempt was successful Moved files to Lovers Lab Corrected some minor dialogue errors Additional Info Factors that affect your chances of success While I don't intend to list everything that has an impact on your chance of success or failure, I will list some of the main ones: Speechcraft Skill Your Level Race Quests Completed NPC's Social Standing NPC's Sexual Orientation NPC's Relationship With You In addition, NPC's are dynamic between games, so you may find that in one game a particular NPC is easy, yet in another they are incredibly hard to win over. Future Plans Note: Development of this version of SexLab Romance has ceased, after being away for so long and seeing the advancements in SexLab, including some excellent new mods, a complete redesign of this mod is in order, possibly with a complete rewrite from the ground up. Because of this I have uploaded the source code for the scripts so that anyone who wishes to make changes or use anything within this mod for there own purposes is free to do so while I look at the possibility of creating a whole new RPG based romance mod. Future versions of this mod will include the following: NPC's approaching and propositioning you for sex An option to offer money or gifts for sex / Intimidate for sex (leading to rape if you let it) if an NPC turns you down, offering money for sex could cause offence however, and if an intimidation attempt leads all the way to rape you will definitely not be popular!!!! Possible integration with this blushing mod assuming there are no complications Options to romance your target in advance of propositioning them for sex, in an attempt to soften them up. Submitter spaceman Submitted 05/12/2013 Category Dialog Sex Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  24. View File :INTRODUCTION: I wanted a little mod to be able to have SexLab recognize my female (now "Futa") character as male. And so I set out to try and find a way to do just that. Thanks to a support topic I started I got a solution to my "problem" in the form of a user, Someone92 pointing out a quote from Ashal which had all the basic components in how to create such a mod. But of course, I had no idea how to even find anything in the Creation Kit, and still have little idea of how to work myself around mod-making, so I asked for help to a great person and modder- TDF (TheDriedFinger), who not only gave me an incredibly in-depth tutorial on how to do all of this, but basically did it all. I just mainly did the Copy/Pasting of the code and what not, and before I knew it the thing went from an idea to a fully working, finished mod that does exactly what I needed it to! =D :DESCRIPTION: This mod will give the Player Character 2 *Lesser Powers* (under the *Powers* tab in the *Magic* window) the next time they load their game with the mod active; one for changing the Player's gender and one for changing any NPC's gender, as far as SexLab is concerned. :WHAT THIS MOD ALLOWS: -The affected Player/NPC will now use the desired gender's Masturbation animations. -A female character whose gender has been changed to male will now *not* auto-equip a strap-on, if the feature is enabled in SexLab's MCM page. -Allow the female character whose gender has been changed to male to display "cum" on their partner, without the need to enable the "Female on Female cum" option in SexLab's MCM page. :WHAT THIS MOD WON'T DO: -Change the character's voice. -Change the character's expressions. -Change how the rest of Skyrim sees the character; a female character whose gender has been swapped to male will still be treated as a female by the game. :INSTRUCTIONS: :USAGE: Upon loading a game with the Mod installed/active, you will receive 2 Lesser Powers: -SexLab Gender Spell: Select and cast this one to change your character's SexLab gender. -SexLab NPC Gender Spell: Select, aim at an NPC and cast this one to change an NPC's SexLab gender. :INSTALLING: -Copy the contents from the files' Data folder to your Skyrim's Data folder. Or... -Import the file to NMM, select it and Activate it. :UNINSTALLING: -Remove the files' from your Data folder. Or... -Select the mod from your NMM list and Deactivate it. :KNOWN QUIRKS: -If you swap your character or any NPC's gender for the opposite, and at a later date decide to revert the changes, it is advised to cast the spell and choose the option "Clear forced gender". The reason for this, as explained by Ashal: :CREDITS: TheDriedFinger(TDF): For everything in this mod, really Ashal: For the awesome Framework and general improvements/optimization to some of the code. Someone92: For being the first one to answer to my questions and point me to Ashal's quote LoversLab: For being an awesome community :FAQ: - Q: What outfit/armor are you wearing? A: A mash-up of things: -Body - UNPB BBP from MrTroubleMaker. -Hair - from SG Hair Pack (no longer available, sorry ). -Skin - from SG Female Textures Renewal. -Mage Circlet - from the College of Winterhold's main storyline. -Gauldur Amulet - from Skyrim's vanilla quest The Gauldur Legend. -Posture Collar - from Devious Devices. Assets/Integration. -HotPants Top - from Osare 'HotPants'. Converted to UNPB BBP (my default 'naked' body').* -Arm Armor + Boots - from Blacktalon Armor. Converted to SevenBase Cleavage. Nº94. -Assault Bracers - from West Wind Combat Series; Assault Armor.* -Wolf Belt - from Northgirl Armor.* -Spiderbane Sword - from Isilmeriel Lord of The Rings Weapons Collection.* Re-sized through RaceMenu.* -Nails - not sure if B3lisario made these or not, but I got them from his UNPB conversions collection. Nº38. -Ebony Defensive Staff - from Staves of Skyrim.* -Equipable Schlong - from B3lisario's Equipable Schlong and More... thread. -Equipable Schlong's Skin Match - Made by me for SOS. Found at B3lisario's SOS download pages as optional files. Here or Here. Note that this Skin Match was made for SG Female Textures Renewal. -Wearable Pubes - from Sinuev2 here. * - These item links lead to Skyrim Nexus. - Q: What penis is that? A: Equipable Schlong + SG Renewal Skin Match + Wearable Pubes. See above for the links. - Q: What do I need besides SexLab to get this mod working? A: You will need a Schlong/Penis for both your female character and/or the NPC/s you want to swap the gender of. I recommend SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim using the aforementioned add-on; Equipable Schlong. However if you want a more complex, sophisticated, robust version, I recommend SOS - Schlong for Females. Note that if you do go with the Full SOS you need to pay special attention to installation instructions and mod prerequisites. There are other alternatives and you're welcome to look throughout LoversLab and Skyrim Nexus for different 'Schlongs', but SOS is the mod I subscribe to . Submitter MonaBabii Submitted 01/30/2014 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Special Edition Compatible
  25. I can not make topic in "Downloads - SexLab Framework" Sexlab_WearAndTear_v2.03 Topic with old version Description: It seems that a wear and tear type plugin for sexlab was overdue. Sexlab Apropos/describe just released their own wear and tear upgrade. This is my own take on W&T, a very simple plugin with no dependencies (other than Sexlab of course) and no strings attached. - 5 stages for each organs (except penis which are indestructible): nothing, slight discomfort, discomfort, pain and severe pain. - There are no positive effects, positive effects will have to come from other plugins. - The defuff are not extremely hard but if they accumulate they can be annoying, mainly damage speech/voice and damage speed. - Relative size of the participant influence damage... an big Orc fucking a small elf will result in more damage than 2 elves... that sort of thing. It measure the collision box size... I haven't tested it with creatures but the same rule should apply. Large creature should result in large damage received. This can be tweaked with the "size matter" setting. - 3 craftable items under cooking pot (misc section) can help you mitigate the negative effects. - Natural lubrication results in diminishing returns of damage received. - Experience increases resistance to damage. - Config menu can be used to monitor and tweak almost very aspect. - you can config state bars of organs in menu - plugs from Devious Devices series decrease healing speed of anus and vagina, gag - mouth - catch orgasm events sended by Devious Devices vibrations Required - Sex Animation Framework v1.59c+ (you can use elder versions, but make sure that it sends event "OrgasmEnd") - SkUI 4.1 - HearthFires.esm - PlayerValueControler Recomended - mods of Devious Devices series Update - in MCM disable checkbox "Effects Enabled" on page "General" - delete mod - save game - install new version Change Log: 2.03 (03/01/2015) - initial reliz at www.loverslab.com - clean of mod start after game load, now - decrease debuffs Credits: mainfct - for the first version of this mod. based on mod Sexout: Wear and Tear для FO:NV(author Odessa). Ashal - for Sexlab framework Zadil - for Devious Devices - Assets Min - forDevious Devices - Integration Coopervane - for Devious Devices - Expansion. And the other developing series of Devious Devices PlayerValueControler v0.02 This mod management of speed. Other mods send request to it. Maximum 128 mods. Player can configure calculations rule. This mod takes the test of time. I makes integration patch for "Devious Devices Expansion" and "DeviousDevices-Integration"(just do not install DDx_PVC_patch.esp and zadx_slowfixSCR.pex, if you do not use Expansion) It would be better, if Min include integration into the right place. I'm not sure that my decision - the best. Types of formulas Simple sum - adds all speed mults Limited sum - player set limits of sum Extremum - sum limited by min mult and max mult Cumulative extremum - same as Extremum, but if (sum > max mult) or (sum < min mult ) then result = (max mult or min mult) + portion(sum - (max mult or min mult)) API int Function SetMultBonus(String ModName, String ValueName, Float Value) Request to add / overwrite coefficient ModName - name of mod (for example "YouMod.eps"), sending the request (if the next game loads this mod is not connected, than this coefficient will be received) ValueName = "SpeedMult". It one value at this time Value - value of coefficient Return 1 - success 0 - mod is busy(script work fast. I did not see this result. Just in case) -1 - failure(it is too many mods / wrong ValueName) int Function CleanModByName(String ModName) Remode you mod. ModName - name of mod 1 - success 0 - mod is busy Sexlab_WearAndTear_v2.02 has the same API with small differences int Function SetMultBonus(String ModName, String ValueName, Float Value) ValueName = MouthHealingMult, AnusHealingMult, VaginaHealingMult, MouthResistBonus, AnusResistBonus, VaginaResistBonus Recommended values for MouthResistBonus, AnusResistBonus, VaginaResistBonus : (-1, 1) with step 0.05 MouthHealingMult, AnusHealingMult, VaginaHealingMult : (-1, 1) with step 0.01 For modmakers and tranlators I am not good in english. It would be better if someone translation. I use for translation TesVTranslator. Dictionaries for it can be found in UserDictionary.7z If you need in same changes in mod, tell me about it. I founded critical error in PlayerValueControler v0.02. I apologize. Sexlab_WearAndTear_v2.03 was reactivated. You can use it, but without PlayerValueControler speed debufs do not work. My computer was broken. I do not know, when I can upload the new version. Sexlab_WearAndTear_v2.03.7z
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