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  1. Previous part: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/441/entry-5496-end-of-her-first-day/ Normal day in Cidhna After my decision, Borkul set up my whoring and my new life here started, whoring rules where simple, I asked some of it and Borkul put of his owns, of course these for the clients not me. 1. Shut up and fuck only I can moan. 2. Respect me and no insulting me or any mean comment, if you do Borkul come for you. 3. No rough or anything what I find painful, if you Borkul will take you a round or break your skull. 4. Pay up, if you care about your well being. 5. You can use me as long as you pay ore. 6. What you get is depending how much you pay, I have special services, but more expensive, if you complain what you get a pickaxe will land in your head. These were the rule we set up, I can't say my new life was great here, but I wanted to get out, not rot and die in this miserable place. My average days consisted I get fucked by the entire my, while one get their round others were waited in a line. The lucky one who is the first get a honor to lick my pussy, well they are pretty bad compared to the sisters, why the first one is the lucky? Simply I rather see them fight them for it, then allow more than one for a lick me, even that one is shitty. They weren't brutal and rough, of course they not, the rules. Borkul did good job, they keeped the rules, those rules maked my time much easier to endure this. Compared Borkul, they weren't that much hard to endure, but probably cause the rules. Perfomance was dependend on invidial, but even blindfolded after a few round I recognised who was who, even I didn't knew their names. Some of them was good some were pretty lame. They not get too much of women here, so no suprises of this. Only my moanings were the only sound what I heared and the sound of sex, sometimes the silence and my voice was felt a bit lonely even they when they fucked me, but it was better hearing random miners constant remarks, after all this was my rule, I created them to make myself endure this hole whoring. Standing fuck was the only pose they get from me, that was the standard stuff and my pussy, the others like anal or doggy was special service, they not get those unless they pay up more. That was my usual day normally, sometime I decide to try some other forbidden poses with them, of course for ores. I wanted my own fun too, not just them. One of them was a certain threesome sex pose, double penetration, when I saw first in the temple I always wondered how it feels, since my quest for freedom consisted sex for ores, I decided to pick some lucky random ones and try it, I was not member of the temple anymore, so even more reason to try. I was scared a bit, I never did such pose nor imagine it is feel, due Hamal anal ban it was forbidden pose in the temple even the sisters didn't knew. It will penetrate both my asshole and pussy the same time, it was expected reaction from myself. For warm up one of started fuck my ass and I kissed the one before me, that was not good idea. I started hurry them. They putted me their dicks, both my asshole and pussy in the sametime. I felt full, I never imagined there is such pose and feeling. Experiencing this act, even strapoons can do it, such act and tools is forbidden for the sisters by Hamal, I saw her more tyrant then ever, taking away such pleasure from by two painful sword impale and making me feel full yet same time its pleasure extends the pain. It saddened me knowing the sisters in temple would never feel it, if they do they get branded as heretic and Hamal wrath get them same fate as myself. After the my first double penetration, I decided to make it daily to serve somekind of reward for enduring whoring my freedom and keep my morale up. This act became quite fast one of my favored ways of pleasuring. After 48 days I had the amount of ore to get meeting with Madanach. My longest 48 days, but finally I reached my goal and freedom is only a few step. Borkul put the blindfold on me, to hide the ways to the King of Rags. All my shame and whoring payed off. Borkul: Soon I take it off, we almost there. Gwynolda: Finally... I worked hard to get here, I don't want to back whoring there again. He took off my blindfold and I was a suprised what I saw. I expected him a more menacing and royalry from king of my people, the reachmens.. Borkul: Meet my king, Madanach, king of the Reach and the Forsworn. You earned your meeting with him Gwynolda. Gwynolda: Uhhmm Hello... Borkul: My king, I represent you Gwynolda, a new prisoner of the mine, she worked the hardest to meet you.. Madnach: I see, thank you Borkul, leave us now.. Borkul: Yes my king. I saw an oldman, who sitting there and just write, while he is not what I expected, he lived more royalry then we in the mines. He greeted me and offered answers. Madanach: Well then girl, Gwynolda right? I expect you have many questions and seek answers for it.. End
  2. Previous part: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/441/entry-5469-welcome-to-the-cidhna-mine/ Price of Protection While I walking here, some of the prisoners looked me like a meat others looked pity since I heading to Borkul, they probably thought why she heading to him, is she out her mind. I cannot blame them, even in the Temple I heard about the deeds of Borkul the beast. Rape, Raiding and of course Killing, He was one of the most famous bandit in the recent years, for some reason he gave up himself and throwed here, one knows while. I can already see him.. The description of him was accurate after all, big muscular tall orc warrior, very threating eyes and warpaint. Even in the mine, he is in top shape and weirdly his sword is out. He greeted me. Borkul: Fresh meat, soft and tender, irons on her, I presume you are an dangerous magican? Now tell me why are you come to me? No one comes to me for good reason. He was threating and I wasn't to comfortable, I decided to look brave as possible to make a better impression and answer him. Gwynolda: I am Gwynolda and many of my question lead to you and my main goals are linked to you.. Borkul: Gwynolda? Ahh you are the so called "witch".. I heard about you.. Gwynolda: I am innocent those are just false accusations, I never did such thing. What do you heard of me? Borkul: Of course it is those just mere "reasons", you are an tribute.. Gwynolda: Tribute? Borkul: Yes.. Is there more of my imprisoment than Hamal doings I wondered, what is this "tribute"? I asked him about it. Gwynolda: What is this "tribute" mean? Borkul: Simple thing, they put randomly accusated womens here to boost the morale and keep the mining rate, its not complicated, some higher ranking hates you, same why you get there. Gwynolda: Wretched Hamal... Borkul: Now that clear. What do you want? You took a pretty big risk to come to me, so lets hear it girl. When he told me the other reasons of my imprisoment I was a quiet for a bit, Borkul seemed calm and waited until I thinked on this, after that I started tell him why I come to him. Gwynolda: I come for get answer for my question and offer a deal. Borkul: Go on, ask away. Gwynolda: How can I escape here? Borkul: No one escape here.. Gwynolda: You are lying. I can pay for the answers.. Borkul: Madanach decide who escape and he knows how. Gwynolda: How can I meet him? Borkul: I can arrange, but that cost quite much. Gwynolda: How much exatly? Borkul: I doubt you can pay up that, its silver ore and big amount, you can't just whore yourself to him that way. So question time over, whats the deal you talked before? When he asked, I started walk towards him, put all my charm and stated it to him. Gwynolda: Well Cidhna mine is harsh and rough place and I am a fresh meat around the starved wolves in their den, I offer my body and pleasuring you for your protection from others, you can use me as much you what and anytime as long as you protect me, what you say deal? Borkul: Intriguing offering, hmmm survival at all cost, so how much experience you got? Gwynolda: I was member of the temple of Dibella. Borkul: So pretty much Nothing, expect female pleasuring arts? Gwynolda: You will see it soon.. I kneeled before him and prepared myself to put his sword in to my mouth and suck it. Borkul: Ohh starting with a blowjob? Gwynolda: Yes.. I looked around and checked there are no one around, its kinda embarrasing if others might see it, so I wanted make sure, Borkul looked he is amused and tryng figure out what I do, well at least he don't make rude comments. Borkul: What are you doing, or things changed while I was here? Gwynolda: Don't worry soon you get it. I put my head closer, almost started suck it, but it was an orsimer sword and these are different, I was a little feared of it. Borkul: Never see an orc dong? Gwynolda:...Well... I started masturbate to put myself ready and make myself a little hornier for it. Borkul looked he had no idea what I am doing. Gwynolda: Lets do this.. Borkul: You know lets just take off clothes and skip blowjob, show me your body alright? I took of my clothing and showed him myself as nude. He looked me, smiled. Borkul: Well what a nice body.. Gwynolda: Uhh thanks.. I was embarassed and nervous, I asked him what he plans to do with me. Gwynolda: What exactly will do we? Borkul: Turn around show me your ass. I did what he asked and showed my ass to him, his smile got bigger.. Borkul: Ahh now we talk, what a big ass you got there girl.. I becamed more nervous and started fear a bit, he took of his clothing and his sword are ready to thrust me, his sword was big, larger than Skjoldr's. Borkul: Like what you see? Gwynolda: It is a bit big for me.. Borkul: Don't worry you will wide soon enough He was ready to put there in. Gwynolda: Where you going to put that? He doesn't answered. It took not much time to know the asnwer, he sheated it into my asshole, soon as he putted in I felt I getting destroyed. I screamed my question. Gwynolda: Anal!!?? Borkul: You are tight there, let me show why they call me the beast. My feeling was true, I getting destroyed there, the way he thrusted my asshole is how I think Nirm felt when Mehrunes Dagon manfested in the Imperial city, I screamed my moanings, mixture of pain and pleasure. Borkul: Ahhhh, thats fine. Gwynolda: Ahhhhhh!!!!??? Borkul: Anal is fun right? We orcs know how to give a very good one, endure a bit and soon you will love it. What he said, might be true, I remember reading about having orc lovers as non-orc, most where was very positive, but.. Gwynolda: Its big! Big!! Big!!! My hole is getting destroyed!!! By an Invading..orsimer sword.. Borkul: You feels so good... I don't even started yet. He fucked my ass way harder than Skjoldr, compared Borkul he is nothing. Then he started being serious and showed why he is the beast, he impaled me with his dick and went to deepest as he can, I closed my eyes of the pain and my mouth opened wide as I can open it and I moaned hard as my throat can endure from the pleasure wich out did the pain. I never felt such experience before. Gwynolda: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!??!!! Ahhhh!!! Ahh!!! Yesss... Borkul: Now then sit there a bit. Soon I finish up. Borkul grabbed me and pulled the closest he can to his sword and perfecly put it to the sheat wich was my asshole. I just moaned, probably the entire my could hear it. Then he cummed into me, the first time it was ever in my holes and not my mouth, I could not say anything just my mindless moanings. Borkul: Ahhhh that was good, you know what, lets deal, you have my protection as long as you are my cumdump. Gwynolda: Yaaayyy!! Borkul: Rest a bit, I soon came back and we do it again.. After he finished I immedialty felt to the ground. My ass became wider and full of orsimer cum. It was warm and strange. This was brutal and only the first of the many. He seems much nicer than I expected, but that means nothing, he fucks like some rapid animal and not gentle at all. Well at least others will not try to do with me anything not nice as long as Borkul keep hem far from me, survival came with big price, but survival is first priority at any cost. What did I heard right!!? He come back and next round? By the Eight I barely went throught one time and almost starting the second round, how many times will I get this a day? End
  3. Previous part: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/441/entry-5463-back-to-markath/ Welcome to the Cidhna Mine I sat up and started look around and examine the place. The infamous Cidhna mine, well its not that different from the temple, no natural light, closed and I can expect lot of "Dibellan arts" from the others feel home already. From the rumors what I heard female prisoners are quite rare to none here, so I need on guard and Madanach is here too, might worth a talk with him to get answers. Lets start think what are my best options to survive here and my goals aside of survival of course, then plan my three-step survival plan. First I should find someone and ask how things going here. Second, how can one escape here and trade outside things, how much my pussy worth here I presume thats rarity, I probably need trade that for things if I lack the general currency in the mine,(sigh) as much I not really like the idea priority is survival. I probably need ask whats the main currency. Third, get info who is the most feared and strongest guy around here in mine, then offer him my body to protect me from the other prisoners, if reputation worth something others might not want fuck with him. Lastly how can one meet to madanach and how important he is around here. Thats it. This collar is not too comfortable and the chain makes weight down my feet, I should get this off sooner or later. I picked up a pickaxe if something goes wrong, cause the rotten pant and bandages are not really protect me from anything it just cover. Alright lets do this starting with the first step. Hmmm I should start looking for loners, I really want avoid the groups. Ohh there is one and alone, good lets go there. Gwynolda: Hi there! I'm new here got a few question how things going here at general. He don't really react great. Prisoner:... He complety ignored me until, I offered something to exchange for the desired informations. In this case I offered a blowjob, that get immediatly his attention. Gwynolda: I want know the following things, whats the general currency, how things go here in general, who is the most feared and strongest person here and where is Madanach and how can I meet him. If you gave answer most of them I do that as payment. He gave some answers, Silver ore is the main currency for trading here and outside thats worth the most. Other than most of my questions ended up one name Borkul the beast, he is the one I should go. As he expected I started do my part of the bargain. He dropped off his pants, I kneeled down and grabbed his sword, started licking it from the balls to top, mainly for preparing myself for the taste. He commented entire time, wich maked worse this situation. Prisoner: Stop playing around whore, put it into your mouth, I want feel it. Then I put it into my mouth and started sucked, recalling how I did to Skjoldr at the inn, I tried the best to remember the knowledge how can one suck. This taste horrible. Prisoner: Ahh damn right suck it bitch, its been a while I got a good blowjob. It is humilitating and I feel shame for this, his insulting comments are just making me feel more shame. Prisoner: Ahhh, thats right! Bitches like you are only good for this. I wish he would shut up, but I can't really tell him while his sword in my mouth and even worse he started fuck it. Prisoner: Lets facefuck you! He pushed his sword in to my throat and released his cum to there. Prisoner: Ahh that was good, I left for you a big load, back to mining then. It is over(sigh) its alright now, he went back to mining like nothing happened and sit here with my entire face is covered his cum, even my body other parts got it. Shameful display and humilitation, regret. These are my feelings after this, I prepared myself to this,I disgraced Lady Dibella even it was for getting important information for my survival. Regardless I need get used to it and stop whining otherwise I not last to long here. I lick it from my mouth, this might be the most quality food here, I expect much worse shit for food from this city. Nevermind I will adapt and survive, I not plan to rot here, I will live and escape no matter how, if I need myself whore to this entire mine for that then I do. And after I get out I make pay the one who get me here. You get your turn too scum, as soon as I get off this magicka draining trash off me. I am humilitated and shamed, it doesn't matter to me now, because it is overshadowed By my hatred and anger for Mother Hamal. Borkul the beast huh? Time to meet him. End
  4. Good Old Uncle Ognar: Uhhhhhh Voice: My poor Ognar... Hey Ognar!! Sheogorath: Hi there!! Ognar: Who are you?.. Sheogorath: The one who can understand your problem...only I can Sheogorath: Do you remember me Ognar? Ognar: No.. Sheogorath: I am the good old uncle Sheogorath.. I was always with you.. not REMEMBER? Ognar: Uncle Sheo? Sheogorath: Yes Ognar... Good old Sheogorath.. Ognar: Uncle what is my problem? Sheogorath: Listen well Ognar.. Sheogorath: You are mad.. Ognar: No it can't be I am sane... Sheogorath: No Ognar, I know you are, no one knows better than me, do you know why? Sheogorath: I am the Prince of Madness! Hahahahahhahah!! Sheogorath!!! I am the madness itself!!! Ognar: It can't be... Sheogorath: Hahahah! No Ognar.. The fact I am here is the evidence.. Why I am here? BECAUSE I AM IN YOU!!! Hahahahah! I was always there... Ognar: But....it can't be right? Sheogorath: I am here front of you... Ognar.. you can't deny it..I'm not lying.. Sheogorath: Now then Make Uncle Sheogorath PROUD!! Accept the truth... you are MAD!!! Hahahahah! Ognar: Aeeeuueuaueaueuaue!!!! Aeeeeee!!!? Sheogorath: Hahahahahahh! Finally!! You did it... Sheogorath: Now then Ognar stand up, there is a sword...there.. take up.. look to the door... Ognar: Aaaaaa!! Ognar:Eeeeeee!! Sheogorath: Now then Open the door AND!!!! Show everyone how sane you are by PLUCKING THEIR EYE AND!!! STAB them nicely, after all you are gentle person...Ognar SCREAMING sounds behind in the door.. Sheogorath: Ohhh its music to my ears... Uncle Sheogorath did good deed again, I helped poor boy...with his problem.. Sheogorath: I got bored AGAIN!! I guess Sheogorath could do more charity those who need... End
  5. Previous part: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/441/entry-5557-normal-day-in-cidhna/ King in Rags It appeared the Madanach known me, I felt I should comment on that and known why Gwynolda: So it seems my name is not unknown here after all. Madanach: Witch of Markath as you are known outside, you are well known even in the kingdowns of Reach, The one who maddened Ognar the Honorful, a wretched scum of the Ulfric's milita, rewarded of his heroism during the "Incident" by Igmund, loved by the nords, hated by us, a good ridiance I say. Here you are known as just Borkul's bitch amoungs the guards and the miners. Gwynolda: I never did such thing, I am innocent! Nor I can do.. Madanach: Of course you are, but who knowns the truth outside here? Better question who would believe you? Gwynolda: The sister in Temple surely would not... Madanach: Ohh don't be naive my dear.. Heretic whore of the Reach as they call you there, you became a disgrace of them.. Gwynolda: It can't be... His words was hurting, yet even he doesn't seemed to lie it appeared as truth, I believed him. Madanach: My ears can hear anything in Markarth, in the Reach, amougs the kingdown even in your little temple too.. here chained in Cidhna. Gwynolda: Ahem Madanach: I heard your goal, your revenge, you desire kill Hamal with cold blood... He asked about my goal, the revenge, I was not sure to tell the truth to him, after all why he cares? I told him a bit different version. Gwynolda: I do not desire such selfish thing, I want deliver justice on her, Stendarr's justice! She takes part of innocent womens accusations and led them here in this miserable place, Stendarr demands justice.. Madanach: Stendarr's justice? Come on don't bullshit me. He might approve your revenge, but don't tell me you do this pure selfless reasons for justice, you are talking about the women who exiled of your home from the ones who you love, from your Beloved Dibella to here. She forced you to break Dibella's rule for your own survial, you can't let all of this hatred and anger by just Stendarr.. If you truly cared about the innocents you would choose different target for justice.. He didn't believed my altered version and his words angered me, all of my hatred and anger showed itself once. I raged and lost my calm state. Gwynolda: Fine!! I want rip her into shreds, tear her apart, kill, broke that bitch! Wretched Snowman bitch! Whats the problem with that?!! I have every right for that!! I not care about others I want payback her all of the pain, hatred, suffering she caused me! How dare that overused slut!! I perverted Dibella's arts it for survival and pleasure to endure this shithole, because of her!! Madanach: You cleared it good, now we talk.. Gwynolda: So you will just sit there and write while making me anger? Madanach: I write a diary for myself, I plan the next actions and I write orders, I am not going to stop because you. Gwynolda: When can I ask about what I want?!! Madanach: When I want hear your questions, but I can't just give your desired answers withouth knowing you? I was angry and frustrated, I wanted my answers and way of escape. I was ready for his stupid questions. Gwynolda: Fine what else do you want to known? Madanach: I heard you consider yourself one of us, yet you not worships our Old Gods, not living our way, not having our culture, not wearing our markings. Why do you think you one of us? Gwynolda: I am reachmen, my parents was reachmens, is this not enough? Madanach: Reachmen you? Even we share same ancestors and blood, the Reachmen is culture not blood, how can you claim such thing when you ignorant for it? Just because nords tell you, that not means they right. You even known our Gods? Gwynolda: I claim because my parents was, I known the old gods Dibella, Mara, Kyne, Malacath, Hircine. I had enough time I learned about the history and culture of my people. I maked my research and weared markings until the temple forced me took them off. Madanach: I confident your knowledge is not that accurate as you believe, you know some of our old gods and bit of academic writings, but you know what fine As King of the forsworn, the Reach I accepts you as one of us. Gwynolda: Great can I ask known? He called me about my heritage, but honestly I did not cared about it what he, a tribal from outer Reach think about how much reachmen I am even he is our supposed King, but he accepted me and finally my time for questions come. Madanach: Go on ask away. Gwynolda: What is the Forsworn? Madanach: An reaction of the Markath incident, An alliance what founded itself after the incident. More specifically it is what my Kingdown of Reach became, a loose alliance with varius kingdowns and tribes from My kingdown, a succesor of it some sort. The goals are the same, but more desperate methods, Nords wanted war, they got it. Gwynolda: What is your goal, the forsworn's goal? What are tryng achieve with this war? Madanach: Independence from the Nords, an kingdown of the reachmens. That is my goal and the forsworn's goal. Gwynolda: That seems a bit too ambitius if you ask me. Madanach: Perhaps you see this way, I'm not. Gwynolda: Tell me everything about the Markath incident. Madanach: Where do I start, lets start from the very beginning.. Gwynolda: We have time don't we? Go on. I sit down and listened him. Ready to hear the King of Reach's version of the Markath incident. Madanach: I was ruled kingdown in the Druadach mountains, the Kingdown of Druadach. Our people had always bad time living on our lands ever since Tiber Septim conquered us, he founded Markarth and give the lordship to the nords, who saw as nothing more than dirt, but thats history. When the greatwar errupted I saw a chance for our people's freedom, I united the reachmen kingdowns, tribes under my banner and when the nords when fight to the Aldmeri, I gathered an army and took Markath back to our righful hands. Markarth became capital of my newly founded Kingdown of Reach, and finally we ruled our righful lands, my rule wasn't that bad as they claim. The reachmen finally allowed worship their gods open and we leaved the others alone, the only who suffered was the cruel slavemasters, they deserved every bit of it. I not cared the nords under my rule and their coward nobles who not fought in the war. A peaceful two year, then the war ended, the empire dispatched a legion to negotiate us for our terms. I was ready to give what we demand. Gwynolda: Independent kingdown of Reach? I distrupted him a bit with my question, he contiuned and answered. Madanach: Almost, an independent kingdown of reachmen under the Emperor, as part of the Empire, free of the nords rule. But it was probably too much for a demand, I decided what will I ask from the Empire. Gwynolda: What was that? Madanach: Free worship of our Old gods. Resonable I think. While Empire itself not really never cared about it, if nothing else their law would be protect out faith. I know disappointing, but honestly I did not known how much they are give our demands. But before the Legion came.. Ahh then the part what I know the best came, Ulfric Stormcloak's slaughter of the city. Gwynolda: Ulfric... Madanach: We prepared for the imperial legion and their delegate, not for an full scale attack of nordic milita, you know the rest, he came and slaughter anybody who wasn't nord, bretons, reachmens of the city and my forces. I fought as I can but we were defeated, his thuum was strong and we not really expected an attack. After the battle, I was throwed here and the forsworn founded itself. But I did not give up, even here I fight for my people, guide them and help as I can ever since the day I am rot here. Can Ulfric say the same? I don't think so, due his actions his people suffer from the Thalmor for years, they now experiencing what my people feel under Igmund. Gwynolda: Do you remember a woman who protects her infant and leader Lady Dibella's of the Temple who tried stop the slaughter? Madanach: I tried protect my people best as I can, when our defeat was confirmed, only thing I could do to save many as I could. But the battle was not allowed me to pay attention everyone, but I do not remember such things, maybe it happened after when I was throwed in the prison. Why? Gwynolda: I lost my parents during the incident.. Madanach: My condolences for your parents. I feel I am fault as those Stormcloaks for them, but I have to many blood on my hands now, you have every Right to blame and hate me as Ulfric. Gwynolda:...I... nevermind.. After talking with him and getting my answers, I felt I need sit down and think about myself and what should I do, how should I do my vengeance. Should I blame him for wanting help his people for my loss? I don't know Ulfric was the one who did. Madanach: Now then what are you plan to do Gwynolda? Wish to join us? or Escape from the Reach? Gwynolda: I feel I need think about it. How can I escape here anyway? Madanach: There is an old dwemer tunnel here wich led you out safely the city, but where you want to go? Gwynolda: I do not known really, I need a place for now. Madanach: Hide in my kingdown, in Druadach, I send a message of you, you can hide there, if you missing you will be noticed and Markarth may send bounty hunters after you, even if you hide in other holds. Gwynolda: Well it might be not bad idea I see about it. End
  6. Previous part: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/441/entry-5479-price-of-protection/ End of her first day After our meeting, he continued using me as his cumdump. Gwynolda: Ahhh! How many times you will use me today!? Borkul: You agreed to this, as long as I protect you, anytime and anywhere. He was right, our agreement was that. He can use me as long he protect me, anytime and anywhere if he want. Gwynolda: I know that, uhh! But.. we do it for a while.. Borkul: I not tired yet, Gwynolda... Borkul: Well you are protected, don't complain girl, you are safe from the others... He was right, ever since he agreed this, the others not even dared to looked at me, it is a price for safety. Gwynolda: You right, sorry about that.. but Borkul:..Yes? Gwynolda: I getting tired and my stamina is depleting, if we do a few more round I will pass out. Borkul: (sigh) Fine then endure a bit more, now just moan and not talk. This was good to hear, because I lost track.. How many times or how long he fucking me, I have no idea I stopped at twenty uses, its hard to concentrate while he using me. He is rough and have unbelievable stamina, my stamina nothing to his, he called the Beast for reason after all. He finishing finally. I asked him to cum into my mouth, its not really preffered to have in my holes in this place, its easier to shallow. The act itself is good with him, but I have my limits, I can't keep with him and need preserve some energy to mining, after all I need get the silver ores to meet Madanach. Little Later, I started mined, but this is just hard, even with my full stamina it would be... I spent hours on it and got barely one, wich might covers my food and water for a day, but Borkul is already share with his with me, so less thing to worry. Compare to an average miner or Borkul, this one ore is joke for one day. I need ask him there are others ways, I don't want spend years to here. But I'm tired, lets go sleep I tired. I slept quite peacefully, until Borkul decided to took his anytime and anywhere literally again. He took off my clothing and fucked me while I slept. My morning started with my asshole getting sieged, good way to start a day... Gwynolda: Ahhhhhhh! What?!!!... Borkul: Good Morning Suprise! I hope rested a bit, because we start again. He cummed my ass and I started complain his suprise and ask him about the other ways. Gwynolda: Yes I know I said anytime and anywhere, but really? If you want to pound me at least have me rest, I want sleep to have energy wich your sword stole when you use me. Borkul: Sorry, I wanted gave a morning suprise.. Gwynolda: Stop those, I want rest peacefully.. Borkul: Fine.. Gwynolda: Anyway is there a way where I can get faster and easier to Madanach? Borkul: Well its quite a big amount of ore, so mining, working hard. Gwynolda: ...Borkul.. come on I know there is one, you hiding from me.. Borkul: Fine there is one way, but you really want take that one? Gwynolda: Tell me already!.. He explained me the other way, I need whore myself to the entire my, should expected that. But I want get out fast as possible here and using my body is the only way, mining is no option. He said he takes the ore, so I not get tricked by others. Considering he has everything mere and free meeting with Madanach, I trust him. Borkul: Are you really sure of this? You can still exit now.. Gwynolda: Yes, I don't want spend years here, but Borkul.. Borkul:... Gwynolda: Is the blindfold and these rather degrading writings on me necessery for this? Borkul: Whore traditions here in Cidhna mine yep they are. I also marked you are my, others might get funny ideas on you, If they not care about my markings on you then skull bashing. Tell me if someone crosses the border, I make sure they regret it. I haven't ripped half people for a while... Just tell me alright? Gwynolda: Then shall I expect the worse? Freedom is so damn pricey in these days.. Don't worry if someone tries something funny you will know it. Borkul: I ask again you really sure want to do this? Gwynolda: Yes Borkul..I decided. Borkul: Fine, but I will be around there and watch, its safer that way. End
  7. Previous part: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/441/entry-5404-initiation-of-gwynolda/ Back to Markath Back to home I guess, well not like I missed it anyway. Good old bloody stone Markath, as much I enjoyed my little freetime its time to go back the Temple (Sigh). Guards looking at me rather hostile, they ready to draw weapon, not sure why its just me. Guard: Stop right there Reach bitch witch! Gwynolda: These insult are getting better for each time(sigh), what is it this time? Why are you calling me an member of the Temple of Lady Dibella a witch? Guard: You are under arrest filthy reachmen witch! Gwynolda: For what?! What are you accussing me? Guard: By using fool reach magic and maddening Ognar the Honorful, Thane of the Reach hold. Your foul magic caused him slaughtering and eating his entire household. Gwynolda: Nonsense! I wasn't even in the city you can ask Skjoldr about that. Guard: Mother Hamal the respected leader of the Temple was the witness and Skjoldr came barely alive.. Gwynolda: What?...It can't be... Guard: Silence!! Off with the Cidhna mine with you wicked whore! Gwynolda:... They threw me here in the Cidhna mines the place where the unwanted reachmens go, regardless I am innocent they did not cared about that. A false accusation of the wretched snowman whore Hamal was enough to threw me out the temple and put me here. I knew she hated me, but never thought she go this far. My word against her, it don't stand a chance, who's word would believe they? Reachman girl? Or the long respected nord leader of the temple?(sigh) Rotten Rags and Iron Chains, my new clothes from the loving city of Markath. They even take my amulet, the only thing what was truly mine, they replaced something more fitting in their eyes a collar. These bloody irons take away my magicka, not allowing to cast any spell. What should I do without my magic? I can't protect myself from the other prisoners relying on my physical strength.. How should I survive here? End
  8. previous part :http://www.loverslab.com/blog/441/entry-5314-worship-at-night/ Forbidden Paint on Her face Mother Hamal: Look at her face. Sister: Disgraceful.. Sister: How dare she.. Gwynolda: I don't understand what is the problem? Sister: The painting.. Sister: The warpaint on your face... Mother Hamal: Paint of the Witchman of the Reach.. Gwynolda: Why whats wrong with that? I am one of them, I don't know whats the problem, this is part of me.. and the others wear it to.. Sister: Thats the problem... We are in in the beloved Lady Dibella's temple and in Markath and you dare put that on your face... Gwynolda: What?...Why?.. I just my people's... Mother Hamal: Silence!! You ashamed us...shamed Lady Dibella... shamed Markath... Sister: And we going to punish you accordingly of your actions.. Notes End
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