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  1. Sounds like a missing property. Use the safeword thing from the Devious Devices MCM to unlock yourself for now. If you can send me a save file, I can probably fix it with ReSaver, otherwise I can send a script that does it without the property.
  2. There are some tutorials on the CK wiki you could check out: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Category:Tutorials
  3. Not really tbh. Personally just the Creation Kit wiki was enough, but I'm already a programmer, so it might not be much help if you aren't.
  4. Getting a bit too close to being a pro Smash player there, mate.
  5. I mean, of course it's still possible to do it, but this will likely cause compatibility issues, which is just not worth it for how minor it really is IMO.
  6. That was intended. I had created that part, but I didn't like the way it fit in the rest of the quest, so I disabled it.
  7. New release - 0.2.9 Added: Break of Dawn (Meridia's Beacon) Fixed: Klimmek forcegreet not triggering. Fixed: Bug with the Clavicus Vile mask while using the Feminine Masque addon. Fixed: Some errors in xEdit Not sure if the Klimmek forcegreet works properly now. I just set the parameters back to default, but I still haven't run through any of the stuff @Shakx88 did. New scenario is fairly minor, see spoiler:
  8. The plugin file format itself only has a single pointer, not an array, to an enchantment (see https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes5Mod:Mod_File_Format), so you would never be able to do this on a base object. Likely the game creates a new enchantment with effects of both enchantments stacked into one for the Extra Effect perk, which seems to be confirmed by the documentation for ObjectReference.GetEnchantment() (Not Armor.GetEnchantment() or Weapon.GetEnchantment())
  9. The errors in the log there are just about the installer, it might be normal like this, but I don't know really, since the FOMOD format is kind of finnicky. If the game crashes, that's a pretty straightforward problem, since it just means you don't have the right master plugins installed (Confabulation and Solutions). Freezes are different and way less easy to solve, since they can be caused by any number of issues, and are pretty dependent on the rest of your load order. If you don't use Confabulation or Solutions, just use the separate main file with the patch for the one you do have (or none). The door locking too early is strange, since that script will only trigger after he has finished walking to the room. Maybe the location is set wrong, but it's not something I've noticed during testing. The dialogue bugs are not actually something that can be fixed by me. If a dialogue has a script attached to it, the next dialogue won't start until the script is finished running, so if dialogues seem to get stuck, the script is taking long to finish. Devious Devices scripts take long to run often, but in my full modlist the dialogues would work fine, so the only conclusion I can draw really is that you have script lag, which is something you'll have to fix yourself. Edit: Actually, does Ulfberth get moved outside of the room by the door closing? That's something I should be able to fix by just moving the location he moves to.
  10. I think the forcegreet radius is really short. Try getting closer to him.
  11. Have you tried stopping and starting Trade and Barter in its MCM? Load order between the Confabulation and DV main plugins doesn't matter. The only conflict between them is a dialogue, which is resolved by the patch, which has both plugins as master, so it's always loaded afterwards.
  12. I see no way that that's caused by DV. It doesn't touch VendorGold* lists at all, neither does it touch any vendor lists or containers, except its own, not in the plugin or scripts. Try resetting a merchant (save, attack them to make them hostile, then reload the save). I think it may also be a thing with T&B, try stopping and starting the mod, then resetting merchants.
  13. These plugins are fixed. Likely keywords don't change on existing instances, so you may need to use the safeword button in the DDi MCM, then equip it again. For separate main plugin:Deviously Vanilla - Feminine Masque.esp For merged main plugin: Deviously Vanilla - Feminine Masque.esp
  14. Ah, while I fixed the keywords in the main plugin, I didn't forward it to the feminine masque patch. I'm guessing both of you are using that? The mask not properly functioning is also a consequence of that, as is the DV's "Free me" option not working. The dialogue prompt not showing up after getting the message "The mask's enchantment seems to have gotten weaker." is a different thing. Check the value of the variable DSC_ClavicusVileAllowEscape (do `help DSC_ClavicusVileAllowEscape` in console).
  15. Not by me, but it's easy to do yourself. This thread has a few guides on how to do it. Though I guess Form 43 (LE) is backwards compatible in SSE, so you might not need to save that in the CK. Do use CAO to port the meshes though.
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