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  1. Yeah, if you made the same changes as I did, it should work. I didn't know earlier what happens if none of the options in an event are allowed (by trigger), such as when you get lvte_hidden_flesh_pit.2 as a hive mind here, but it turns out that it just gives an "OK" option that does nothing. I don't play with either LV or Wild Lascivity, so I don't know what their standards are, but compared to the base game: - In general, researching anomalies should be a good thing that you get some sort of mechanical reward for doing. A potential unavoidable -100 influence is only a
  2. They don't have to be consistent with anything outside your mod, it's just simpler to keep track of things when they're consistently named. The game directory I'm talking about depends on the platform you're on. If you installed the game through Steam, it's under steam/steamapps/common/Stellaris in Steam's directory (probably; I'm on Linux and can't check what the path would be on Windows). You should treat it as read-only, but it's the the most complete source to find examples of how you actually implement stuff in Stellaris. ... though since LV and Wild Lascivity are
  3. Looks like there's a new launcher version out now that should hopefully avoid this problem, but again, if you are working on mods and intend to release them, I'd recommend checking your .mod files for altered paths, especially if you opened Stellaris's launcher today.
  4. For the graphics: You'll have to register the files as sprites to use them as event pictures. See interface/eventpictures.gfx in Stellaris's game directory for examples. (Note that the sprite names you're using in the events aren't consistent; make sure to use the correct form of each) For the events: You are missing some closing braces in the event file. I recommend using a code editor like vscode to make these easier to catch.
  5. Paradox released a new launcher version today, and that version breaks local mods. The error message that you'll get when you hover over the red triangle is "The path to this mod is invalid and the mod cannot be loaded by the game". You might be able to fix things by clearing whatever cache files the launcher uses (I just deleted and recreated my entire local Paradox Interactive directory), and before you reinstall your local mods, copying their .mod files into files named "descriptor.mod" in their mod directories. More detail on Paradox's forum. This seems to work for me, but not
  6. This, and other problems with invalid game paths that you are seeing, is caused by Paradox breaking local mod support in the launcher: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/new-launcher-version-2020-5.1382108/
  7. That's unrelated to this mod and was caused by Paradox breaking local mods in a launcher update: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/new-launcher-version-2020-5.1382108/ Let's hope the rolled-back version works. For me, 2020.5 seems to randomly rewrite paths in my .mod files, which is very much ehhhhhh, and doesn't bode well for things working after the rollback either.
  8. That reminds me! Sometimes in these threads people ask if they're allowed to build on top of the mod or to use parts of it in their own mod. So, I'm preempting them by putting my answer in here: I couldn't stop you if I wanted to, but also, I don't want to stop you. I would prefer that if people do do that, though, that they keep the list of sources in. The reason this mod exists is the work done by all those artists, after all. Which also means that... if you want a mod that's this mod, but with futas and herms added, well, I would also love to see someone make one! Just, you know
  9. 0.5 release notes: - Realized that actually I'm not in a good place at all wrt. not breaking save compatibility, so yeah, pretty much every release is going to break saves and/or race designs. Including this one. - Added species: Protogen. - Added more Vader-San -style synth portraits. - Replaced the lithoid_dragon species portraits with two new sets: Sangheili, and Dinosaur. Neither of them says "rock people" to me, but I was getting kind of desperate to cover them with something that's at least consistent with itself. Though the dinosaur set doesn't
  10. Nah, the trick is error.log. You can find Stellaris's log files in a directory right next to the mods directory, wherever that is on your platform, and error.log can be quite convenient for debugging this sort of problems. The actual error message is a bit esoteric in this case (it's trying to parse the entire rest of the file after that quote mark as one string, and failing because it can't find another quote mark to end that string), but it gives enough information to at least tell where to look.
  11. You have an extra quote mark at the end of line 113.
  12. It's a pretty narrow field. The only done thing I could find in the thread where Sexy Male Xenos was originally created was one mention of a gender-neutral mod. For my part, I'll see if I'm not completely Stellarised out by the time I get this mod to a 1.0 state - I don't have any plans to work on more mods at the moment, but then again, I didn't have plans to make this one either in February yet. Also, here's 0.4, where these things were done: - Broke compatibility with earlier versions on species design (and probably saves, didn't test those). I'm not trying to avoid
  13. 0.3 is out, featuring: - (Mostly) consistent portrait heights, finally. - Wide portraits for rulers, where the source portrait is wide. Ruler portraits mainly show up in diplomacy (and only after first contact - I think those use species portraits, although I didn't check). Non-ruler portraits are generally cropped for a 5:6 or taller aspect ratio. - Restored some tails to portraits where I'd had to remove them earlier to fit the aspect ratio. - Added species: Winged dragon. - Added species: Turian. - Small additions and
  14. Whatever pipe they unclogged, they must have unclogged pretty well, because wow the site's a lot faster now than it's been over the last days.
  15. 0.2 is out, with: - Added some more dolphin portraits with generally better crops, split non-orcas into a new species - Added better naga portraits, removed some of the most stylistically inconsistent ones - Added an event where you'll find presapient nagas; so far the only presapient species that can spawn from this mod - Added species: Arctic fox - Added species: Guardian spirit (i.e. Ori, from Ori and the Blind Forest, though in practice a majority of these are warden006's character or carbon copies of him) - Added a companion mod that will disable all r
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