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  1. Oh sweet, there we go! I knew I saw the rig for Dogmeat around somewhere. That hopefully will help when you get back to animating!
  2. The horizontal locomotion of the canine animation you created in this pack ( Dogmeat_02_Dog ) could work for a female canine animation, is what I'm saying. The pose just needs to be flipped in the AAF/FP corrections/adjustments for position and matched with a low, horizontal human animation. Some of SavageCabbage's male position animations have matched up great with my testing. Almost every other canine animation that Leito has made - great as they are! - have far too much curve to the hips to really look convincing. Just an observation, after a bunch of tinkering around with all the animations I've been able to find here. I'm working on detailed canine meshes, including all the Creation Club dogs, so I'm keeping an eye out for all the animations that people have made for the canine skeleton shared by the majority of the canines in FO4. I'd take up animating as well myself but I do not have the patience nor the workflow to get set up - so I do textures and meshes instead!
  3. You may have created the most appropriate animation for humanmaleXfemaledog with this canine animation. The only thing missing is the tail pivoted to the side. It'd certainly work with the Shiba Inu canine mesh however.
  4. LOVE the length of some of these animations. Wish there were more CanineXHuman animations with this amount of detail put in. I have been cheekily replacing Dogmeat's animations in my current install of FO4, so that when he bites the arm or leg of human victims it works as a form of more entertaining crowd control, keeping that one person "busy" with dogmeat getting busy with their face. Scaling Dogmeat to 1.3, your FMM-Floor02-01DoubleTeamRough-F1 positions perfectly to one of Leito's canine humping animations to become some entertaining face-humping. This is WITHOUT AAF or FP installed - I wanted to continue to get achievements in my current play through, so I've just replaced the PairedDogmeatBiteHuman(etc) animations. Unfortunately though, with simple over-rides, Dogmeat's arm or leg grabbing attacks can only last as long as the animation file attached. It doesn't loop, and both animations need to be long or the same time, because as soon as one animation ends the "crowd control" finishes and it's back to fighting.

    Saw your comment on wanting to find a more natural size genitalia for Dogmeat. I'm in the same boat, I hate the Ken-doll look of the meshes, so I've been making the textures and altering this mesh to fit well. Will have all the dogs of the CreationClub Kennel pack modded up eventually as well, with male and female variants.

  6. Still in testing. Need to be able to shape it to the base meshes better, and change the fur texture to blend in better. Major, major spoilers down below. Woof. ??
  7. I have been tinkering with new software today. I now have a pretty decent workflow for my plans for this thread. Some teasers under the spoiler below.
  8. Wanted to pop into here. Working (slowly but surely!) on some detailed texture replacements, and tweaks to meshes for the dogs in Fallout 4. Dogmeat is complete with 3 versions - a detailed sheath, showin-some-lipstick, and erect mesh. Enjoy!
  9. It is done! I do not have AAF installed into my copy of Fallout 4 yet, so I cannot check the compatibility. However, as long as the mods facilitating the animations use Dogmeat.nif and Dogmeat_Nude.nif as his "nude" skin this should work without breaking anything - THIS WILL OVERWRITE THE BASE MESHES AND TEXTURES FOR DOGMEAT'S GENITALIA. However, Dogmeat's body textures shall stay the same. He looks gorgeous with the high res textures. If you use the Transdogrifier to change Dogmeat into another breed of dog, he will lose his genitalia. Each of those CreationClub meshes (each dog breed mesh) need to be altered and genitalia re-positioned for it to work. I may work on this in the future. This also means it may be possible to simply overwrite Dogmeat's mesh with different dogs. I am uncertain if it breaks anything in the game doing that however. I will have to do some playing to find out! This is not over. I have a female Dogmeat mesh as well, that was VERY well done. However before I do anything with it I am going to ensure I find the right person to credit before I go re-texturing her with greater detail. I hope you all like the new textures and happy humping!
  10. Finishing up the replacer pack for this right now. As an added bonus, I made a "Lipstick" version for those that want Dogmeat to rock out with his lipstick out. Looks pretty damn adorable when he sits down like that.
  11. Well, that didn't take me too long. Dogmeat is basically finished. I may step back and quality check the texture to make sure there's no problematic seams or nothing that needs tinkering, but overall I think Dogmeat looks pretty damn happy about this. A bit frustrating though that the angle of which his shaft is aimed, when he sits tall most of his junk disappears into his fluffy belly. Screenshots in here. I'll compile the files and share them here on Wednesday!
  12. Updated with a new picture, fully textured preview. I'll work on it some more next week! Cheers!
  13. Detailed Canine Genitalia I haven't been on this site in an awful amount of time, but popped by when I noticed that some great mods are in development for Fallout 4. Y'all are doing great work! Thought I'd pitch in a bit for those that appreciated my works on the Skyrim dogs in the past. I have purchased the Dogs of Fallout 4 Community Creation Club package and I will most likely be tinkering around with it. I have checked some of the meshes, and they do not 100% line up with Dogmeat's body so re-positioning of the genitalia mesh will be required. I'm also pretty certain the repositioning will alter how good their "aim" is in any animations built on Dogmeat's skeleton. Should be interesting, at the very least! Now that I have three stage Male meshes, I am currently working on a good female mesh that can be easily copied across to the other canines. There is a teaser of the Rottweiler female in the comments below. Dogmeat Detailed Genitalia DogmeatDetailedReplacer.7z To install these all you need to do is extract it into your Data folder manually and over-write the files. - Lipstick is the default. - To change from Lipstick to Sheath, delete Dogmeat.nif and make a copy of Dogmeat_SHEATH.nif then rename this copy to Dogmeat.nif -Erect mesh is called Dogmeat_Nude.nif because this is the name that the Animations By Leito_v1.4 uses to select an Erect model for Dogmeat during animations. Much ❤️ to Leito86 for finding a quality, not awkwardly-huge sheath and shaft mesh. Current State of Development Dogmeat - COMPLETE. Female Junkyard Dog - Finalising Vulva Mesh Creation Club dogs (Black Labrador, Chocolate Labrador, Yellow Labrador, Border Collie, Boxer, Shiba Inu, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Husky, Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian) currently in development. Current state of Vulva Mesh. Current State of Sheath / Lipstick / Erect mesh.
  14. Hopefully you see this. I've been thinking about working on that, actually. Not easy, however, so I'll give it a try or two some time in the future. Be nice for it to line up with animations also, however I will not have the time to ensure it does!
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