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  1. Hey man, thanks a lot! Will try exporting using GIMP again and see if the problem persists. Will report back! Edit: Didn't work Guess I can't fix it then...
  2. On a side note, almost ALL of NIUR's skin has this weird problem for me: There's white lines all over the skin. And the skin is more "chopped" than a full, smooth skin. I couldn't figure out why this is happening. It has annoyed me for so long...
  3. Anybody has any update on this skin? Really would like to use it.
  4. Tried to edit out her cloth, seems working fine. Replace workshop\content\262060\2200558948\heroes\deovolente\deovolente_A Can't edit deovolente.sprite.attack_starfall since apparently the NSFW part isnt in here If anything broken lmk anim.rar
  5. The head textures will never work. There are 2 factors to take into consideration: The UNP Creamy textures are for human races and the head textures will not 'fit' an Elin because she uses a custom head mesh. The Elin uses their own folder structure so anything installed for vanilla Skyrim races will not work as-is with the Elins. For the Elin head textures, the default folder path is 'TEXTURES > ACTORS > 2chELIN FIX' whlle the replacers from the Elin CBBE/UNP mod is located in 'TEXTURES > ACTORS > 2chELIN FIX > MONLI > FACE'. Ah, that makes a lot more sense now. Guess I'll stick with the original textures then. Thank you for you work btw, and I hope I can see Elins wondering around in the wasteland soon™ ;P
  6. What 7z file did you install? I'm guessing you even tried installing the files manually. It's not from one of the skins you've provided, its another skin texture I found somewhere else and decided to give it a shot. It was called UNP creamy from here: http://mod.dysintropi.me/eiries-and-honeyvanity/
  7. I tried to replace the skin texture for Elin, but apparently the head texture can't be replace by any method. Is this intended or I made a mistake somewhere? I could figure out the folders for body textures, but not for the head. FYI, these files are in the 7z that I downloaded: (all ended in .dds) femalebody_1 femalebody_1_msn femalebody_1_s femalebody_1_sk femalehands_1 femalehands_1_msn femalehands_1_s femalehands_1_sk femalehead femalehead_msn femalehead_s femalehead_sk Thank you.
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