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  1. Great to see Skyrim back in the news! Hopefully it'll someday be possible to migrate our characters across to the Special Edition. In the meantime, I think I'll stick to good old 2011 Skyrim.
  2. Hello! So yeah, I've been away for a long time. Years, I think! And it sucks, as I love making Skyrim stories but it seems that life just doesn't want cut me a break and give me enough time. But I recently stopped by this old blog and saw that there are over 40,000 views! This is probably totally normal or even on the low side for a blog on LL, but I was genuinely shocked that so many people would be interested - so I decided to make a new short story. This isn't anything special - just me trying to get back into screenshooting and make something fun. It was posted in two p
  3. Hiya! Here's the second (and final) part of a silly little story involving my main character that I started a few days ago. The first part can be seen here for anyone interested. Hope you enjoy! (Nudity Warning) Loot Part 2
  4. Hey guys, I recently got a chance to sit down and get my Skyrim install working correctly again - so here's the first part of a dumb little two-parter involving my main character 'Mai'. Nothing crazy or world-shattering here - just me having a little bit of stupid fun and getting to know Skyrim again. Hope you enjoy - and beware the nudity! Loot Part 1
  5. Ha! Hiya - hope all is great with you. I've been away from this thread for ages, but i'd love to come back and post some stuff. Hopefully soon. Mai misses her sexy adventures
  6. Ha! You are kind of a genius! My inbox is indeed full to bursting point - 100% Soooooo yeah....I kinda feel dumb right now. Can we keep this as our little secret?!
  7. Hmmmm, I never switched them off. How would I check that though?! Can't find it in profile settings... Also, PMs work for me too - except when I try to compose a new PM to someone I haven't messaged before. Then I get an error screen. Try send me a PM, just as a test. I won't bite! Well....I might bite a little....
  8. (New private mails seem to be broken for the moment, so i'm copy-pasting this from the "Show your FALLOUT 4 Counterpart" thread instead, so as not to derail that thread as this refers to my Skyrim character. Hope that's okay. ) Hiya, Hmmm, I tried to PM you so as not to go too off topic in this thread - but it seems the mail system is broken? I can't start any new mail threads without getting an error screen. Weird. Anyway, to answer your question about access to Mai: I guess i've always been very protective of her (I do consider her my counterpart in Skyrim, after all!) and
  9. Hiya - regarding the lighting in these stories, before I start taking screenshots I choose a suitable location. Then I move around this location setting up lighting by placing lanterns at strategic areas. This gives off enough light to illuminate faces, which in turn enhances expressions. As for blurring the background, this is done by exploiting the depth of field provided by most ENBs. Speaking of ENBs, my entire Skyrim install has recently gone through a dramatic overhaul - including new body mods, textures and even a new ENB. I had resisted moving into the present with the rest of
  10. Um, hey guys! Maybe a dumb question, but anyone know what happened to the "Remodeled Armor for Unified UNP Bodyslide HDT" thread? It's an awesome collection (kudos to the mod author) but I think I missed an update and now I can't find it! Cheers!
  11. Hiya! So sorry for being quiet. I'm actually travelling through Asia at the moment, with just my iPhone for internet and communication. But I should be back sometime next month, and hopefully new stuff will follow! Hopefully!!!
  12. Really glad you liked it guys! I had fun shooting it too. Now I'm hoping I can make some time to create some follow on stories. Fingers crossed!
  13. Hiya guys! To celebrate putting all of my old Mai stories up on this blog - I went back and finished a story that I had abandoned some months ago. I had only completed the first four parts, and even though I was excited about the story itself Skyrim burnout took hold and I ended up shelving it. However, following the great feedback I got from this blog I decided to revisit it and complete the tale. This resulted in about 100 new screenshots in 6 new chapters! I really hope you guys enjoy it - and thanks again for all your support! Highly Trained Warrior
  14. Hey everyone! Finally we arrive at the last fully completed Mai story - detailing what happened when the Jarl of Whiterun decided to thank Mai for her service to the city! There's some pretty heated scenes in this one, so be extra careful! I don't want to be responsible for corrupting your innocent minds! So now this blog is pretty much bang up to date as far as finished Mai stories are concerned. I'd love to try and get back into Skyrim and start creating some new adventures for her - and also maybe finish off some older ones too. Let me know if you have any suggestions
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