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  1. I have not download the mod, What is the diff between the mod and captured dreams shop? Are you going to make the mod captured dreams shop 2th or a totally new-style quest line?☺️
  2. I really enjoy this quest☺️ for being a helpless hucow owned by Paul in skyrim. Some questions below: 1. 'paul quest (finish) branch of paul story' what does it means? In my playing the blacksmith only fixed me with Hooves (hands and feet) and nothing goes on. 2. Is there any quests following up after 'after storm'? Thanks for your imaginative script design and robust coding(This is the one of the most bugfree adult quest i have ever played)!
  3. While i am playing the mod, there usually exist problems like this: the NPCs will repeat their dialog, and the quest is stuck. When this kind of problems occur, the player characters can not sit(as soon as the PC sit down,she stand up quickly), and enchantment table(the same problem), and so on. How should i deal with it ? Now i have to load the early save and repeat the quest. thank you!
  4. this is the first adult quest mod i have played great thanks to Veladarius' work,i love the beautiful equipment in the shop! Recently i learned how to use VPN to log in loverslab ,for i wanna know when to issue the next version ? i am eagerly looking forward to it!! By the way,the version 3.84 is stable,i have only met just a few of CTD in the embassy .
  5. thanks to the modder's great work! But i still have problems while playing this mod: how to trigger the event 'pony play' and 'cat play'? my master is already happy and loves me, and we go shopping several times. Should i define the outfits by myself?
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