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  1. So within the few months of not me not paying attention to this mod, does 4.0 work or am I better off using the 3.3 version again?
  2. Any time I try to install the overkill pack with breeder + pregnancy, I always crash at the title screen, regular maternity clothes and breeder combo work fine (aside from a texture problem with maternity clothes full I need to resolve separately) Not sure if its my mod list or some other outlying factor Modlist:
  3. I tried something similar but something else actually fixed it after digging through my files, turns out my directories were a bit fucked up I appreciate the advice, managed to fix my texture issue
  4. EDIT: Problem solved After resolving some body issues I've run into some unfortunate setback here. This may be something that can be easily solved but for the life of me I can't find a solution. Extra info: using CBBE-NV balanced body, yes I have applejam skeleton and the latest NV bodyslide, and last off male body with roberts body works perfectly fine with no texture stretch or anything while my female texture decides to do whatever. Load Order: The Issue: (Particularly around the Pelvis area of the Body)
  5. glad to see this project is up and kicking again
  6. Any other voice packs in the future or are you basically done with this?
  7. Any way to enslaved named/important npcs like Saadia or a feature similar being added in the future? I try to jack it up to 100% but she never surrenders. (Tied her up and put her in front of Keematu and sack'd her up after he cast the paralyze spell and took her far away from whiterun, in which she is now a hostile towards me)
  8. Seems like a texture problem. Make sure you have the body textures in the right place. If you do, then it is probably a .nif error pointing to the wrong thing. If i were to guess, it looks like it is using a specular texture as the diffuse. Yeah, whenever I try to use texblend the body turns into a gray transparent outline-less mass shape of a body the usual place should be steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets if I'm not mistakened which is where it's saving to for bodies
  9. Am I doing something wrong here? everytime I open Bodyslide recently it just gives me a black body as of recent (same goes for hands and feet), it also gives my character a black body in game
  10. So is there some kind of MCM menu for this? Because I can't for the life of me figure out how to use the slave functions, says the mod has activated but no indication of how to use.
  11. That skimpy/savage armor reminds me of something...
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