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  1. Hmm. Well, I don't personally know if there is a way to fix it, but you may get better results asking the Nemesis team. This sounds like a Nemesis limitation. I'm still excited for Nemesis, but mods here on LL are so integrated with FNIS, that I can't guarantee it's a good idea.
  2. Unfortunately, I tested a new game without DD, then loading DD after saving and it didn't help. Game still crashed once I had DD loaded. However, in my case both DD5 and DD4 caused it to crash.... I tried with both, which leads me to believe that something is hooking into it and causing it to crash, or one of the dependencies for VR do not have everything implemented the same way, but did with an older update. Either that or DD crashes because of changes in the SexLab VR patch. (it changes a lot of the SexLab scripts, sometimes in a hacky way since it's needed to get animations to
  3. It says pretty clearly on the Nemesis page that it is not compatible with Fnis. You should be using one or the other, not both. I fail to see why this is a SexLab VR issue.
  4. I understand. I did notice it was a development version. I obviously wouldn't be reporting bugs to a lot of mods since it's a lot different. The scripts have all changed so anything patching them would need to be updated. This, sadly, includes the VR patch which changed a LOT of the scripts. I believe you on that. I would rather not blame DD, especially since this is going to be near impossible to find the problem. But I have to keep my mind open. The VR dll is the same hash as the old one that was posted a couple years ago on the DD VR thread. There
  5. Technically, that is incorrect. You can test without owning a VR headset by using SteamVR's Null headset feature. And you can refund the game as long as you don't play for more than a couple hours. I wasn't aware there was a more updated SexLab for SE. I'll look into this. Thank you. EDIT: These seem to have updated almost all of the scripts... so the VR patch would need to be updated. I know that Papyrus is not helpful, but Netscriptframework is not available for SkyrimVR, so that will not help I'm afraid. Attempting to boot it produces an initialization error re
  6. Yeah I've spent more than a month on this with SkyrimVR. I never had this issue with DD4.X. It booted fine. But when I have 5.X enabled I just get a CTD soon after a new game. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. So after some testing in SkyrimVR, I found that adding Devious Devices 5.1 to my load order causes my game to CTD after 5 seconds in the Racemenu character screen, before I click "Done". I am unsure what is causing this. I cannot assume it is Devious Devices, but it may be some form of conflict. I am using MO2. A few points: 1. I use Random Alternate Start Reborn SE & VR as my new game start mod. 2. I have generated BodySlide with morphs and FNIS, and have tried reinstalling FNIS as well. 3. No files overwrite Devious Devices. I don't have any optiona
  8. I believe you do not have the proper SE slavetats version. You shouldn't be going to the SlaveTats SE page anymore, as that is outdated and broken. Grab the latest SE SlaveTats from the official LE page here: That patch you have is probably incompatible with the SlaveTats version you have.
  9. The missing textures make this CTD on new game and load game with SE. So please be aware that the conversion is causing people to get CTD's. I tried converting the mod myself and I get this: These are textures referenced in the nif's but they do not exist. None of the files in the OP have these two textures. The mod is basically broken without them.
  10. 1. Do you have skeevr.dll in your SKSE/Plugins folder? If not you need that for RaceMenu to work with VR. (It's an optional file on the RaceMenu SE Nexus page) 2. Why do you have 3+ installations of SlaveTats? You should only need the SlaveTats installed and the events bridge. (EDIT: 1.3.6 just released 9 hours ago.)
  11. To clarify you mean texture overlays that are applied on your actual body, correct? Not animated 3D objects that only occur during the animations?
  12. Wait ... How are you using this without SexLab? IT REQUIRES SexLab. LOL.
  13. It's right there in the FOMOD mate. Are you installing one of the old uploads? The file you want is "DW 2021-01-22.7z" from the OP.
  14. AnimObjects, including cum effects, don't show up in SkyrimVR currently. I asked @reikiri if there have been any updates to this, but this has been a longstanding issue with SexLab for VR sadly. And there isn't anything we currently know to do to fix it, unless reikiri has made any breakthroughs. IIRC it is a VRIK <-> SexLab VR communication issue, from what reikiri said. Something with how VRIK shows first person that just doesn't render it with reikiri's patched SexLab scripts.
  15. @reikiri Just checking in to see if you may have had any luck finding more info on the reason why animobjects don't work. This is still a really sad biproduct of the patch and VRIK. I'd like to see if it's possible to get the ball rolling if we can brainstorm this at all again.....
  16. I understand. Ultimately, with the Toys framework on the way to a stable release, it would be nice to finally be rid of ZAP and DD altogether. Slavetats does not require ZAP to function. It uses RaceMenu overlays and JContainers. Just make sure not to have the Slavetats Events Bridge. The Events Bridge bridges Slavetats to DD (and possibly ZAP with how old it is. Can't recall.) So in theory, whip marks should be fine without it. I really appreciate you giving this a listen. I love the work you're doing. Perhaps what you could do is make the mod standalone not require ZA
  17. I have personally seen a lot of scripts failing to fire on SE, and I am by no means an entry level modder, often creating my own manual ESP patches to merge things that bashed/smashed patches miss. I believe the issue has been mentioned by devs of DD itself, actually, which is one of the things they focused on with the 5.0 update. And I've seen other people have issues with it too on SE. I agree that the DD fanboys and ZAZ fanboys collide a lot. The issue is a lot of great mods require one or the other, so designing a load order that only has one or the other is really hard to do,
  18. I've converted it myself and use it fine too. I was mainly suggesting, but I guess it came off as demanding and that's my fault.
  19. That's fair. I hope ZAP 9 is actually stable on SE. ZAP 8/7 have been far from stable on it. LE gets all the glory for DD4 and ZAP, but since forever ZAP had script firing issues and DD5 had to happen to fix the issues with it on SE.
  20. Apologies. I sometimes forget to realize certain mods are designed for LE. This works in SE, but that's where the CTD's and such lie. ZaZ doesn't have a perfectly working port for SE, and none are official ports. ZaZ (and DD4.0) were the cause of a lot of CTD's since a lot of the scripts fail to fire due to the changes in the script engine for SSE. People doing more research find the only fix would be a massive overhaul of ZaZ and DD to be inline with the SSE changes. (DD kept this in mind with the 5.0 update) You can find people talking about it all over these forums.
  21. CBBE 3BBB keeps updating, but creating new sliders shouldn't be entirely required all the time. I would just release for a specific version. I don't think updating the armors everytime CBBE 3BBB updates is required. Hope progress continues on this. Thanks.
  22. I really think the move to ZaZ only was a bad idea. ZaZ 8+ is very buggy and bloated, and not an official port. It causes a lot of CTD's. Most mod authors for SE are moving away from ZaZ 7 even. I highly recommend considering using Devious Devices instead as that is going to be the standard furniture and device framework going forward. Most authors are putting ZaZ down the toilet due to its lack of quality control at this point.
  23. Is there a way the dependency could be changed to not require ZaZ? A lot of mods are starting to move over to Devious Devices only, or possibly the new Toy Story framework that does not rely on ZaZ or Devious Devices at all. ZaZ is outdated, no longer maintained, still doesn't have a proper SE port, and probably never will have one. It adds tons of bloat to the game where mods use very little of its content. Would it be possible to have a dependency changed to Devious Devices instead as an optional download? I know I'm asking a lot, but I have tons of mods with only like 3 that req
  24. Would this also need a patch for Devious Carriages? I'm not demanding a patch (though it would be nice if required), but I'm mainly inquiring if these would be incompatible with eachother. It doesn't look like anything in the ESP conflicts, and no files conflict.
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