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  1. I have a really odd question. What do you use to actually create the GIF previews @Billyy. I am really interested in a way to preview these gifs, however complex a setup this requires. I've tried setting up the hkx toolkit but I can't get any program to work with the actual nif plugins at all. And the fact that the niftools website has pretty much dropped its support out the window makes it impossible for me to get answers anywhere. I'm assuming I have to actually use the Skyrim LE hkx files, since SSE files do some kind of one-way obfuscation, or something, so I unders
  2. FYI the SSE version is missing facegen. This needs to be generated in CK so the black face bug doesn't occur.
  3. Apologies. Usually notice the attached photos for the file page. Didn't seem to this time. Sorry.
  4. It seems some of the textures were not converted for SSE, as well as "meshes/RUBBER RESOURCES/RR_PADDED_WALL2.nif". Also, the facegen wasn't regenerated. That's kind of necessary or you can get black face bugs.
  5. What exactly is this? Some photos would be nice... The ones in the original thread are dead.
  6. I'm guessing the way this mod does it may give you your answer: They have to be PCM uncompressed 44100hz, 16bits wav files. This would also probably come in handy: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73100/ It already works on UUNP... Not sure why you need a bodyslide for something that just sticks up your rear. It works in SSE. See the last few posts for a conversion. No. Have to do it by adding it to inventory. This is an old mod and very basic. I don't believe so, but I'd be very interested if that ever happened.
  7. It's at the top left mate: Then you can just Shift-select all, then CTRL+F4 to generate all facegen for the selected actors. I just realized I may not have had my edited plugin as active when doing this, so my modifications wouldn't be translated over. oops.
  8. I did do that. Also you can tell CK to only show actors from the current active plugin. Helps with doing that.
  9. I don't know what I did, but through the use of my extra patch, it AND your Beauty patch seem to be getting merged into the Bashed Patch, despite the "Deactivate" tag. Oddly enough, I don't see them being replaced by foxes at all. o.O They look fine to me, at least mostly. I think the facetint is off on the ones I modified. Perhaps I should revert those facetints to what was in the original. It's possible the KS Hairs patch has old facetint choices that don't look right. Granted I am on SSE. So it's hard to replicate it for LE. I guess I really shouldn't be discussing this here. Ha
  10. Apologies. I get a little hotheaded sometimes. As for comments on the mod itself, It's nice. My only complaint is I do wish it was packed as a single mod instead of needing 3 copies of the mod installed. I almost want to use the official port rather than this, if not for this adding SMP support as a 3BBB build. The SMP makes it worth it though. Thanks for the mod. For those that want a bit better install instructions, install in this order and make sure they overwrite each-other in this order: 1. Install BD's Armor and Clothing Replacer Complete Col
  11. Converting it to SE doesn't magically make it 3BBB bone compatible. Also I forgot this was an LE mod. :S So yeah whoops.
  12. So I have a question with the latest update. The 'Deactivate' bash tag tells me to 'Deactivate' the plugin permanently. Is this intentional? I'm not sure if it's actually importing it into the patch correctly. From the Readme: https://wrye-bash.github.io/docs/Wrye Bash General Readme.html
  13. I do wish this could get CBBE 3BBB treatment, but I guess it's just wishful thinking. Thanks for your work! I'll just have to wait until someone does a conversion, I guess.
  14. I'm shocked that this got an update. THANK YOU!!!! Awesome!
  15. You know, it is really rude to derail someone's mod thread just to ask them to do a conversion for ANOTHER mod that's just as large. If you want it so badly do it yourself. This is not easy to do. A little respect for someone's work would be nice.
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