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  1. I think Billyy started adding SE conversions to his LE page himself is a brand new thing.
  2. Yeah.... I get it. People don't read. It's in someone's nature if they care more about what they want than they do bothering a mod author with their petty request before they even do a small amount of research. As I tell EVERYONE that sees me mod skyrim and want to get into it: This isn't a thing you just pop in mods and go. You need to research and have good troubleshooting skills, as you are just going to frustrate yourself and everyone else if you aren't willing to put 5-10x the amount of time and effort into modding it as playing it. And I think tasairis only missed
  3. I should note that this mod needs to be updated to work with the latest SexLab Arouse Creatures first, but the script should work just fine as-is with oldrim. The HKX animations would need to be provided in LE form though, and that's something the author would have to do. There is no way to backconvert animations from SSE to LE safely. Normally animations are made in LE form by default I believe, then converted to SE before uploading. So I don't *think* this would require much from the author unless they deleted their project files. But that's up to them if they feel comfortable wi
  4. When using RaceMenu High Heels, it is not recommended to run hdt High Heels along with it since RaceMenu should handle everything. However, a lot of mods have hdtHighHeel.esm as a master, so they won't work without it. The mod I linked provides this plugin without its extra records, so it doesn't run any of the normal hdtHighHeels content but allows mods that require it to still load. From the mod author's Nexus page description: It's probably useless to really use it nowadays, but there are threads going back as far as 2014 with the feature mentioned. I
  5. Trust me I hate bringing that on mod authors. XD If the laugh is because you don't know, no harm ❤️ Also, get the SE version download from Billy's LE post directly. The one you have is severely outdated.
  6. The VR version shouldn't require it no. No VR version should. FYI, all the address library does is contain a database of memory address values that are what make plugins incompatible with the different versions of Skyrim, since any update has different ones for a given value. It allows the mod authors to not bother with updating their plugins when a new version of Skyrim comes along, as the author of the Address Library just has to create a new database. All that would be needed is a database with the VR-related memory addresses, but the author has shown no interest in
  7. If you don't want the FNIS animations cluttering up your FNIS count, you can technically edit all the SLAL json's and FNIS lists to remove the animations you don't want, then just delete the related animation files. If you use creature animations, make sure you do this for them in the relevant creature folder AND the character folder, as the creature folders only contain animations for the creature nif's. This will produce warnings in FNIS that behaviors are included for non-existent animations. But since SLAL animations never fire off unless SexLab has them registered, then there'
  8. First off, I really would suggest having a category for CAO-conversion required mods. That or include that with the 🔄 blue "Patch-needed" category. People might get confused between what's LE and SE for what needs to be converted if it's all green. A few things: 1. ✅ HDT High Heels Dummy ESM is needed to prevent HDT heels from sinking into the ground when using only ✅ RaceMenu High Heels. Use if you have mods that use the old HDT heels method to keep backwards compatibility without having to convert the nif's manually. This applies to SSE and VR. 2. ✅ RaceMenu VR's optional
  9. I will work on providing some input for sure.
  10. This is AWESOME. But you should point to the proper method to get USSEP on SkyrimVR. The USSEP will not work properly in VR and creating a patch each USSEP update is not an ideal way to do things, nor is patching USSEP a good idea. The better method is this mod, which (contrary to the Nexus mod name) instead modifies the SkyrimVR master files match the updates of the latest SkyrimSE master files (1.5.97 currently). This increases mod compatibility ten-fold, and lets you use any version of the USSEP without needing a patch for it. You might want t
  11. If Flower Girls or anything else overwrites scripts from the SexLab VR patch, it is 99% guaranteed to be incompatible. SexLab VR underwent a massive overhaul to get it to work with VRIK. Start there.
  12. Try reading this page in the thread people.... links have been reposted.
  13. FYI "this" just points to the page we are currently on.
  14. The CBBE 3BBB conversion isn't made by the DD team. You should ask in the proper thread.
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