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    Oh, thanks ! I haven't noticed that option yet.
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    Hello everybody, i have a small problem with that mod. Before you ask, I did read the FAQ but it didn't solve anything. I'm sure I installed everything correctly since the mod works perfectly fine except that my chance to get pregnant is stuck at 6-7%. I tried waiting another cycle but the same thing happened. Does anyone knows how to fix it, or what to do to raise the chance ? Thanks.
  3. Hello everybody, i need help with a really dumb thing but its annoying since my character is based on charisma. Im playing fallout nv with sexout ,pregnancy etc and i dunno since when its there but i have an effect called "emotional distress" which removes damn 2 charisma points. Is there anyway to , "cure" it or remove ? what is that effect ? Ive searched on the forums and on the internet a little but i didnt find anything about it so im seeking help here :). thanks for reading and whatever youre doing have a nice day/ night. PS: Im not sure if its coming from sexout because i have a lot of mods installed, but like it never happened before i installed sexout, i think its that.
  4. Hi everyone id neep help for something : like true eyes and true brows disappeared id like to know if i had downloaded it but i dont have the name of the files ! If someone know the names of true eyes and true brows files please tell me =) Thanks for reading !
  5. Wtf. well i think im gonna give up my thing cause i see its really useless i cant do anything cause have absolutely no knowledge in that. thanks for answering anyway.
  6. hello everyone i need help with attaching a model part to another model cause its really fuckin annoying for me i need to cut off the head from the model named "Body" then attach it to the file named "malebody_1". heres the files if you want to do it : malebody_1.nifBody.nif Thanks for reading.
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    PLZ Help a Newbie! ;)

    Maybe you should try to run the GenerateFNISforUsers if you havent already done it. If you dont know where it is go to your skyrim data folder then "tools" , "generatefnisforusers" and run the generatefnisforusers.exe If its not the solution i have absolutely no idea except reinstalling fnis sexy move