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  1. Do you have a lot of other SLAL packs running? Might be you have hit the FNIS animation limit? When you run FNIS how many animations does it are active? That would be my only guess at this point... my guess would be too many mods with MCM menus or a problem with NMM. NMM seems more likely to me. another less likely but possible cause would be a out of date JContainers. no JContainers = no SLAL Packs. Yup... was missing JContainers... didn't notice that was needed for the SLALs... first time using these. Thanks! Fantastic job on the animation Proxy. Hoping to see more add
  2. The animation pack doesn't show up in my SLAL menu and I made sure it is activated in NMM.
  3. Hello, I was excited to find your animations pack, but have spent many hours trying to get it to work and still have no idea why the animations are not showing up in the game... I installed the files and activated them but cannot find them in game to use any ideas on what could be wrong?
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