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    Getting anally vored by a two dragonesses
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    futa/herm, heavyset/thicc, musclegut, size difference, facesitting, rimming, big sub/small dom, pegging, futa x male, aggressive/con-noncon, tentacle rape, lactation, belly and nipple penetration, anything anal including anal vore, unbirthing, futa x male docking, lesbian stuff, minor inflation (cum/enema/etc)
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    Please don't be an asshole to me. Then I have to be an asshole to you, and I'm much better at being an asshole than you are.

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About Me

Commission Info

If you like my mods and want something personal or custom, please consider getting a commission: 

$15US/hr for basic CK work 

$20US/hr for editing vanilla meshes/textures 

$25/hr for more serious vanilla edits (such as those that involve Blender) 

$30/hr for fully custom meshes/textures 

Pictures of progress will be sent while working. 

I shouldn't even have to put this here, but since y'all wild, I charge double my normal rate for weird shit like gas mask fetishes.

Payment when mod is complete, I will then send it to you for testing. Bug fixes are free afterwards. You are given a week to ask for free changes, after this time, all changes are $10/hr 

I've collaborated with the authors of "Bandoliers, Bags, and Pouches SSE", "Vulpine Race for Fallout 4", BadDog's "Horse Race", Infamous95's "A Fallout 4 Weapon Overhaul", Sarthes Arai's "Randomly Distributed Items", and many others. Some mods I went left unnamed, such as "Legacy of the Dragonborn".

If you don't like my rates, go beg for free mods on Reddit or Nexus Forums.

I do not make or work on custom animations.

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