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  1. Nice user icon, where's it from? Bethesda might be stealing it



  2. I have 128gb of mods across multiple games most are just armor or weapons or older versions of mods
  3. @Bad Dog Try contacting @Beardofsocrates, he might let you use the vulpine race
  4. ENG: You might be banned from the site. It's up to the admins. RU: Вас могут забанить. Решает администратор сайта.
  5. ENG: I wouldn't tell people here that you've pirated games. RU: Я бы не стал рекламировать, что у вас пиратские игры.
  6. ENG: This website has a lot of Russian traffic, so I've been thinking about making my posts and comments multilingual. RU: На этом сайте много русскоязычных пользователей, поэтому я думал о том, чтобы сделать свои сообщения и комментарии многоязычными.
  7. ENG: I said there is no quality control. Bethesda is doing the bare minimum to get people to play the game and spend their money. RU: Я сказал, что нет контроля качества. Bethesda делает минимум, чтобы заставить людей играть в игру и тратить свои деньги.
  8. the perma undies bug has nothing to do with load order. It's caused by save corruption over time with other mods that use the undies.
  9. ENG: In Fallout 76, you could put jetpacks on power armor helmets because Bethesda literally copied and pasted data. They are very lazy. I have two Ultracite helmets with the jetpack mods. They're extremely rare legacy items. Not only are they lazy, but Bethesda also has very poor quality control. RU: В Fallout 76 вы могли надеть реактивные ранцы на шлемы с силовой броней, потому что Bethesda буквально копировала и вставляла данные. Очень ленивый. Имею два шлема Ultracite с модификацией реактивного ранца. Это крайне редкие предметы наследия. Они не только ленивы, но и у Bethesda очень плохой контроль качества.
  10. that's because bethesda is lazy and used the trash to fill holes instead of actually filling them properly don't use any LOD generators. I hope you like super broken precombines and landscapes precombines are disabled either through your inis or by esp plugins that make world edits.
  11. You should be asking yourself that. I have my ID if you need verification. Otherwise, be quiet. Well now, isn't that hypocritical? Do you know what gatekeeping is? You clearly don't. I strongly suggest you do some research as to who the fuck you're talking to. You have: - 12 posts - 0 mod uploads - An attitude problem You also have: - 1 file on the Nexus that seems to me like a bodyslide preset.
  12. Good news at least, I've solved the third person animation bug. Bad news, I have to remodel the entire gun.
  13. bruh why is an imaginary number so important to you? ranks are a joke, and they don't mean anything
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